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Don't send out save the date cards.
Jana J.
Due to the economy and our financial crunch, we have recruited family and friends to help with different aspects of the wedding like decor, DJ, catering, videography/photography, etc.
Vanessa S.
Do it yourself programs and favors!! I have saved so much this way and it was a lot of fun!
Leslie C.
To save money, I'm making my invitations and programs. It's a great way to cut cost. It also allows me to showcase my creativity and personal style.
Leah M.
One BIG tip I can offer anyone is take the time to do research. There are so many smaller vendors that would love a chance to showcase their talents that could probably do just as good of a job for a lot cheaper.
If you're having a cocktail reception, try to take bridal party pictures before the ceremony instead of after. Reason: maximize quality time with guests. Cocktail receptions are usually shorter than the traditional sit-down dinner. If you wait until after the ceremony to take your bridal party pictures, you cut down on one of the best parts of your wedding day: celebrating with loved ones.
Patricia F.
My favorite cost-cutting tip would definitely have to be to do your own invites. If you really think about it- in the past how many wedding invitations have you actually kept? I have asked many people regarding this and 99% of them just tossed them out after the wedding. The 1% that did keep them was because it was for an immediate family member and it was as a momento from the wedding. So I say DIY your own invites! You would be surprised all the information, templates and tons of fonts to customize your own invitations.
Nicole I.
I kind of think flowers are over-rated and they're sooo expensive! Unless you really like flowers there's no need to buy a bouquet for yourself.... I had a friend that got married last year and she FORGOT to take her $200 bouquet with her. NOBODY noticed until she told them.
Rachel R.
Take pictures of the bustle at the final dress fitting. Arranging the bustle is indeed a not-so-easy task. Take a member of your bridal party with you to the the bridal salon when you go for your last fitting. They can see exactly what needs to be done for the wedding.
Sony J.
Be sure to utilize everyone that is able and willing to help; this will reduce your stress level.
Veronica J.
I pre printed thank you cards to hand out at the wedding to all guests, with the price of stamps going up this will save some money. And saved extra cards to mail to people that could not attend, but sent something.
Theresa M.
When trying on dresses, make sure that all your Bridesmaids go together. This way you can get the full visual effect of how things will look on your wedding day.It brings a great introduction as a group and breaks the ice for future planning. Takes pictures with a digital camera so that you have something to refer back to when making a decision.
Lee M
Negotiate! Don't be afraid to tell a vendor that you can't afford the packages they offer--they will often specially create a package for your budget, especially in light of today's financial climate.
Jessica B.
With all the hustle and bustle on the big day, my advice would be to take some time to yourself. Take about 30-45 minutes to just regroup and relax alone with the bridesmaids, a hot cup of tea and an aroma therapy facial enjoying the moment and realizing in a few hours you are about to be the happiest girl/wife in the world. This can be done at a designated home the morning of the wedding. This moment can help you get those last minute jitters and bugs out and remain level headed. Cutting this cost can really save money than taking all your bridesmaids to a spa which can turn out to be very expensive. Every woman needs a moment where time stops and she can just exhale and hear her on heart beat. Hope this tip was very beneficial to all the women who really would like to just relax right before the big moment when you say' "I Do".
Trinice W.
My fiancee and I found that the best way to reduce the cost of our wedding was to have it at a location far from anyone that was invited. We currently live in Michigan, but are moving to Maryland in about a month, where we plan to have the wedding. This leaves us plenty of time to plan, and also reduces the number of expected guests!
Jessica P.
Get someone you know to do your cake. Also you can buy simple dresses for bridesmaids or yourself and have your grandmother put on beading to jazz it up.
Haylie S.
Consider getting married during the week. Many churches and especially reception sites have a much cheaper renting price when it is not on the weekend or holiday. If you pick any day between Monday-Thursday most times sites are a good $1000 dollars cheaper because most people don't think about having their wedding during the week. Also consider having it at a church that you are a member of because you can usually have both the wedding and reception for free. And that saves a lot of money for other important aspects that usually get skimped on due to lack of funds.
Katherine W.
You can find nice things for thank-you presents during post-holiday sales!
Chrissy G.
Create a budget - if you set a budget you will most likely keep within the budget rather than getting out of hand.
Monica H.
Do some brainstorming with family and friends for a non-mainstream venue for the reception. More than likely you will save a good chuck of money.
Carla S.