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When choosing your bridesmaid dresses, try to pick different shades of the color you want. That's another way to be unique and fun.
Mayra D
Purchase fresh flowers from a wholesale mart and have close family and friends make-up the boutonnieres for the Groomsmen and relatives. Purchase fresh Roses from a wholesaler and make your own bridal bouquet with matching smaller bridesmaid bouquet and tie the stems with 1" satin ribbons that you can purchase from craft store either by the foot or by the roll.
Keara V.
To save money on expensive flowers have an edible center piece that doubles as your favor. For example put candy coated chocolate in your wedding colors in a glass bowl and have empty favor containers around it for guests to scoop them into.
Michele G
Instead of renting a venue for our reception and having it catered, since we are having a small wedding with our family and closest friends we are having a cookout style reception. That way the kids can play and we can just be ourselves. Weddings don't have to be super fancy, they should reflect the couple.
Summer S.
Make sure to plan your wedding during off-seasons and away from any holiday dates.
Ambre B.
One way that we are saving money on our wedding is we posted on craigslist that we were looking for a photographer. We got a ton of emails and realized that a lot of them were from new graduates from a well known university who had just finished an extensive program in photography. After interviewing and talking with a few of these students and seeing their work, we found one who was just what we wanted and for an amazing price! Our agreement in that we pay less than 1/2 of what most photographers cost in exchange for her use of our photos in her portfolio and on her website to help her start her business. It has saved us over $2000!
Kate W.
Prioritize your spending! For us, photography was really important and we didn't care as much about videography. So, we're splurging on a great photographer and hiring a film student from a local university to film our ceremony. I think it's best to pick the three things that are really important to you and make those your "splurge" items. For everything else, get creative! Hiring students is a great way to cut costs, like an ensemble from the music program at a local college for your ceremony musicians. Also, consider using a local restaurant for your food instead of a high-priced catering company. Finally, don't be afraid to negotiate with your vendors! They've been hard-hit by this recession as well and most are hungry for business. You'll be surprised at how accommodating many of them will be if you try to negotiate on price.
Mary R.
Think elegant but simple, "simply elegant". Find a reception hall that can accomodate both wedding and reception. That saves on paying for two locations, decorations, and on transportation for the wedding party.
Eugenia H.
Don't just save money, go green & re-use items. The cost of decorations can be shared if you use things from your bridal shower over again..think the same color scheme! Also things like cake toppers, knife sets, or toasting glasses can be passed down or shared from a special friend or family member. Not only do you cut costs, you make someone feel special!
Amy J.
My tip to save money at the wedding is use unique centerpieces that go with your personality or things that you grew up with that meant something to you. You can also do a photo centerpiece of baby photos hanging from a branches and guests will for sure be walking around to look at all the different photos you may have up.
Kami W.
Instead of purchasing ready-made invitations for $200 or so, buy an invitation making kit from Michaels and save.
clare b.
One thing I have learned from cutting back cost in today's economy for a wedding is that free is better. Go to bridal shows and try to win many of the things that vendors are giving away for free (i.e. Photography, cake, dj, etc.) these things can really help you when pricing items. Another thing is to get your fiance to go with you so that you have double chances for winning the prize. One other thing that I have figured out is that venues for weddings are cheaper on Sundays, so if you are not set on a date it would be the cheaper cost.
Brittany P.
Rent a VFW Hall or any hall & have family help cater your food with your favorite family recipes. Buy bulk napkins and get rubber stamps/ink of a design(or your initials) & color you love. Buy silk flowers and clear vases in bulk from your local craft stores and do your own bouquet and centerpieces, along with some sand, rocks, marbles, etc!!! Also, Disposable chair covers and table linens will save you $$$!
If your wedding is 6 months or less away and you have your heart set on a particular photographer, videographer, or band that your budget doesn't allow for, negotiate prices with them. In this economy, and with only 6 months or less left to go, they are probably not going to get booked if they havn't already. Rather than have the day go with no business, they are sure to give you a great price. You can get iit down even lower if you offer a cash deal; that benefits both them and you. Good Luck!
Jenny R.
Wear comfortable shoes.
keith h.
To save tons of money on photography, hire an art student from a local college or art school. You can call the school and speak to the head of the photography department (or other faculty member) and ask them to recommend a trust worthy talented student to hire for your special day. Meet with the student and look at their work plus ask for credentials. You could take this idea in so many different directions. Ask the student to develop and print the pictures also or just ask them for the raw digital files or film and do the printing yourself. Plus, you can hire a film student who can shoot the wedding as well. Do this and you won't get the same old photos that everyone else has in the wedding album!
Jill N.
The best way to save on your wedding is to always shop around, ask for discounts, and do your research beforehand. You can never be fully prepared (even the most organized bride!) but if you shop and compare, you will give yourself more options in a timely manner.
Lori A.
Organize and enjoy your time collecting information on your wedding needs. Investigate first hand the gowns, table settings etc., with plenty of time. Do not give yourself grief if things aren't perfect ... just remember ... work hard and honestly to find the RIGHT spouse, work peacefully and with a sense of humor to find the Right wedding and reception. Don't confuse a Day with a Lifetime!
Leticia S.
Utilize your friends' talents. Think about what they love to do, even if it isn't their day job. Many people have creative talents that they enjoy as hobbies but are too afraid to quit their jobs to pursue. This is a perfect way to save money and also give your friends an opportunity to show off their skills. I've found that people are usually very flattered and honored by your requests. I asked my friend who loves baking to make our cupcakes and I asked another friend who knows a lot about beauty products and make-up to do my wedding make-up. A third friend who has excellent photography skills is going to be our photographer. So utilize your friends skills and make your wedding a way for them to shine too!
Esther J.
First and foremost - Being a bridesmaid is hard work, make sure you thank your maids for everything they have done
Alfred Angelo