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If you don't think your budget will allow for fresh flowers, you're wrong. Just limit the amount of flowers to yourself and the wedding party, and use silk for the rest!
Jessica B.
Go with the classic French or American Manicure. Color trends for manicures change quickly and will make your photos look dated.
Alfred Angelo
Don't get tricked into thinking that since you are spending a lot of money on something that it is the best thing out there, many cheaper things are better than the expensive things.
Junae S.
If you have the patience, I would recommend putting together your own favors. Store bought ones are nice, but it's so much more special if you make them yourself. Like a CD of your wedding song personalized with your and your fiance (husband's) name on the front or just your initials. Little gifts like that are the kind that your family will treasure. You don't want to give them gifts that they will just toss away.
Jessica O.
One BIG tip I can offer anyone is take the time to do research. There are so many smaller vendors that would love a chance to showcase their talents that could probably do just as good of a job for a lot cheaper.
Instead of ordering an expensive bridal bouquet, have your guests each bring a single flower, have a friend collect them and arrange your bouquet then give to you just prior to the wedding. You can have bouquets at no charge, and the guests enjoy it because they helped. Any extras can be used for table/entrance arrangments.
Miko M
Save money by seeking out inexpensive fake flowers and mixing them with fresh ones. That way you don't have to spend so much money on fresh flowers and you can prepare ahead of time to fill the gaps in your arrangements! A friend of mine did this and you couldn't tell which were fake or real -- they all looked real!
Cristina C.
Ditch the florist and be creative with center pieces. My centerpieces and crystal trees that I am doing myself and having my venue set up. Each table is going to end up costing only about $40.00. My cousin also did centerpieces that were flagstones on top of each other with one of their pictures framed on top. They came out great.
Danielle V.
When considering wedding band and ring options, consider going vintage by either choosing an heirloom piece that has been in your families for decades, if not generations, or buying an antique ring.
Rosalyn K.
Don't sweat the small stuff; delegate as much of the work as you can and don't procrastinate!!!!!
Candice O.
Check with venue for the least expensive day and then work with your other vendors to see if they offer discounts for that day. We saved over $2000 this way.
Mona J.
Have your reception at the church. Consider just having a cake and punch reception and then going out with your friends afterwards or getting an early start on the honeymoon.
Amy K.
OK ladies, here is your SOMETHING BLUE! Blue Rosary, hanky, flowers, topaz or sapphire jewelery, anklet, toe ring, toe nail polish, garter, panties, bra, eyeliner, shoes, or hair jewelery. Good Luck!
Crystal D.
The best way to save on a wedding is to make your own bouquets and to get married at a wedding chapel. Also, you could have a small ceremony with your immediate family, and have your family bring a dish for the meal.
Barbara P.
Keep an open mind. I found my bridemaids flowers in a furniture store while picking up candles for the reception
Loranda L.
Involve your fiance throughout the planning process-- he will respect your ideas of your dream wedding while keeping a watchful eye on your budget.
Jennifer F.
Be open minded! Sometimes dresses you would have never considered trying on end up looking the best on you. Venues you would have never thought to visit could end up being the perfect fit. Don't rule out anything until you've really considered it.
Krystal M.
Find out what unique talents your friends and family have. I am using family for everything and saving thousands of dollars.
Monique C
Ask for the list of vendors that the reception site uses. You may be able to get discounts from the supplying vendors that the catering site uses.
Raffaelina G.
Before you go spending any money on your wedding, a bride needs to sit down, weigh out all options and then make her decisions.
Markita B.