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You can cut some of the cost for wedding photgraphy by having a professional photographer for only about 2-3 hours to cover the ceremory, take some pictures at the reception venue and the reception. This can be easily done if you move all the important moments such as the first dance, the cutting of the cake and the throwing of the bouquet to the first hour and a half of the reception. You can ask your friends to take picture for the remaining part of the wedding. That is what my fiance and I are doing and we are going to save a lot, but we will still have plenty of professional pictures from our wedding.
Daniela B.
Buy flowers in bulk from a wholesaler. Get family and friends to help you make the bouquets and boutonnieres. You can even make those cute flower balls. The internet definitely has great do-it-yourself ideas.
Ashley N.
I still haven't found my wedding gown, but finding the location first is helping me narrow my search. I wanted a location close to home and cheap but have the potential to have to outside or inside (with no extra cost). I saw a link for a Bed and Breakfast nearby, and checking it out was the best wedding choice I made. The owners are all for helping the bride, doing it right, and doing it cheap. I get over 5 acres of land that i could use for the wedding, 3 "helper/assistants", a chapel, chairs, tables, 2 reception spots, lighting, 2 grand pianos and 1 upright piano, 7 B&B guest rooms for 2 nights (includes breakfast for all 14 people), a "brides" cabin that can sleep 4 (includes breakfast), 3 outside hot tubs, 2 fireplaces, a outside play area for kids, 5 horses, mountain views on every side, up to a week beforehand to start decorating, a creek and stream on either side of the property so the groom and I can fish, and lots of potential picture spots! The price for all of this is
Robin S.
Take a moment or two several times during your very special day to take a few "mental pictures" so that you can remember some of the special moments of the day. So many people say that their wedding was just a big blur of activity. This simple "Here's Me Now" conscience mental photo lets you keep that memory alive for many years to come.
Shirley I.
Send save the date or invitations with instructions to RSVP on your wedding website! There are a ton of free wedding website servers and this will save money but also eco-friendly by saving on paper too!
Melakeh K.
Many pocketbooks are tight right now. Go for simple but nice and continue to be thankful for what we do have.
Elizabeth B.
Do what you can do yourself like flower arrangements which can be made simple. The most important adviice is don"t stress out. Enjoy this time, be happy. It is supposed to be fun and exciting, not nerve racking. Things will go wrong, just go with the flow and all will end well on your special day. You will be a glowing bride with family and friends helping you along the way.
mary j.
After helping plan many weddings and now I am planning my own, the best tip I can give to a couple planning a wedding is stay traditional. It is the most beautiful, low cost, and memorable way. A lot of weddings do tend to be too extravagent and everyone gets lost in all the glitz and glitter instead of enjoying a happy, loving couple's moment of togetherness.
Olinda R.
In this current time period, most couples are already living together before their wedding. Most of the time, they register for stuff that they already own or up-grade on stuff they already have. Instead of registering for house hold things I already have, like pots and pans, I registered online for my honeymoon. You may also have someone sponsor your wedding. Now thats how you save money!!!
jenny f.
Instead of hiring a DJ load youiPod with the songs you want at your wedding and let it play all night long.
Cheyenn O.
Make your invitations yourself! We are planning on making this a project we do together; design, production, assembly - all of it. Letterpress is gorgeous, but there are so many ways that we can make our invitations look almost as good and have them be exactly our design for less!
Stephanie B.
Have a candle party to earn free candles for your great for me I got all the candles I needed for the wedding for free ..
Jenee S.
I am having my wedding ceremony and reception at the same place. Not only are you saving on the ceremony venue itself, you are also cutting out costs for limo service, and decorating! We are saving over three thousand dollars by cutting out the ceremony site, and having it at the reception site. An added bonus is that your out of town guests wont have to find two places in a strange city.
Eva E.
For decorations we have gone very simple and pretty with hurricane lamps and candles. We have bulk ordered at, from vases to candles, organza circles for wedding favors and pew bows. They offer free shipping to the store so we save on that. I also was able to secure a cheaper payment on the venue because we are having our wedding on a Thursday, since most of out friends and family are intown. We are also doing a "buffet style" Reception so that we save on a sit down dinner as well. I wanted soft lighting so I waited for an after Christmas clearance sale and bought stringed lights that we are hanging up. I love a good bargin and saving is my thing.
Melissa J.
Instead of buying a guest book, have someone who scrapbooks make a book with pictures of you and your fiance and have your guests sign around the pictures. It will be a keepsake reminder of your guests.
Jennifer T.
Since most weddings are centered around a season, those who live rurally can enlist friends to go outside and find decorations that are found in nature AND they would be fresh! Things like flowers, branches, leaves, ivy, moss, pretty rocks, birds nests with or without hatched eggs (just turn them around and no one will know they have already hatched out). Add some clear Christmas lights and TaDa! You know everyone wants to be involved one way or another in your wedding and this is a great way to incorporate friends in the wedding celebration so they have a "part" too! Plus you would be surprised to know that LOTS of people would be willing to "share" some of their pretties from their yard for a wedding... just ask ahead of time so you can "pick" the day of the wedding.
Tammy W.
Instead of buying save the date cards, send save the date e-vites! Saves time, money, paper and postage!
Lisa T.
Save money by seeking out inexpensive fake flowers and mixing them with fresh ones. That way you don't have to spend so much money on fresh flowers and you can prepare ahead of time to fill the gaps in your arrangements! A friend of mine did this and you couldn't tell which were fake or real -- they all looked real!
Cristina C.
Don't sweat the small stuff; delegate as much of the work as you can and don't procrastinate!!!!!
Candice O.
To save money on invitations, buy your own paper (do-it-yourself kit) from your local craft store and find a custom printing company in your hometown. Many local printers are willing to help and offer tips and this will save you $300 or $400. If you like ribbons, buy a roll of your choice from an arts store, and use a heated metal scissor to cut them. This will help you avoid the fraying ends.
Michelle M.