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Make sure you have some one helping you get ready for the wedding that is not in the bridal party, just in case they need to run out real quick to get something.
Jennifer T.
Make your wedding shoes do double duty! Don't get a pair of regular white shoes, get a pair in a fun color that goes with your wedding colors. You probably can't wear that dress again but the shoes you sure can! Wear them each year on your anniversary to keep a little piece of the wedding with you each year. So make your sure buy a comfy pair of kicks!
Angela G.
How about having family and friends help pitch in with cooking the food. Having a caterer is expensive. Also, think about cutting off having a open bar. Therefore, no one will get drunk at your wedding and wont mess up your big day.
LaToya S.
Involve your bridesmaids early and let them be a part of the planning; however, you must be understanding of their individual availability and time commitment. Involving them makes them feel a big part of the wedding.
Peti J.
Put a boutonniere on ALL VIP, and tell your photographer how many there are. This will help ensure photos throughout the whole wedding of these people.
Jennifer L.
Add a unique touch to your bridal party by giving your bridesmaids the style and color you want while letting them pick out their own individual dresses that complement their body type and budget.
Brittany D
Shop around for different vendor, and always ask if the price listed is the best they can do. You will be surprised how often they are willing to give you a deal.
Joanne M.
Providing your own tableware can save a bunch! The caterer came in at over $800 for this part alone! We went to our local rental place and fine china is only .30 each to rent. You can also get a deal if you rent more that one item, i.e. linnens, plates, silverware, water and wine glasses. Keep the class and the cash!
Bryanna T.
Pick out the two or three things you'll remember most about your wedding to focus your spending on. Cut costs as much as possible on everything else.
Kate M
The best way to save on a wedding is to make your own bouquets and to get married at a wedding chapel. Also, you could have a small ceremony with your immediate family, and have your family bring a dish for the meal.
Barbara P.
The best tip that i can give is to research and never stress. I have been enjoying the planning process so far by researching and relaxing. I take my time and research on what is trendy and what i must have for my wedding. I set a budget and search for ways to get the wine taste on that beer budget. To my surprise just by attending other weddings and inquiring on who they used and what they spent, is going to help me cut the cost on many things. I found myself saying, "they must have spent a fortune on that", but when i asked them about it, to my surprise, whatever "it" was was really inexpensive. I realized that other brides are trying to cut the cost just as much as i am. Another way to research is online. I noticed that where i live, things are a little bit pricier when they are limited and are of high demand. But by surfing the web, you are able to find great deals on things such as isle runners, guest favors, and so on.
Magan J.
Consider getting married during the week. Many churches and especially reception sites have a much cheaper renting price when it is not on the weekend or holiday. If you pick any day between Monday-Thursday most times sites are a good $1000 dollars cheaper because most people don't think about having their wedding during the week. Also consider having it at a church that you are a member of because you can usually have both the wedding and reception for free. And that saves a lot of money for other important aspects that usually get skimped on due to lack of funds.
Katherine W.
Find a venue that is willing to take on some of your extra cost, such as: your cake purchase, hotel room for the honeymoon night, decorations, catering, all for a set price instead of individual prices. We have spoken with the Embassy Suites who has a wonderful package that includes all of these things and will also host the wedding for a flat fee per guest!!! It cut a lot of small cost like the cake cutting fee, renting linens, the cake and they even gave us an awesome deal on rooms for out of town guest.
LouKisha M.
When your addressing invitations, also address a Thank you note envelope so that way, you won't forget anybody when you send out thank you's after the wedding.
Leah B.
If you have the patience, I would recommend putting together your own favors. Store bought ones are nice, but it's so much more special if you make them yourself. Like a CD of your wedding song personalized with your and your fiance (husband's) name on the front or just your initials. Little gifts like that are the kind that your family will treasure. You don't want to give them gifts that they will just toss away.
Jessica O.
To save money on my wedding ceremony I am planning on getting married in an indoor garden. This way I don't have to buy flowers or decorate the space for the ceremony. Also since it is an indoor garden I won't have to worry about stormy weather.
Cassandra P.
Save money on your cake! If it has to be grand, have the bases made of cardboard vs batter. With frosting on it no one can tell which slice they'll be eating. It will be beautiful!
Lauren S.
Think outside the box on your rehearsal dinner. We chartered a yacht for a sunset cruise and are bringing a few bottles of wine and some hoagies aboard. The cost was much cheaper than having dinner at a restaurant.
Shauna A.
Instead of spending money on favors that most people never use, donate the money in your guests' honor to a charity that is important to you and your groom.
Amber H.
Make the wedding simple. Don't stress over having everything perfect. Look around and find what you want at bargain prces. No one will ever know you didn't spend a fortune on your wedding. Have family members help with little parts like decorations for church or reception. Have someone get cake for you. You will be suprised how many family members actually want to help you with your big day. Don't be afraid to ask.
Jessica C.