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Making DIY invitations can be easy and save you a lot of money. Try purchasing some plain ivory ones from Walmart or Target and printing your own colorful message and design. Add ribbon and enjoy the compliments for your personalized invites!
Rachael W.
Due to the economy and our financial crunch, we have recruited family and friends to help with different aspects of the wedding like decor, DJ, catering, videography/photography, etc.
Vanessa S.
Do some brainstorming with family and friends for a non-mainstream venue for the reception. More than likely you will save a good chuck of money.
Carla S.
If you choose a reception venue, ask if they have a sound system. You and your fiancee can chose your own music and place it on your iPod which will hook up to the venue's sound system, saving you from hiring a DJ. You can also add musical requests onto your RSVP cards to add variety, you don't have to chose what someone sends you, but they may have a great idea!
Nanettee R.
Keep a spray bottle handy for small wrinkles. Spray the area lightly and use a hairdryer to dry the area wrinkle free.
Alfred Angelo
A "fake" bottom tier of the wedding cake is a less expensive way that will still give you the WOW factor of a larger cake that every bride wants. (The bottom tier is still decorated the same on the outside but the inside is foam.)
Bonnie T.
For decorations we have gone very simple and pretty with hurricane lamps and candles. We have bulk ordered at, from vases to candles, organza circles for wedding favors and pew bows. They offer free shipping to the store so we save on that. I also was able to secure a cheaper payment on the venue because we are having our wedding on a Thursday, since most of out friends and family are intown. We are also doing a "buffet style" Reception so that we save on a sit down dinner as well. I wanted soft lighting so I waited for an after Christmas clearance sale and bought stringed lights that we are hanging up. I love a good bargin and saving is my thing.
Melissa J.
The best way to save is to be very realistic with your budget and to do your best to not go over what you really can afford. Planning in advance is very helpful to set specific goals along the way. Set aside a certain funds per month/week that will go directly into the cost of your wedding. Realize that a wedding is made to last, so that means not just preparing for the moment, but for all of your days in this life. * Most important tip, you can never have enough prayer because HE will always make a way.
Yvonne O.
Make your own reception dinner with the help of your mom, mom to be and any bridesmaids that want to help. Not only will it cost less, your guests will actually feel like they've eaten a meal. What a better way to spend a day with your mom and mom to be! Besides, who couldn't use a few cooking lessons from the pros while saving money?
Janon N.
As a young, poor bride I want a cheap, fun reception. For decorations in the hall I'm using balloons that go with my color scheme and serving pink lemonade and iced tea instead of liquior.
Hannah M.
Instead of favors, make a donation to a favorite charity. Charitable organizations are in the economy too, so why not donate in honor of your wedding guests!
Deanna T.
Don't cut costs where people are going to feel like the wedding was paired down. If you don't have enough food, or the only decorations you have are the ones that were provided by the venue, it will not feel like a wedding that was planned with attention to detail. Try cutting in cost per item, but not skimping on quantity. So instead of renting the chairs, look into renting chair covers for the chairs provided to see if those will be cheaper. Instead of serving less food, serve more of cost effective types. Prime rib served in slices will go further than individual plates of food, and certainly doesn't look or taste cheap. If your wedding looks like you spent a lot of time and money on it, you and your guests will never know the difference between it and the wedding you would have had with unlimited resources.
Ericka Q.
When choosing your bridesmaid style, keep in mind all the different body types you have in your party.
Alfred Angelo
We are on a very small budget and I couldn't afford to pay all of these high prices so I posted ads on craigslist and let people contact me..On my ad I put how much I could afford but it was ridiculously low and I still found vendors for everything!!!!
Kim W.
To save money on expensive flowers have an edible center piece that doubles as your favor. For example put candy coated chocolate in your wedding colors in a glass bowl and have empty favor containers around it for guests to scoop them into.
Michele G
When trying on dresses, make sure that all your Bridesmaids go together. This way you can get the full visual effect of how things will look on your wedding day.It brings a great introduction as a group and breaks the ice for future planning. Takes pictures with a digital camera so that you have something to refer back to when making a decision.
Lee M
Hire a student photographer to do your wedding photos!
Sarah J.

Nicole M.
Instead of ordering an expensive bridal bouquet, have your guests each bring a single flower to the wedding and have a friend (hopefully someone who can arrange flowers) collect the different flowers and arrange your bouquet and give to you just prior to the wedding. This used to be done in the olden days, and you can have some beautiful bouquets at no charge, and the guests enjoy it because they helped. You can use the extra flowers for table/entrance arrangements.
Miko M.
For my wedding flowers, we are buying red silk roses for less than $1/each. My colors are red, black and white... in order for me to have black roses, I am spray painting them with a flat black spray paint (less than $2/can). Great way to save money on flowers and still have beautiful bouquets!
Jeanna D.