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Definitley make a budget and stick to it. Look at different wedding websites and make a budget that will FIT your wedding. Try DIY websites, see what you or your bridal party can do yourselves. But 1st and foremost...DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY!!!
Tara B
Fatten a bouquet with ribbon and/or tulle to cut down on the number of flowers and cost while keeping a fuller look.
Tonya S
Almost everyone knows someone with a flower garden. Check out using their flowers for your arrangements. Most people would consider it a honor for you to ask if you could use them.
Angela B.
Have the wedding in a public area to cut down on cost of private facilities.
Kimberly S.
Remember that the day should reflect the style of TWO people, you and your wonderful man. Having his suggestions and ideas integrated into my own have made this an event that really is about the joining of two into one.
Teresa W.
Pick up a few events working for a catering company. Not only will you be making extra money for the wedding, but you will often find great ideas for decorating or food choices. I was given a box of votive candles that the florist was just going to throw out. So, sometimes you can find a steal too!!!
April M.
To save money on decorations and in order to create an amibiance at the wedding, we bought wedding scented candles on Ebay, in bulk, and it saved us sooo much money, and will set the romantic tone for the wedding! We also bought little candle holders for all the candles for less than 60 cents on Ebay, so instead of buying unnecessary and expensive seat covers or ice sculptures, our wedding will be more intimate, even if there are about 200 people coming!
Maria T.
Ask your mother and her friends for their input, they are wise and have experience at no cost to the bride. Believe me, it's worth it.
FInd people that you know who can use their talents on your Big Day. After some thought, a lot of my friends and family can help out with the big stuff. For example, my aunt makes and decorates cakes for a hobby, a friend went to school for photography, a friend of the family does flower arrangements, a friend's grandmother does alterations. The list continues. It pays to have connections!
Kristina D.
Find out what unique talents your friends and family have. I am using family for everything and saving thousands of dollars.
Monique C
Flowers take up a lot of the funds for a wedding. Try using an inexpensive centerpiece (ex: pebbles in a short vase) and accent with a single flower over water. Cutting cost yet maintaining atmosphere is key to an inexpensive wedding.
Brooke T.
For our wedding and reception we are having ours in my folks backyard. We have borowed decor from friends, and they've all decided to pitch in with our picnic style lunch. And to top it all, a friends voluntered to do the photos and put them on DVD for free. Think close to home and see how much money you can save.
Andrea D.
Shop around for different vendor, and always ask if the price listed is the best they can do. You will be surprised how often they are willing to give you a deal.
Joanne M.
Make sure you include your fiance in the planning process so the wedding is a reflection of you both. Also remember that most guys don't care about every little detail. Narrow down your selections, show him a few photos and then ask for his help. If you put him on overload, he won't want to be involved at all!
Megan Q.
Friday or Sunday weddings are less expensive than a Saturday wedding. Also, try to book your wedding during months, such as April and the cost is significantly less than if you schedule your wedding during the summer.
Sarah W.
Try to use handmade items in exchange for paying top dollar for the small things in your wedding.
Madelaine E.
Go to your local college/university, and hire a photography student to take your pictures. They will do the work for far less then professional photographers, you will be helping them build up a portfolio, and you will be cutting costs. You just have to make sure that you do your homework. Contact the heads of the art department on the students that you are thinking about, and find out their picture habits, if they go to class, etc...
Ashley S.
Don't be afraid to barter for services. I'm a professional writer, and after attending a local bridal show, I realized that many vendors could use some editing and/or writing services. I approached them with the idea of trading services -- my writing, messaging, and marketing expertise for their wedding services. I've saved thousands, and expanded my portfolio! I have another friend--a graphic artist--who has taken a similar approach. The trick is to think outside the box. Your vendors may be running lean in this economy--what can you provide them that would be of value? It's a great way to expand your network, help your vendors, and save some cash in the process.
Jennifer W.
Instead of a guest sign in book I am have two of my friends at a table taking polorads of guest and having them write a note on it with there picture. This way I have a note and a picture of all my guest to remember, and to make a memory book later.
jennifer r.
To save HUGE on wedding flowers and still have gorgeous flowers that look very professional, call around to your local floral arrangment classes or schools. The majority of them will do your entire wedding, recption, center pieces and bouquets for a very small fee. And the bonus? The student have someone watching over them, and may even get graded on their work, so they HAVE to do a great job!
Amber M.