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To save on flowers, grow your own or buy them wholesale and ask a crafty friend to arrange them the day before the wedding. For music, photography, cake, set up and many other things ask friends or family with special talents to help you out and offer their services as a gift to you. Hold an h'orderve reception instead of a full blown dinner reception in order to cut costs and to avoid eating the buffet dinner that doesn't even taste that great anyway.
Lydia W.
To save money on Save the Dates I am being creative. I am getting married at a vineyard and I am using some of their leftover wine labels for my save the dates. I will just print the info on the back of the labels and mail them out saving me lots of money! They were given to me for free.
Sandra L.
When choosing bridemaids dresses either go with one color or one style of dress, but let your girls pick their hair, make-up and jewelry. It will let them feel beatiful and they will be happy to go out of their way even more to make your big day special. Don't worry you'll still be the center of attention.
Kayla F
Use wedding Planning software to help with your wedding panning it is great and really relieves alot of stress.
Brooke C.
Make your own reception dinner with the help of your mom, mom to be and any bridesmaids that want to help. Not only will it cost less, your guests will actually feel like they've eaten a meal. What a better way to spend a day with your mom and mom to be! Besides, who couldn't use a few cooking lessons from the pros while saving money?
Janon N.
Shop on Ebay for package deals of plates knives, forks, spoons and favors.
Jaylee K.
If your budget is tight and you feel you need to feed your guests, consider getting meat and cheese trays from your favorite local sandwich shop. Then just ask your family members to bring side salads or what ever you prefer. It helps cut costs and everyone is still full and happy.
ashley b.
We are getting married in Central Park and all of our guests are coming from out of the state of NY so we thought it would be great (and really cheap) to send hand written postcards as invites instead of the traditional ones which can be extremely expensive. I found a NYC souvenir shop and bought all I needed for under $5.
Shannon B.
Dont forget WHY you are getting married. When something small goes wrong, just take a deep breath and think ahead of the first morning you will wake up with your future husband. Small things seem less catastrophic that way!
Stephanie B.
One way that we are saving money on our wedding is we posted on craigslist that we were looking for a photographer. We got a ton of emails and realized that a lot of them were from new graduates from a well known university who had just finished an extensive program in photography. After interviewing and talking with a few of these students and seeing their work, we found one who was just what we wanted and for an amazing price! Our agreement in that we pay less than 1/2 of what most photographers cost in exchange for her use of our photos in her portfolio and on her website to help her start her business. It has saved us over $2000!
Kate W.
el l.
Try on a dress that you absolutely hate maybe you will like it!
Melissa N.
Make a list, make it nice, Check it three times, not just twice. Do some research, call around, So when you're done, green can be found. Compare the cost of this and that, Good job; now give your shoulder a pat. Make reservations in advance, So on your wedding you may prance, Up the isle and down again, With your new husband, hand in hand.
Amanda L.
My fiancee and I found that the best way to reduce the cost of our wedding was to have it at a location far from anyone that was invited. We currently live in Michigan, but are moving to Maryland in about a month, where we plan to have the wedding. This leaves us plenty of time to plan, and also reduces the number of expected guests!
Jessica P.
This may not work for everyone, but for those of you with a big family.... ask them to help out with everything. And I mean EVERYTHING!! My mom's sister is catering, my father is preforming the ceremony, my cousins are singing in the wedding. We are doing appetizers and desserts instead of a meal, therefore, we only have a few sit down tables for older guests, and for guest with children. We mostly have stand up cocktail tables. We cut corners with basically every aspect of our wedding. The only large expenses that we have are the tent (t's an outside wedding) and the photographer. We also made our own decorations, which are absolutely beautiful. We bought lavender, victorian lilac, and white fabric and cut them into strips, tied them together, and hung them everywhere. Our wedding would have cost us over $25,000.... We only spent $9,000!
bethany p.
If you must have a photographer and videographer, purchase the smallest package that the photographer has to offer since there will be a video of your special day along with pictures. Also, provide a list of the photos you desire to have taken because on the wedding day things move quickly.
Shakebra B.
Use freecycle to find free items for your wedding. Freecycle is kind of like recycling. People join a local freecycle group and post things they are giving away. I have found vases, mason jars and candles for our wedding and it cost me $0!!!
Carla S.
Instead of hiring a florist to do bouquets, purchase your flowers at Costco. A simple bouquet can be created by wrapping a ribbon around the stems and securing it with three straight pins. Then, instead of purchasing centerpieces for the head table, place the bridesmaids flowers/bouquets in vases.
Eileen G.
It's easy to get caught up in the glamour of weddings. I am 25 and my fiance and I are paying for our own wedding. I have come to terms with the reality that I'm not going to have my "dream wedding", but I am going to have fun and make the day special on our budget! Simplicity can be glamourous!! Have Fun; be creative!!
Robyn W.
When it comes to invitations, they can get very costly. For my wedding, I am making my own at a fraction of the price. I am inviting over 300 people and if I ordered my invitations, it would cost over $300. However, making mine will cost me just shy of $150! What a deal! Making your own invitations can seem overwhelming and at times it can be, however you definitely get the satisfaction of knowing this is something beautiful you created! It's wonderful!
Leah J.