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To save money on decorations and in order to create an amibiance at the wedding, we bought wedding scented candles on Ebay, in bulk, and it saved us sooo much money, and will set the romantic tone for the wedding! We also bought little candle holders for all the candles for less than 60 cents on Ebay, so instead of buying unnecessary and expensive seat covers or ice sculptures, our wedding will be more intimate, even if there are about 200 people coming!
Maria T.
Networking is key. Look into classmates (if in college) that work for caterers, photography majors, etc. Getting your information and contacts from someone who has just recently had a wedding and still has fresh info is probably the best and less stressful . Start bargining - exchange goods for things you can do, you scratch my back I scratch yours!
Jahzeel S.
For your reception choose a time of day when appetizers and wedding cake only are appropriate. By making it a designated after dinner time you can cut the cost of 35+ dollars a guest and your guest list does not need to be downsized cut and sliced to fit a crazy budget.
amanda p.
My tip would be to do as much of the decorations yourself. For our centerpieces we found old cut glass flutes, punch glasses and other containers at garage sales and thrift stores. We poured wax into them to create beautiful candles. Since our wedding is in January, were putting evergreen on the tables with the candles spread around the evergreen. This has been very cost effective for us, especially getting the glasses for less than 50 cents apiece!
Mallory S.
Remember expensive does not mean memorable. You can buy items at Walmart or the Dollar Tree and still make them look like a million bucks. Creative skills are all it takes.
Patricia G.
To save money on my wedding ceremony I am planning on getting married in an indoor garden. This way I don't have to buy flowers or decorate the space for the ceremony. Also since it is an indoor garden I won't have to worry about stormy weather.
Cassandra P.
If you happen to be crafty, make your own flowers, reception centerpieces and decorations. Will save you tons of money!
Jenny S.
Many places may include some type of centerpiece in the cost. If they do, but you want to spice them up a little, there are many websites where you can buy items in bulk. The more you buy, the more you save. We are going to purchase snowflake votive candles and holders along with bulk glass beads to put around the centerpeices.
Sara L.
Go to your local college/university, and hire a photography student to take your pictures. They will do the work for far less then professional photographers, you will be helping them build up a portfolio, and you will be cutting costs. You just have to make sure that you do your homework. Contact the heads of the art department on the students that you are thinking about, and find out their picture habits, if they go to class, etc...
Ashley S.
I would have to say that my best advice for saving money would be shopping Ebay! You can find everything from invitations, centerpieces, wedding favors, even dresses for bridesmaids and the bride!
Jessica S.
Don't mention "wedding" when you're talking to vendors about prices. If you tell them you're throwing a "big party" (which you are!), prices are a lot lower than if you actually say you're having a wedding reception.
Lauren M.
When planning an outdoor wedding, don't rent a big expensive tent, instead buy a couple of small white tents when they are on summer clearance. That way you can set up tents for the food or a photo opportunity on a budget. I just found them at a local store for $20! The tent rental company wanted $2000, so I'm getting tents at a tenth of the price!
Bobbie J.
Fresh flower petals set a romantic stage as they flutter from the hand of your flower girl. Be aware that fresh petals may mark a carpet if crushed during your entrance or exit. To avoid this problem, you may want to consider drying the petals in advance. Another option is to use silk flower petals. These have all the glamour with none of the worry. Mist the petals with your favorite scent for a perfect finishing touch.
Lessly M.
One of my tips that is really helping my wedding is since flowers are so expensive, I am having the local vocational school do my bouquets for my wedding party. They are coming out beautiful and they are less expensive than going to a flower shop.
Rachel B.
Be sure to check out the local message boards on wedding planning websites such as, because brides in your town/city usually post vendor reviews, diy tips, and tons of other advice on the boards to help other brides successfully plan and orchestrate their wedding day. It is an invaluable resource to have the opportunity to message other brides, even meet up with them to do planning sessions, bounce ideas off of each other, or just hang out and enjoy the company of other radiant women excited about their wedding day!
Rebekah F.
When you meet with vendors, don't give them your true budget. Instead choose a figure lower than your actual budget, and offer that as your top price. Most vendors in this economy want your business and will make a deal. This has worked for each of our vendors and so fare we are UNDER budget.
Marissa B.

Nicole M.
Put as much time into preparing for your marriage as you do planning your wedding and reception... remember the wedding only lasts a day and the marriage lasts your whole life.
Julie B.
Find a place that allows you to bring your own catering and/or alcohol!!!
Rebecca C.
Having your ceremony and reception at same location will save transportation costs. An outside ceremony will also save on flower costs.
Jennifer H.