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In lieu of giving wedding favors at the reception, we decided to make a donation to a foundation that was established by one of our guests (in honor of her daughter). A note will be added on the back of the seating cards to acknowledge this.
Sharon C.
Instead of ordering Save the Date Cards, create a letter about you and your fiance's journey to how you got to where you are and some future plans, print it out on decorative paper. Even with envelopes, printing and paper you still save couple hundred dollars and it's fun and unique!
Lexie G.
lauren s.
Ask your mother and her friends for their input, they are wise and have experience at no cost to the bride. Believe me, it's worth it.
When looking for your perfect wedding dress it is best to at least choose 4 different styles before heading off to try on that one, because different styles may not look the way you thought they would on you.
Getine Q.
Photo booth idea: Instead of renting an expensive photo booth make your own: Create a photo backdrop by attaching a fun piece of fabric onto a large board and hang it on the wall. Place funny glasses, hats, etc and cameras on a nearby table. Let your guests dress up and then take their own pictures!
Sue M.
Start planning as early as possible. so you are not overwhelmed. Do research to see what you like, then shop around for the bargains. Do whatever you can yourself. like your invitations, create your own centerpieces, etc. You will find that a lot of vendors or venues will work with you.
Gina G.
DIY wedding invites cut cost on assembly.
Marya L.
I have to say that you need to remind your self when the day finally comes it is filled with nothing but happiness, love, good company, and lots of fun. Keeping that in mind while planning definately helps to control the Bridezilla in us all. Staying calm makes everything more enjoyable and keeps things moving smoothly.
Samantha A.
If you want professional photos but need to save money, think of having a talented friend or family member do either the reception or ceremony, and hire a professional photographer for only a few hours.
Molly B
Have your bridesmaids or groomsmen carry lifesavers or tictacs under bouquets or in pockets to give to the youner wedding party participants if they start to get fidgety. This is also great for avoiding that cough that just starts to bubble up during the ceremony.
Tonya S
We are getting married in Central Park and all of our guests are coming from out of the state of NY so we thought it would be great (and really cheap) to send hand written postcards as invites instead of the traditional ones which can be extremely expensive. I found a NYC souvenir shop and bought all I needed for under $5.
Shannon B.
Skip the cake. Few people will notice. Go for the ultra-trendy cupcake with the couple's initials on top. That's plenty for a single serving, and you will have cash left over instead of frozen cake leftovers.
Jennifer S.
Look around at various websites to get ideas for decorations. See what you can make yourself because you can usually make it for cheaper than what they sell it for. This is also a great way to personalize your wedding and reception. Don't just copy ideas on websites, make the decorations your own and change them to your own personal style.
Carrie G.
Make sure you have some one helping you get ready for the wedding that is not in the bridal party, just in case they need to run out real quick to get something.
Jennifer T.
The day you go try on your wedding dress, don't go alone. Make sure you have someone there who is positive and is supportive to you when picking out your dress. Make sure YOU feel confident and beautiful in it.
Jessica D.
I plan on saving big $$ for my wedding by making my own bouquets! I'm taking a $50 class on how to make wedding bouquets. I'm going to attend this, buy flowers in bulk, and invite my mom, my fiance's mom, our grandmothers, aunts, and my bridesmaids to have a floral-making party the day before our wedding. What better way to save money AND get all the most important women in my life involved!
Stacey C.
Make sure you include the groom. Even though it is your day you are not the only one getting married. It should be for both of you, your special day.
Jeanette C.
My fiance and i are getting married out of town, so to save some money and be creative instead of sending normal save the date cards, we sent post cards. We went with my mom to our wedding location town and bought some local postcards, than sent them out since we were having a destination wedding. it was my mom's idea, saved us a chunk of money and our guest thought it was a really special personalized piece to our wedding.
lisa t.
Guests generally don't remember what they ate that night, besides the cake. They just remember that they did eat. So don't feel like you have to do a formal gourmet food spread! Go more economical and fun with your food selections, and cut out a HUGE portion of your expenses!
Jennifer L.