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My fiancé and I decided from the get-go that we wanted a memorable wedding, but we didn’t want to spend a ton. In the end, quality won out over quantity and we agreed to a smaller wedding at an outstanding location. To help cut the costs even lower, we made certain the date was on a Sunday (one of the cheapest days to get married here in CO) as well as arranged with the hotel to have a brunch rather than a dinner (giving us a full ‘food’ station with salads and breakfast foods as well as the guests choice between two dinner entrees or one breakfast meal). These two things alone cut our costs by more than half, and everyone there will have a wonderful afternoon/evening.
Armarna R.
Use a different centerpiece for each table. If you are willing to be unique and use different centerpieces for each table you can be creative while cutting costs.
Michelle M
I go on the Michaels website to find ways to save on my wedding. They have great ideas about do-it-yourself projects. I'm definitely going to do the aisle bouquets with fake flowers to cut costs in my wedding (especially because we are only using them for the ceremony).
Christina M.
I would have to say that my best advice for saving money would be shopping Ebay! You can find everything from invitations, centerpieces, wedding favors, even dresses for bridesmaids and the bride!
Jessica S.
Get a very beautiful fake wedding cake with only the top tier as a real cake. Have an incredibly delicious cake in the back and serve that instead! It will cut costs greatly and no one will know!
mehruba a.
Look at images for your centerpieces sometimes you can do them all by yourself. The trick is to start early and make up your mind about what centerpieces you want. Look for those things as they go on sale throughout the year.
Sandra M.
Keep it simple but elegant. Look on clearance isles for wedding items on sale. This will cut down on last minute shopping and save you money.Cut costs with getting rid of things you don't need. This way you can have what you really like and make it a day you will always remember.
Anna D.
Keep a spray bottle handy for small wrinkles. Spray the area lightly and use a hairdryer to dry the area wrinkle free.
Alfred Angelo
Network. Tell your family and friends chances are someone knows someone with connections. I have a huge family so they all helped me. One family reminded me we have a family friend that does invitations. He's going to give us a great deal. My fiance's uncle is a dj so he is going to do our wedding. Another aunt of mine does flower arrangements which will save us hundreds. My friend is making my wedding cake.
Teresa P.
Buy flowers in bulk from a wholesaler. Get family and friends to help you make the bouquets and boutonnieres. You can even make those cute flower balls. The internet definitely has great do-it-yourself ideas.
Ashley N.
Invest in a good printer. You can do invitations, save the dates, table numbers, place cards, personalized favors, even your own confetti-with a good printer, patience and imagination.
Gina G.
Never stress over all the little details in the end your day will come together and be the most magical day of your life!
Jamie S.
Use craft sites like By using their alchemy function, vendors bid on my requested item and I got the best deal possible! I've used them for invitations, a custom-made stamp, and who knows what my next item will be.
Elisa H.
Whatever you enjoy the most, do it yourself (DIY). If you enjoy baking, bake your own wedding cake. If you enjoy flowers or crafts, make your own bouquets. Not only will DIYing help with your budget, you will get to invest more in your wedding.
Jenna G.
Networking is key. Look into classmates (if in college) that work for caterers, photography majors, etc. Getting your information and contacts from someone who has just recently had a wedding and still has fresh info is probably the best and less stressful . Start bargining - exchange goods for things you can do, you scratch my back I scratch yours!
Jahzeel S.
Schedule your wedding for Friday instead of Saturday. Everything from the caterer to the DJ to the venue will be cheaper.
Rayah M.
Hire a student photographer to do your wedding photos!
Sarah J.
Color code different files for your wedding: for example pink for the bride, bridesmaids, and flower girl, and green for the groom, groomsman, and ring bearer.
Nikki C.
Save money by seeking out inexpensive fake flowers and mixing them with fresh ones. That way you don't have to spend so much money on fresh flowers and you can prepare ahead of time to fill the gaps in your arrangements! A friend of mine did this and you couldn't tell which were fake or real -- they all looked real!
Cristina C.
Instead of having a four layer wedding cake, have a top layer to cut and dummy layers underneath and feed your guests from ahidden sheet cake. They are much more cost effective and your guests will never tell the difference!
Kerri H