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Have your wedding on a Friday! It cuts venue costs by 30-40% and you don't have to worry about competing with every other bride in town for the good vendors!
Leslie R.
With all the hustle and bustle on the big day, my advice would be to take some time to yourself. Take about 30-45 minutes to just regroup and relax alone with the bridesmaids, a hot cup of tea and an aroma therapy facial enjoying the moment and realizing in a few hours you are about to be the happiest girl/wife in the world. This can be done at a designated home the morning of the wedding. This moment can help you get those last minute jitters and bugs out and remain level headed. Cutting this cost can really save money than taking all your bridesmaids to a spa which can turn out to be very expensive. Every woman needs a moment where time stops and she can just exhale and hear her on heart beat. Hope this tip was very beneficial to all the women who really would like to just relax right before the big moment when you say' "I Do".
Trinice W.
Be sure you can deal with the weight of your wedding gown. Do not get a gown that is too heavy and can't walk in. I went to a wedding and the bride wore the heaviest dress, she couldn't even dance.
Roxana F.
Do-it-Yourself (DIY) invitations. There are tons of kits out there that make beautiful invitations (that look really professional) for a fraction of the cost. Spend a little time in the wedding decorations section at your local craft store and you'll find other cost-saving ideas for DIY stuff as well!
Katherine L.
Instead of spending big money on a spa day for you or your bridesmaids, go online and get facial recipes and a bunch of other spa tricks for free. Have a spa night at home - it's a lot cheaper and more fun since its in the comfort of your own home.
Ashley B.
Want to save some money on a DJ? Find a karaoke bar that is willing to let you use their equipment. Then, have your friends each perform songs that remind them of you and your new spouse. It's fun, interactive and different. And it'll save you a lot of money. Best of all, the equipment can play CDs, so you can have someone make the perfect CD to accompany your reception and save a lot of money.
Beth N.
After helping plan many weddings and now I am planning my own, the best tip I can give to a couple planning a wedding is stay traditional. It is the most beautiful, low cost, and memorable way. A lot of weddings do tend to be too extravagent and everyone gets lost in all the glitz and glitter instead of enjoying a happy, loving couple's moment of togetherness.
Olinda R.
Be sure to have some emergency baby powder at your reception! If someone spills red wine or any kind of drink on your gown just toss some powder on the stain and it will camouflage the stain on your gorgeous gown!
Kelvia C.
To save HUGE on wedding flowers and still have gorgeous flowers that look very professional, call around to your local floral arrangment classes or schools. The majority of them will do your entire wedding, recption, center pieces and bouquets for a very small fee. And the bonus? The student have someone watching over them, and may even get graded on their work, so they HAVE to do a great job!
Amber M.
When you meet with vendors, don't give them your true budget. Instead choose a figure lower than your actual budget, and offer that as your top price. Most vendors in this economy want your business and will make a deal. This has worked for each of our vendors and so fare we are UNDER budget.
Marissa B.
The Bahamas
Juli M.
If you really want real flowers go to the florist and ask for half real and half fake. It is much cheaper than having all real flowers. Also, florists can keep what they made and reuse it for another wedding.
Krisha L.
Never stress over all the little details in the end your day will come together and be the most magical day of your life!
Jamie S.
Order your Wedding gown at the closest length (factoring in the height of your shoes) possible. Some styles will require an extra fee and some don't. But in any case, it's worth it, as it'll save money in alterations as well as look as best as it should being done by the manufacturer!
Virginia N.
Create a budget - if you set a budget you will most likely keep within the budget rather than getting out of hand.
Monica H.
Cupcakes! I saved a bundle, not just on the cake itself, but on cake-cutting fees by chosing cupcakes over a traditional cake. Gone are the days when the bridesmaids "feel honored" to serve cake, and the catering crew will likely charge you $1 or more per guest to cut and plate your cake! So I decided to go with cupcakes. There are so many benefits! Your guests get a more generous serving of cake, you can order several flavors of cupcakes, no one is stuck cutting and plating cakes, and the cost of the cake is actually a little less (depending on your bakery.) Give it a try Cupcake, you won't regret it!
Shannon M.
Designate a person or persons on your wedding day to take all the questions whether it be from family or guest. On this day especially both the bride and the groom need to stay happy and worry free.
Sreya P
The best way to save on a wedding is to make your own bouquets and to get married at a wedding chapel. Also, you could have a small ceremony with your immediate family, and have your family bring a dish for the meal.
Barbara P.
Have a relative cater your reception.
Christine D.
Consider getting married during the week. Many churches and especially reception sites have a much cheaper renting price when it is not on the weekend or holiday. If you pick any day between Monday-Thursday most times sites are a good $1000 dollars cheaper because most people don't think about having their wedding during the week. Also consider having it at a church that you are a member of because you can usually have both the wedding and reception for free. And that saves a lot of money for other important aspects that usually get skimped on due to lack of funds.
Katherine W.