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Be open to many suggestions before making a decision. Dont have your heart set too fast on something because it may be too pricey and you dont want to blow your budget too early. It may help cut costs down in the long run.
Melissa V.
To save money on expensive flowers have an edible center piece that doubles as your favor. For example put candy coated chocolate in your wedding colors in a glass bowl and have empty favor containers around it for guests to scoop them into.
Michele G
Invite your future mother-in-law with you when looking for a dress, even if she can't make it, she'll appreciate the gesture.
Meghan M.
If you are planning an outdoor wedding, instead of candles use lanterns. These can be used in almost any area whether hanging or on tables and provide more light than a typical candle. They are unique decorative features and can be used again.
Kristen H.
First and foremost - Being a bridesmaid is hard work, make sure you thank your maids for everything they have done
Alfred Angelo
Instead of buying save the date cards, send save the date e-vites! Saves time, money, paper and postage!
Lisa T.
Providing your own tableware can save a bunch! The caterer came in at over $800 for this part alone! We went to our local rental place and fine china is only .30 each to rent. You can also get a deal if you rent more that one item, i.e. linnens, plates, silverware, water and wine glasses. Keep the class and the cash!
Bryanna T.
I am having a beach wedding next summer and want to send out save the dates. Instead of ordering expensive cards from a store/website, we have decided to create our own "beach pass" as a save the date card. We are going to use Microsoft Publisher to create the template for a beach pass and then take silly photos of us from those photo booths you see on the boardwalk. In the photographs, we will hold up a sign that says "Save the Date" "Jen and John's Wedding" "July 9th, 2010." We think it's a cute, cheap, and creative idea to save us hundreds of dollars!!
Jennifer B.
For my wedding flowers, we are buying red silk roses for less than $1/each. My colors are red, black and white... in order for me to have black roses, I am spray painting them with a flat black spray paint (less than $2/can). Great way to save money on flowers and still have beautiful bouquets!
Jeanna D.
Have your wedding on a day other than Saturday and save on your venue, photography, and many other services by 30-50%.
Amber P.
Consider the neckline and back of your dress when selecting a hair style. Be sure to bring a photo of your dress when consulting with your hair stylist.
Amie W.
Have your bridesmaids or groomsmen carry lifesavers or tictacs under bouquets or in pockets to give to the youner wedding party participants if they start to get fidgety. This is also great for avoiding that cough that just starts to bubble up during the ceremony.
Tonya S
For the bride on a budget - some venues offer GREAT discounts if you choose to have your wedding the same day (separate times) as another wedding being held at that location. We are having our evening wedding 1 hour earlier than originally intended. But at a $5,000 savings, an hour earlier wasn't a big deal to us. We knew we wanted an evening wedding and found a location where the other ceremony was being held earlier in the afternoon.
Amanda S.
Armenian banquet halls offer the best value per person for food and drinks. Our community has several places that can offer food + open bar for 5 hours for under $50 per person! Some places even include a ravishing fruit table display as well as special lighting, dry ice for the first dance, cake for under $2 per person (cutting fee waived), and choice of linen/napkin colors. The banquet halls are lavishly decorated already and feel very royal and luxurious, which can help minimize the flower budget. They even have a list of associated vendors from photographers, DJ, flower, cake, limo service, and churches to make it easier for the couple to plan their dream wedding. I highly recommend Armenian banquet halls for any couple wanting a platinum wedding for a sterling silver budget.
susie y.
If your not a huge flower person consider making your own bouquets. Hobby Lobby always has their flowers 50% off. I made all of the bouquets for my best friend's wedding and to make 4 bouquets, I spent less than 50 bucks and they looked amazing!
Amanda P.
Create your own centerpieces for the reception and or ceremony. Plan ahead and stop by craft stores for after holiday sales, like Valentines Day (if your color scheme is red) to scoop up vases or containers for really cheap. Then add your own flowers or whatever you want.
Hannah K.
To offset the cost of a wedding, ask your family and friends who have their own business to sponsor a portion of the wedding, and in return, you can advertise their business on the the back of your wedding program. (For example: I asked a friend who is a wedding coordinator to allow me to use her services and vendors in exchange for advertisement, she agreed and so far, we've saved over $2500. We have another friend who is a professional photographer who gave us our engagement photos as a gift. My brother--a professional DJ--is doing the reception as a gift, and my friend is making all the jewelry for my bridesmaids at no cost to me. What's great about all of this is that in the long run everyone wins. The bride and groom save money and your friends and family get more business.
Christina S.
One thing I have learned from cutting back cost in today's economy for a wedding is that free is better. Go to bridal shows and try to win many of the things that vendors are giving away for free (i.e. Photography, cake, dj, etc.) these things can really help you when pricing items. Another thing is to get your fiance to go with you so that you have double chances for winning the prize. One other thing that I have figured out is that venues for weddings are cheaper on Sundays, so if you are not set on a date it would be the cheaper cost.
Brittany P.
My tip would be to do as much of the decorations yourself. For our centerpieces we found old cut glass flutes, punch glasses and other containers at garage sales and thrift stores. We poured wax into them to create beautiful candles. Since our wedding is in January, were putting evergreen on the tables with the candles spread around the evergreen. This has been very cost effective for us, especially getting the glasses for less than 50 cents apiece!
Mallory S.
Think elegant but simple, "simply elegant". Find a reception hall that can accomodate both wedding and reception. That saves on paying for two locations, decorations, and on transportation for the wedding party.
Eugenia H.