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I go on the Michaels website to find ways to save on my wedding. They have great ideas about do-it-yourself projects. I'm definitely going to do the aisle bouquets with fake flowers to cut costs in my wedding (especially because we are only using them for the ceremony).
Christina M.
Do your own flowers (unless you want a really manicured/stylized look) - purchase them from a wholesale flower dealer, or local farmer (even in big cities you probably have a farmers' market). Simple looks are "in" (ie. a bouquet of all one type of flower), and I'm personally going for the "wildflowers from a meadow" look, which lends itself to being home-done.
Belinda M.
Make your own scrapbook of photos rather than buy the full photo album the photographer offers. Most will allow you to purchase the CD to have access to the photos and include some of your own.
Nancy S.
Always have your list of things to do and what is going on with the wedding at all times. You never know when you will find a bargain and without this you might just be spending money you need not to.
angela n.
Be sure to check out the local message boards on wedding planning websites such as, because brides in your town/city usually post vendor reviews, diy tips, and tons of other advice on the boards to help other brides successfully plan and orchestrate their wedding day. It is an invaluable resource to have the opportunity to message other brides, even meet up with them to do planning sessions, bounce ideas off of each other, or just hang out and enjoy the company of other radiant women excited about their wedding day!
Rebekah F.
Hirer a wedding planner for the day of the event so that you can enjoy your day.
Let your friends help with planning the ceremony music, taking photos, and making your invitaitons. It makes the wedding planning even more special when friends are involved.
Amy B
In this current time period, most couples are already living together before their wedding. Most of the time, they register for stuff that they already own or up-grade on stuff they already have. Instead of registering for house hold things I already have, like pots and pans, I registered online for my honeymoon. You may also have someone sponsor your wedding. Now thats how you save money!!!
jenny f.
Consider getting married during the week. Many churches and especially reception sites have a much cheaper renting price when it is not on the weekend or holiday. If you pick any day between Monday-Thursday most times sites are a good $1000 dollars cheaper because most people don't think about having their wedding during the week. Also consider having it at a church that you are a member of because you can usually have both the wedding and reception for free. And that saves a lot of money for other important aspects that usually get skimped on due to lack of funds.
Katherine W.
Fresh flower petals set a romantic stage as they flutter from the hand of your flower girl. Be aware that fresh petals may mark a carpet if crushed during your entrance or exit. To avoid this problem, you may want to consider drying the petals in advance. Another option is to use silk flower petals. These have all the glamour with none of the worry. Mist the petals with your favorite scent for a perfect finishing touch.
Lessly M.
Do what you can do yourself like flower arrangements which can be made simple. The most important adviice is don"t stress out. Enjoy this time, be happy. It is supposed to be fun and exciting, not nerve racking. Things will go wrong, just go with the flow and all will end well on your special day. You will be a glowing bride with family and friends helping you along the way.
mary j.
Schedule your wedding for Friday instead of Saturday. Everything from the caterer to the DJ to the venue will be cheaper.
Rayah M.
Have your wedding on a Friday! It cuts venue costs by 30-40% and you don't have to worry about competing with every other bride in town for the good vendors!
Leslie R.
Make sure you write down all details. Don't try to remember everything-you will leave something out.
Carolyn R.
Save money by booking early with vendors for the following year. That way you get the vendor you want before their prices increase.
Kari S.
Instead of hiring a top of the line florist try Albertson's or your local grocery store. I am getting the same quality flowers and arrangements for more than half the price of a florist. Instead of my bridesmaid bouquets costing me $50 each they are only costing me $15 for the same exact bouquet. My total savings on flowers, arrangements, and centerpieces is over $600. My original estimate at a local florist was $900 and I am now only paying $300. While you are there looking at flowers, check out the bakery as well because I am getting my wedding cake for $200 compared to the estimate of $800 I was given at the local top dollar bakery.
Brittany C.
Plan out every detail of your wedding day to avoid confusion and things going wrong. If everyone knows where they should be and what they should be doing, the day will run smoother.
Anice M.
Due to the economy and our financial crunch, we have recruited family and friends to help with different aspects of the wedding like decor, DJ, catering, videography/photography, etc.
Vanessa S.
Buy intricate candle holders with votive candles instead of big flower arrangements for your reception centerpieces. I'll finish off the look with some greenery (i.e. ivy). It's cheap in price but not in appearance!
Sheree A.
Keep it simple but elegant. Look on clearance isles for wedding items on sale. This will cut down on last minute shopping and save you money.Cut costs with getting rid of things you don't need. This way you can have what you really like and make it a day you will always remember.
Anna D.