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Spice up your tables at the reception by using a chair cover sash as a table runner. Top runner and table with different sized candles (you can get loads from the dollar store) and confetti cut out of contrasting colored cardstock (I used a flower stamp for mine!!) A simple yet elegant table for under $15 a piece!
Brooke M.
If you want professional photos but need to save money, think of having a talented friend or family member do either the reception or ceremony, and hire a professional photographer for only a few hours.
Molly B
To save money on expensive flowers have an edible center piece that doubles as your favor. For example put candy coated chocolate in your wedding colors in a glass bowl and have empty favor containers around it for guests to scoop them into.
Michele G
Plan way ahead so you get a good idea of what everything costs, so when you see savings you will know. Be clear of what you want, and be flexible.
Christi F.
To save on a DJ, create your own playlist of songs on your IPod or computer and rent a sound system. If you want music suggestions, put a place on your RSVP cards for guests to list songs. This way you can be certain everyone will enjoy the song selection.
Amanda P.
Try a "Do It Yourself" project like invitations, cake toppers, guest books, favors, and more. This will give you a chance to save money and have fun doing it.
Kylin C
Don't be afraid to barter for services. I'm a professional writer, and after attending a local bridal show, I realized that many vendors could use some editing and/or writing services. I approached them with the idea of trading services -- my writing, messaging, and marketing expertise for their wedding services. I've saved thousands, and expanded my portfolio! I have another friend--a graphic artist--who has taken a similar approach. The trick is to think outside the box. Your vendors may be running lean in this economy--what can you provide them that would be of value? It's a great way to expand your network, help your vendors, and save some cash in the process.
Jennifer W.
In lieu of giving wedding favors at the reception, we decided to make a donation to a foundation that was established by one of our guests (in honor of her daughter). A note will be added on the back of the seating cards to acknowledge this.
Sharon C.
Vintage accessories often complement a new gown tremendously well. Consider tracking down some costume jewelery or a beautiful clutch to add a vintage and thrifty touch of glamor to your outfit.
Sian K.
Keep things seasonal! By using flowers and foods that are in season you can keep costs down. Not only is it budget friendly it also offers a great theme for you to build from.
Jaclyn H.
My best save on my wedding is when I decided to have our ceremony and reception outside in a big,open field next to my fiance's house where we first met.
Look at images for your centerpieces sometimes you can do them all by yourself. The trick is to start early and make up your mind about what centerpieces you want. Look for those things as they go on sale throughout the year.
Sandra M.
Do a Destination wedding! It will save you lots of money!!
Patricia C.
If you have the patience, I would recommend putting together your own favors. Store bought ones are nice, but it's so much more special if you make them yourself. Like a CD of your wedding song personalized with your and your fiance (husband's) name on the front or just your initials. Little gifts like that are the kind that your family will treasure. You don't want to give them gifts that they will just toss away.
Jessica O.
EBAY! It's the perfect spot to buy gifts, thank you's & even wedding rings! Try on rings at the local jeweler, then go online & find the same ring or similar for MUCH cheaper!!
Jodi A.
Use your resources!! I have found a number of people that have things I need to make my day special and they are willing to help me build or make whatever I need. My best find is the Cricut, I will be able to make all my favors with this machine, during a weekend scrapbook retreat.
Stacie L.
Use craft sites like By using their alchemy function, vendors bid on my requested item and I got the best deal possible! I've used them for invitations, a custom-made stamp, and who knows what my next item will be.
Elisa H.
Spotting talents throughout friends and family has been a rewarding experience throughout my planning. My mom loves to bead so I have asked her to make mine and the all the bridesmaids jewelry. My sister loves fashion so she is coordinating colors and themes. My girlfriend Nicole is in school for graphic design so she is making announcements and invitations, which she can also print from school. My mom's friend Laura is crafty so she is making centerpieces and everything floral from bouquets to the gazebo we will stand under. A family friend Patty cooks for her huge family and asked me to cater my showers and parties. Everyone was flattered when I approached them so my most valuable tip is with an open and creative mind "It doesn't cost to ask!".
Katherine B.
Let your friends help with planning the ceremony music, taking photos, and making your invitaitons. It makes the wedding planning even more special when friends are involved.
Amy B
Negotiate with your vendors. They have many options they can offer you, and they would probably prefer to cut you a deal than loose your business all together. Times are hard for everyone these days.
Julie C.