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Making DIY invitations can be easy and save you a lot of money. Try purchasing some plain ivory ones from Walmart or Target and printing your own colorful message and design. Add ribbon and enjoy the compliments for your personalized invites!
Rachael W.
Go to Hobby Lobby in order to get a veil. They look just as nice as the ones that they have in the stores for a lot less. Also Wal-Mart and Target sell sets that have the garter, guest book, and flower girl basket all in one (along with the ring bearer pillow). Fake flowers look just as nice and last a lot longer when you begin to decorate. You can still use real flowers as well as the fake ones to decorate.
Jocelyn S.
Shop on Ebay for package deals of plates knives, forks, spoons and favors.
Jaylee K.
If you and your spouse already live together and/or don't really need any home goods, then create a wedding registry website that friends and family have the choice to donate money to either your wedding or honeymoon. The account can be linked to Paypal. Every little bit counts. A monetary gift can always come in handy especially when unforseen costs arise.
Natasha B.
We are going to borrow some of the components of the centerpieces (candle holders, etc.) from people who have already purchased these items for their own wedding. We are also planning a brunch instead of a dinner reception. It will cut food and beverage costs and also be more representative of our relationship. I recently was laid off from my job, so we are also having a longer engagement than we originally planned to give us additional time to save money for our wedding.
Dabney R.
Reuse it! Your friends and family have had weddings before - reuse as much of the decorations, containers and accessories as you can. Combine these items in new in creative ways to personalize your day. Add a ribbon, or change the flowers to freshen the look. The impact on your wallet AND the environment could be significant!
Renden M.
I have to say that you need to remind your self when the day finally comes it is filled with nothing but happiness, love, good company, and lots of fun. Keeping that in mind while planning definately helps to control the Bridezilla in us all. Staying calm makes everything more enjoyable and keeps things moving smoothly.
Samantha A.
Do not be afraid to negotiate! The sticker price is never the price. I got my fiance's $1200 band for $400; I got our per head count (venue/catering/drinks) from $130 to $85 per head; photobooth from $1700 to $1400...especially if you are off season (which March counts ladies). Ask your recently married pals for recommendations and then drop their names for a discount, and/or drop the names of people that are engaged like you, and/or show the vendor who's boss by knowing the competitors' prices and asking them to match it. It will never hurt to ask!
Kristin G.
If you want to save money on your wedding look into getting married at a garden! This will cut down on the cost of décor, and give a good place to get your pictures done!!!
Miranda D
Save money on a band or DJ by utilizing your venue's existing sound system along with your own music created on an iPod playlist or burned CDs. If you want to add some class and a personal touch to your music selection, you can ask friends & family to play/sing the song for your first dance and/or your father/daughter dance. After that, no one will notice that the music is no longer live.
Morgan G.
Find one person that has similar taste to yours and use them as an assistant if they are willing. This can save you time finding vendors they can do the leg work and you have the final decision. plus they get to feel VERY important.
Christina K.
For my wedding flowers, we are buying red silk roses for less than $1/each. My colors are red, black and white... in order for me to have black roses, I am spray painting them with a flat black spray paint (less than $2/can). Great way to save money on flowers and still have beautiful bouquets!
Jeanna D.
Everyone is willing to cut their costs if asked. For example, save the date magnets. I called the company and asked if they had any specials and they were willing to give me a substantial discount if I purchased from them. This goes for church rentals, hall rentals and even flowers.
Danyelle H.
I have found that one of the best ways to cut wedding costs is to call in whatever favors you can from friends. I have friends who are doing my photography, videography, my cake(s), graphic design for my invites/programs, floral arrangements and for my veil. Also, another great way is to not buy into the mentality that you have to have a $20,000 wedding. My husband-to-be and myself are aiming to keep it under $5,000. So far, so good!
Sarah H.
Get married in the off season - you get your pick of vendors, and most of them are willing to cut you a deal because they don't have much business during those months.
Jenna C.
when shopping for wedding stuff, try the second hand shops first because you may find something unique that you'll never find in a regular store. Always try to barter with them on the price. You never know, you may get it cheaper if you barter.
amber s.
Remember to HAVE FUN! Don't stress the small stuff, it's your big day!
Crystal G.
If you don't think your budget will allow for fresh flowers, you're wrong. Just limit the amount of flowers to yourself and the wedding party, and use silk for the rest!
Jessica B.
Buy your flowers from your local craft store when they are on sale, then get all your bridesmaids together and have a bouquet making party. This is a great way to save hundreds of dollars.
Latisha T.
Remember expensive does not mean memorable. You can buy items at Walmart or the Dollar Tree and still make them look like a million bucks. Creative skills are all it takes.
Patricia G.