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Make sure to start early and don't forget to go with the flow. Sometimes things have to change and most of the time they end up working out better in the end!!
Krista F.
Once you pick a local vendor (e.g. a decorator), you'll find that most of the vendors know each other and will offer special deals if you choose other local vendors that they are used to working with (e.g.- the decorator suggests a caterer). You'll be saving money in no time!
Jaime G.
Get married in the off season - you get your pick of vendors, and most of them are willing to cut you a deal because they don't have much business during those months.
Jenna C.
Vases for centerpieces can be expensive, even to rent. My florist rents them for $8 per vase and with a big guest list, that can add up quick. So - I bought my centerpiece vases at the dollar store. I saved $7 per vase and I don't have to worry about getting the vases back to the florist or rental place, I can keep some and send some centerpieces home with my preferred guests!
Nicole F.
Find one person that has similar taste to yours and use them as an assistant if they are willing. This can save you time finding vendors they can do the leg work and you have the final decision. plus they get to feel VERY important.
Christina K.
My fiancé and I decided from the get-go that we wanted a memorable wedding, but we didn’t want to spend a ton. In the end, quality won out over quantity and we agreed to a smaller wedding at an outstanding location. To help cut the costs even lower, we made certain the date was on a Sunday (one of the cheapest days to get married here in CO) as well as arranged with the hotel to have a brunch rather than a dinner (giving us a full ‘food’ station with salads and breakfast foods as well as the guests choice between two dinner entrees or one breakfast meal). These two things alone cut our costs by more than half, and everyone there will have a wonderful afternoon/evening.
Armarna R.
FInd people that you know who can use their talents on your Big Day. After some thought, a lot of my friends and family can help out with the big stuff. For example, my aunt makes and decorates cakes for a hobby, a friend went to school for photography, a friend of the family does flower arrangements, a friend's grandmother does alterations. The list continues. It pays to have connections!
Kristina D.
If you want to save money and your fiance is a member of your local fire company - have your wedding reception there. You can pretty much have the run of the place an decorate it the way you like
Elisa E.
Ask the advice and use your resources from friends, family and loved ones. Everyone has talents, contacts, and information that can help you get the best deals with vendors who do great work, or they can help you do it themselves! Also, this is the best way to help others who are in tight financial situations to have their assistance and advice be their wedding gift to you!
Erin M.
If you and your spouse already live together and/or don't really need any home goods, then create a wedding registry website that friends and family have the choice to donate money to either your wedding or honeymoon. The account can be linked to Paypal. Every little bit counts. A monetary gift can always come in handy especially when unforseen costs arise.
Natasha B.
My best save on my wedding is when I decided to have our ceremony and reception outside in a big,open field next to my fiance's house where we first met.
Find some in season flowering plants and pot them yourself for table centerpieces instead of using a florist.
Katie L.
Many places may include some type of centerpiece in the cost. If they do, but you want to spice them up a little, there are many websites where you can buy items in bulk. The more you buy, the more you save. We are going to purchase snowflake votive candles and holders along with bulk glass beads to put around the centerpeices.
Sara L.
Get as much done as soon as you can. That way, you can relax and just enjoy being engaged. Then, all you have to do along the way is just make payments and pay all of your balances. No one wants to remember their engagement as being a stressful time!
Laura L.
Contact your local community college for event planning services. Many community colleges train event planners and floral designers and contract out their services. They usually offer variety, creativity, and flexibility at the fraction of the cost of professional vendors and they are supervised by professional event planners.
Erica W.
Your bridesmaids don't all have to have the same exact color. You could have a rainbow wedding!
Denise D.
After helping plan many weddings and now I am planning my own, the best tip I can give to a couple planning a wedding is stay traditional. It is the most beautiful, low cost, and memorable way. A lot of weddings do tend to be too extravagent and everyone gets lost in all the glitz and glitter instead of enjoying a happy, loving couple's moment of togetherness.
Olinda R.
Instead of renting costly limousines rent town cars which are classy and less expensive, or ask a friend with a nice convertible for a dramatic entrance.
Chandra M.
I am having my wedding ceremony and reception at the same place. Not only are you saving on the ceremony venue itself, you are also cutting out costs for limo service, and decorating! We are saving over three thousand dollars by cutting out the ceremony site, and having it at the reception site. An added bonus is that your out of town guests wont have to find two places in a strange city.
Eva E.
Any element you want can be achieved if you research, research, research!!! Be sure to keep track of all websites you find amazing deals on.
Nakesha C.