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Get a friend who is good with makeup to do yours on your special day! Make sure she sticks with colors that look natural on your face. Fake eyelashes can really make your eyes pop in pictures too. (Buy good eyelash glue. Duo is the best.) Make sure to practice beforehand! You can even take pictures and see how it's going to look :)
Kasia S.
When considering wedding band and ring options, consider going vintage by either choosing an heirloom piece that has been in your families for decades, if not generations, or buying an antique ring.
Rosalyn K.
The best way to save money while planning a wedding is to do as much of the planning as you can on your own and think outside the box, You can save money on flowers by having your wedding in a setting that doesn't require a lot of additions (like a garden-- flowers are already included). Also a lot of the money is spent on food and alcohol, think of places that you wouldn't normally think of as a wedding caterer. We have an Irish pub that is going to cater for us - the prices are low because they don't normally gain their entire income from catering and the food is amazing! Also, pick up wine and beers that you enjoy as a couple, but can be found in a "Big Box" kinda store - the prices will be much more reasonable. And the biggest tip of all - make sure you are having fun, regardless of what your budget may be!
Kristen S.
Rent a VFW Hall or any hall & have family help cater your food with your favorite family recipes. Buy bulk napkins and get rubber stamps/ink of a design(or your initials) & color you love. Buy silk flowers and clear vases in bulk from your local craft stores and do your own bouquet and centerpieces, along with some sand, rocks, marbles, etc!!! Also, Disposable chair covers and table linens will save you $$$!
Have a backyard wedding to avoid the cost of paying for a ballroom. Setting up tents and chairs outside, serving food and drinks that you bought or made on your own. And of course taking your own photographs.... you just have to study a little bit about cameras to get this one done!
Judith S.
My sister originally planned a country club wedding but changed her mind when they found a house to buy before the wedding. I searched local fire departments & organizations and found a reception hall that was plain white. We borrowed everyones real and fake ficus trees and placed them around the perimeter of the room with white lights. Rented round tables & white chairs and china, along with cloth linens. We purchased high end restaurant items like chicken kiev from a wholesaler and hired waitress and kitchen staff from a staffing company. We prepared the food and the staff finished. Everyone commented on what a fantastic weddding and reception it was, just like at the local country club. We spent less than $3000 on the wedding and reception for 125 people.
Lisa H.
To save money on decorations and in order to create an amibiance at the wedding, we bought wedding scented candles on Ebay, in bulk, and it saved us sooo much money, and will set the romantic tone for the wedding! We also bought little candle holders for all the candles for less than 60 cents on Ebay, so instead of buying unnecessary and expensive seat covers or ice sculptures, our wedding will be more intimate, even if there are about 200 people coming!
Maria T.
If you are planning an outdoor wedding, instead of candles use lanterns. These can be used in almost any area whether hanging or on tables and provide more light than a typical candle. They are unique decorative features and can be used again.
Kristen H.
Don't buy anything! Let people help you! They are always willing to help and it saves you a ton of money!
Erin D.
If you want to save $$$ on your wedding look into getting married at a garden! This will cut down on the cost of decor. Plus, give a good place to get your pic's done!!!
Miranda D.
Color code different files for your wedding: for example pink for the bride, bridesmaids, and flower girl, and green for the groom, groomsman, and ring bearer.
Nikki C.
Buy flowers from a local high school vocational technology center. You save on all labor costs since the students make up the flower arrangements with supervision from their instructor. The cost ends up being 1/2 to 1/3 the cost of a regular florist, and the arrangements are just as beautiful!
Amy T.
Purchase fresh flowers from a wholesale mart and have close family and friends make-up the boutonnieres for the Groomsmen and relatives. Purchase fresh Roses from a wholesaler and make your own bridal bouquet with matching smaller bridesmaid bouquet and tie the stems with 1" satin ribbons that you can purchase from craft store either by the foot or by the roll.
Keara V.
Keep a spray bottle handy for small wrinkles. Spray the area lightly and use a hairdryer to dry the area wrinkle free.
Alfred Angelo
If you have people (family, friends, etc.) who can help you out by making things such as your wedding cake, take them up on it!
Heather H.
Make sure to plan your wedding during off-seasons and away from any holiday dates.
Ambre B.
My best save on my wedding is when I decided to have our ceremony and reception outside in a big,open field next to my fiance's house where we first met.
With my wedding we decided on sticking to a budget. Instead of having a wedding and then going to a reception we are having the ceremony and reception in the same building. This saves on the cost of renting two buildings. As far as a gown, tux and decorations go, I picked what meant the most to me. I really wanted the decorations to be what I want. Everything else will fall into place. For food, we aren't going real fancy. We are going to have Pit BBQ Beef with sides. The food doesn't have to be catered. I am going to spend a little more on my cake because it will be sitting out for display as people wait to have a bite. My decorations will be simple yet elegant. We are using fake flowers for decorations, which will cut costs, and real flowers for my bouquet. It's not about how much money you spend it, is about having fun and celebrating the begining of your marriage. In the end the more money you save can be used for a great honeymoon.
Christina O.
Keep your bridesmaid dresses simple and complementary; it will help your dress be the center of attention!
Alfred Angelo
Save money by booking early with vendors for the following year. That way you get the vendor you want before their prices increase.
Kari S.