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The biggest tip I can give is to ENJOY yourself. Slow down and take a moment to really realize what is really going on. Wedding planning tends to take over and make us crazy and stressed out. Take a moment every once in awhile to reflect on how you got to this point and how fun it truly is. Its your big day and it will be beautiful but enjoy the journey as well!
Noelani G.
Although this will not work for everyone having a wedding it is still a tip. My fiance is in the military. We have cut costs by asking vendors if they give military discounts. It didn't hurt to ask. So far we have cut ceremony fees in half, vendor waved split menu fee, photographer said he would give us free engagement photos with our package. Its a little bit here and there, but every little bit counts!
monica c.
Starting as early as you can decide on a budgett, figure out what you can do on your own... centerpeices, flowers, etc. If you aren't sure if you can do it, grab a craft book or look online and give it a try! Go to the local craft store and see what you can do and what all they have. Don't forget to check for supplies online either, there are tons of bargains out there!
Sarah M.
The best tip that i can give is to research and never stress. I have been enjoying the planning process so far by researching and relaxing. I take my time and research on what is trendy and what i must have for my wedding. I set a budget and search for ways to get the wine taste on that beer budget. To my surprise just by attending other weddings and inquiring on who they used and what they spent, is going to help me cut the cost on many things. I found myself saying, "they must have spent a fortune on that", but when i asked them about it, to my surprise, whatever "it" was was really inexpensive. I realized that other brides are trying to cut the cost just as much as i am. Another way to research is online. I noticed that where i live, things are a little bit pricier when they are limited and are of high demand. But by surfing the web, you are able to find great deals on things such as isle runners, guest favors, and so on.
Magan J.
Get a wedding planner with a fixed cost - saves you the headache of coordinating vendors and you won't get ripped off
Max L.
Try a DIY project such as designing your own invitations and having them printed online for about half the cost as professional invites.
Carla G
Don't forget to spend time with your mom during the planning of your wedding. After all she has been dreaming of her little girls big day.
Kacee S
Negotiate with your vendors. They have many options they can offer you, and they would probably prefer to cut you a deal than loose your business all together. Times are hard for everyone these days.
Julie C.
Don't mention "wedding" when you're talking to vendors about prices. If you tell them you're throwing a "big party" (which you are!), prices are a lot lower than if you actually say you're having a wedding reception.
Lauren M.
Instead of renting a venue for our reception and having it catered, since we are having a small wedding with our family and closest friends we are having a cookout style reception. That way the kids can play and we can just be ourselves. Weddings don't have to be super fancy, they should reflect the couple.
Summer S.
Don't buy anything! Let people help you! They are always willing to help and it saves you a ton of money!
Erin D.
For beautiful flower centerpieces, go to your local nursery and buy potted flowers overflowing with blooms. The centerpiece will cost $25 or less and guests can take them home afterwards!
Myfanwy C.
Use the resources of your friends, family and loved ones. Everyone has talents, contacts, and information that can help you get the best deals with vendors, or they can help you do it yourself! This is the best way to help others who are in tight financial situations to have their assistance and advice be their wedding gift to you!
Erin M
Instead of having an open bar, buy the alcohol that you want and what ever you don't open, you can take back to the store. Have your wedding on a Friday - you save thousands on the hall.
Melissa I.
Before you go spending any money on your wedding, a bride needs to sit down, weigh out all options and then make her decisions.
Markita B.
Don't have the cash but want Save-the-Dates? Design them yourself in Publisher or Quark. Want magnets, buy DIY ones at office supply stores and stick'em on.
Ashley N.
For catering your reception, have a potluck. Have everyone bring their own dish and you provide the main "meat".
Jessica G.
Take pictures of the bustle at the final dress fitting. Arranging the bustle is indeed a not-so-easy task. Take a member of your bridal party with you to the the bridal salon when you go for your last fitting. They can see exactly what needs to be done for the wedding.
Sony J.
I'm doing my own planning. I have cut out a coordinator completely from all the preliminary work and will just be using one for the day of to help with set up and organization. This saves anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars and allows my wedding to reflect the things that i like and are truly important to me and my fiance.
Enid A.
I go on the Michaels website to find ways to save on my wedding. They have great ideas about do-it-yourself projects. I'm definitely going to do the aisle bouquets with fake flowers to cut costs in my wedding (especially because we are only using them for the ceremony).
Christina M.