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Invite only those family and friends that you love, not the people that you just hope will send expensive gifts. Your big day will be even more full of love, and because your guest list has been cut down, you will spend less money on invitations and at the reception.
Katie L.
Take pictures of the bustle at the final dress fitting. Arranging the bustle is indeed a not-so-easy task. Take a member of your bridal party with you to the the bridal salon when you go for your last fitting. They can see exactly what needs to be done for the wedding.
Sony J.
Reuse flowers from the ceremony for the reception and centerpieces. In addition, reuse the bridesmaid's bouquet for reception/check-in tables and the bride's bouquet for the tossing bouquet to pass on the "good luck!"
Chau N.
When planning, remember that budgeting in the initial stages will save you from paying for your wedding years later. Then, if you decide that there are certain aspects of your big day that you simply can't live without, you can allocate the funds needed to exhaust your "must haves" and go simple for the things that mean little to you.
Tessa C.
Everything doesn't have to be traditional. Use feathers instead of flowers for centerpieces and bouquets. They're much cheaper and they last forever!
Colleen A.
I would have to say that my best advice for saving money would be shopping Ebay! You can find everything from invitations, centerpieces, wedding favors, even dresses for bridesmaids and the bride!
Jessica S.
Ask the advice and use your resources from friends, family and loved ones. Everyone has talents, contacts, and information that can help you get the best deals with vendors who do great work, or they can help you do it themselves! Also, this is the best way to help others who are in tight financial situations to have their assistance and advice be their wedding gift to you!
Erin M.
Ask as many questions as you want, no matter what! You won't be the first person to ask and you definitely won't be the last. Depend on your experts!
Alfred Angelo
Instead of renting a venue for our reception and having it catered, since we are having a small wedding with our family and closest friends we are having a cookout style reception. That way the kids can play and we can just be ourselves. Weddings don't have to be super fancy, they should reflect the couple.
Summer S.
Find people who are new in business, their prices are generally cheaper and they work REALLY hard to prove themselves.
Kelly K.
I am a complete control freak. So to stay involved and in control as well as save money, I have decided to design my own centerpieces, using less flowers and purchasing all the supplies from discount places.
Nicole C.
To save money on expensive flowers have an edible center piece that doubles as your favor. For example put candy coated chocolate in your wedding colors in a glass bowl and have empty favor containers around it for guests to scoop them into.
Michele G
Find some in season flowering plants and pot them yourself for table centerpieces instead of using a florist.
Katie L.
Take a day for yourself from wedding planning. After you accomplish something big (like getting your dress/flowers/bridesmaids dresses etc) find some time for yourself to relax. Weddings should be fun, not super stressful.
Becky A.
The best way to save on a wedding is to make your own bouquets and to get married at a wedding chapel. Also, you could have a small ceremony with your immediate family, and have your family bring a dish for the meal.
Barbara P.
Ditch the florist and be creative with center pieces. My centerpieces and crystal trees that I am doing myself and having my venue set up. Each table is going to end up costing only about $40.00. My cousin also did centerpieces that were flagstones on top of each other with one of their pictures framed on top. They came out great.
Danielle V.
I still haven't found my wedding gown, but finding the location first is helping me narrow my search. I wanted a location close to home and cheap but have the potential to have to outside or inside (with no extra cost). I saw a link for a Bed and Breakfast nearby, and checking it out was the best wedding choice I made. The owners are all for helping the bride, doing it right, and doing it cheap. I get over 5 acres of land that i could use for the wedding, 3 "helper/assistants", a chapel, chairs, tables, 2 reception spots, lighting, 2 grand pianos and 1 upright piano, 7 B&B guest rooms for 2 nights (includes breakfast for all 14 people), a "brides" cabin that can sleep 4 (includes breakfast), 3 outside hot tubs, 2 fireplaces, a outside play area for kids, 5 horses, mountain views on every side, up to a week beforehand to start decorating, a creek and stream on either side of the property so the groom and I can fish, and lots of potential picture spots! The price for all of this is
Robin S.
Create your own centerpieces for the reception and or ceremony. Plan ahead and stop by craft stores for after holiday sales, like Valentines Day (if your color scheme is red) to scoop up vases or containers for really cheap. Then add your own flowers or whatever you want.
Hannah K.
To cut costs on your venue you can remove the champagne toast and just let everyone toast with what they are drinking. I took $180 off of my venue price from removing that alone.
Lisa B.
My fiance and i are getting married out of town, so to save some money and be creative instead of sending normal save the date cards, we sent post cards. We went with my mom to our wedding location town and bought some local postcards, than sent them out since we were having a destination wedding. it was my mom's idea, saved us a chunk of money and our guest thought it was a really special personalized piece to our wedding.
lisa t.