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Reuse flowers from the ceremony for the reception and centerpieces. In addition, reuse the bridesmaid's bouquet for reception/check-in tables and the bride's bouquet for the tossing bouquet to pass on the "good luck!"
Chau N.
For decorations we have gone very simple and pretty with hurricane lamps and candles. We have bulk ordered at, from vases to candles, organza circles for wedding favors and pew bows. They offer free shipping to the store so we save on that. I also was able to secure a cheaper payment on the venue because we are having our wedding on a Thursday, since most of out friends and family are intown. We are also doing a "buffet style" Reception so that we save on a sit down dinner as well. I wanted soft lighting so I waited for an after Christmas clearance sale and bought stringed lights that we are hanging up. I love a good bargin and saving is my thing.
Melissa J.
I think one of the best places to cut out wedding costs is in the paper goods. I am making my own wedding menus, favor wrappers, and programs. One ream of card-stock is only about $15 and it goes a long way! Professional printing is awfully expensive for something that will likely end up tossed by the wayside when the wedding is over.
Tina D.
For a destination wedding reserve flight and hotel as a group for a group discount. Also growing your own fresh flowers for center peices.
Michelle R.
Don't stress about all the small details of the wedding, even if EVERY little thing doesn't go right! Try to remember that although this is an important day, it is only one day! The big picture is knowing that no matter what, that person is there for you... forever!
Lori D.
Shop on Ebay for package deals of plates knives, forks, spoons and favors.
Jaylee K.
Dont forget WHY you are getting married. When something small goes wrong, just take a deep breath and think ahead of the first morning you will wake up with your future husband. Small things seem less catastrophic that way!
Stephanie B.
D.I.Y Do It Yourself is always the name of the game when thinking about cutting cost. Take putting decorations together for example. If you do it yourself you can buy in bulk from places like B.J.'s or Buying in bulk always saves money. Get out the glue guns, tulle, and candy coated almonds. Fun, Friends, and Favors.
Jasmaine P.
Always use colors that work well together, and are right for the season of the wedding. You don't want nothing to clash. Also, you don't have to spend tons of money to have a beautiful wedding, keep it simple and elegant. Those seem to be the weddings that everyone enjoys. Bigger doesn't always mean better, remember that. Just because you may not have the money of a movie star doesn't mean that you can't look like one, or have a wedding like one for less. It's Your wedding, It's Your Day! Have fun,enjoy it! Don't stress out because it all comes together in the end.
Monika B.
Ask your family for help with as much as possible - the decorating, cooking, making your cake, bartending, etc....
Jessica B.
Always make sure there is a towel around when taking the bride and bridesmaids flowers out of the water. Also, If you don't want to throw your own bouquet, have your florist make a throw bouquet out of carnations. They are cheaper and stay together well when thrown.
Jennifer L.
When choosing bridemaids dresses either go with one color or one style of dress, but let your girls pick their hair, make-up and jewelry. It will let them feel beatiful and they will be happy to go out of their way even more to make your big day special. Don't worry you'll still be the center of attention.
Kayla F
You can cut some of the cost for wedding photgraphy by having a professional photographer for only about 2-3 hours to cover the ceremory, take some pictures at the reception venue and the reception. This can be easily done if you move all the important moments such as the first dance, the cutting of the cake and the throwing of the bouquet to the first hour and a half of the reception. You can ask your friends to take picture for the remaining part of the wedding. That is what my fiance and I are doing and we are going to save a lot, but we will still have plenty of professional pictures from our wedding.
Daniela B.
Spice up your tables at the reception by using a chair cover sash as a table runner. Top runner and table with different sized candles (you can get loads from the dollar store) and confetti cut out of contrasting colored cardstock (I used a flower stamp for mine!!) A simple yet elegant table for under $15 a piece!
Brooke M.
Before you go spending any money on your wedding, a bride needs to sit down, weigh out all options and then make her decisions.
Markita B.
Try on a dress that you absolutely hate maybe you will like it!
Melissa N.
Wedding cakes can be pricey. The best way to cut down on cost for that is to have a display wedding cake that is a fraction of the size of a normal wedding cake. This would be for cutting and taking pictures. When serving guests your wedding cake, get sheet cakes in the same flavor. Bulk warehouse stores have them for as little as $17 per sheet and it serves about 48 people. Also, have a talented, artsy friend decorate the display cake. Much of the cost in any wedding cake is the decorating of it. Mine is going to cost around $120 for my 150 guests(display cake included!).Flowers can also be pricey. There are beautiful fake arrangements and singular flowers for making your own bouquet. Arts and crafts stores have these periodically on sale for next to nothing because it's the end of the season. Check the clearance bins. We're spending $65 on all of our flower needs!
Brianne B.
Summer weddings can be absolutely beautiful. Use a backyard setting. Renting a tent and the chairs can be a lot less expensive than renting a church or other type of building.
LouKisha M.
Always have your list of things to do and what is going on with the wedding at all times. You never know when you will find a bargain and without this you might just be spending money you need not to.
angela n.
Get a seperate checking account for all wedding related funds. This way, when it comes time to pay it will be seperate from your personal money. It's a much better way than paying with cash or having several ways to pay for things!!
Mallory V.