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If you are on a tight budget, cut costs by not mailing invitations. It may not be proper wedding etiquette, but a phone call to all of your potential guests will save a good amount of money. It's also much more personal to ask someone to attend your wedding by phone or in person. Many guests will appreciate it.
Ebony W.
You can save money on flowers by making your arrangements with you florist, most brides like the free labor, and you can make it a flower party!
Gwendolyn P
If you and your spouse already live together and/or don't really need any home goods, then create a wedding registry website that friends and family have the choice to donate money to either your wedding or honeymoon. The account can be linked to Paypal. Every little bit counts. A monetary gift can always come in handy especially when unforseen costs arise.
Natasha B.
when shopping for wedding stuff, try the second hand shops first because you may find something unique that you'll never find in a regular store. Always try to barter with them on the price. You never know, you may get it cheaper if you barter.
amber s.
I found out that another wedding was going on the previous weekend. I contacted the bride and she is leaving her whole set up-chairs, dance floor, flowers alcohol etc-I just asked her to tell me how much to give her-So we both make out!
Spring H.
Ask close family members to donate different parts of the wedding. Example: 3 bridesmaids bouquets or 5 bottles of wine in lieu of gifts
charles m.
Have your bridesmaids or groomsmen carry lifesavers or tictacs under bouquets or in pockets to give to the youner wedding party participants if they start to get fidgety. This is also great for avoiding that cough that just starts to bubble up during the ceremony.
Tonya S
Consider the neckline and back of your dress when selecting a hair style. Be sure to bring a photo of your dress when consulting with your hair stylist.
Amie W.
DIY, DIY,DIY... Why pay for menu cards, petal cones, pomander balls, monograms, labels, etc?, when you can do it yourself. There are many templates and blogs with templates that are very easy (even I can do them) to achieve. THis way you can save money and add the personal touch yourself. You can even call your girls to help, pop some popcorn and have a Girls DIY Bash!
brandy b.
We are ordering vintage vases, stemmed dessert cups, and stemmed bowls to create our own wedding reception centerpieces. We plan to make our own candles with the wedding colors in the stemmed dessert cups and use the vases and stemmed bowls for floating candles, in colored water and also filling them with colored wedding "jewels".
Barbara M.
Visit different department stores and ask consultants at the cosmetic counters to try out different looks on you. It is a free way to find the perfect way to do your make-up. Plus, they often give away free samples of great products!
Kylie J.
Don't forget to spend time with your Mom and her dreams of her little girl's wedding day. She is so important as you plan for your wedding day.
Tap local talent! Use craigslist or local yellow pages looking for singers, dancers or even dance companies to perform at your wedding and you can completely spice things up! Entertainers will often look at this as a great resume experience for themselves. We are using a singer friend to sing for our first dance as well as our for the bridal wedding march, and friends who are part of a dance company to dance in conjunction with our first dance. We look forward to making this a memorable experience for everyone!
Ayesha R.
Choose the color and fabric of your bridesmaids dresses, then allow each to choose their own dress within those parameters in order to find a style they feel beautiful and comfortable in while fitting their budget.
Kelly M.
My favorite idea is using a fake wedding cake... and serving the guests an awesome sheet cake. You can still use a small "Anniversary" size cake that matches your fake cake for the cutting ceremony.
Kelly C.
Instead of spending money on favors that most people never use, donate the money in your guests' honor to a charity that is important to you and your groom.
Amber H.
Do your own flowers (unless you want a really manicured/stylized look) - purchase them from a wholesale flower dealer, or local farmer (even in big cities you probably have a farmers' market). Simple looks are "in" (ie. a bouquet of all one type of flower), and I'm personally going for the "wildflowers from a meadow" look, which lends itself to being home-done.
Belinda M.
If you want to save money on your wedding look into getting married at a garden! This will cut down on the cost of décor, and give a good place to get your pictures done!!!
Miranda D
Have two photographers taking pictures, so you can be sure to catch all the activities during the wedding and reception.
Sarah W.
Visualize yourself at your reception when trying on dresses. This will help you see if it is the right dress.
Jennifer D