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Everyone is willing to cut their costs if asked. For example, save the date magnets. I called the company and asked if they had any specials and they were willing to give me a substantial discount if I purchased from them. This goes for church rentals, hall rentals and even flowers.
Danyelle H.
Ask as many questions as you want, no matter what! You won't be the first person to ask and you definitely won't be the last. Depend on your experts!
Alfred Angelo
Instead of having a real DJ at your reception, have an outgoing friend do it instead. You can rent speakers or borrow them. Compile your music beforehand on a playlist so it's ready to go!
Cheryl K.
If you want to save money and your fiance is a member of your local fire company - have your wedding reception there. You can pretty much have the run of the place an decorate it the way you like
Elisa E.
Choosing to use flowers that are in season, and even buying them in bulk, is one great way to insure cutting the cost!
Jennifer R.
After helping plan many weddings and now I am planning my own, the best tip I can give to a couple planning a wedding is stay traditional. It is the most beautiful, low cost, and memorable way. A lot of weddings do tend to be too extravagent and everyone gets lost in all the glitz and glitter instead of enjoying a happy, loving couple's moment of togetherness.
Olinda R.
For catering your reception, have a potluck. Have everyone bring their own dish and you provide the main "meat".
Jessica G.
Double-up the favors as the seating assignments. Tie a pretty bow on a candle or bag of candy that tells the guest where they will be sitting.
Ashley N.
Be sure you can deal with the weight of your wedding gown. Do not get a gown that is too heavy and can't walk in. I went to a wedding and the bride wore the heaviest dress, she couldn't even dance.
Roxana F.
Try to use handmade items in exchange for paying top dollar for the small things in your wedding.
Madelaine E.
It's YOUR wedding so incorporate traditions and customs you like, not how everyone else does them!
Erika W
For our wedding and reception we are having ours in my folks backyard. We have borowed decor from friends, and they've all decided to pitch in with our picnic style lunch. And to top it all, a friends voluntered to do the photos and put them on DVD for free. Think close to home and see how much money you can save.
Andrea D.
Create your own centerpieces for the reception and or ceremony. Plan ahead and stop by craft stores for after holiday sales, like Valentines Day (if your color scheme is red) to scoop up vases or containers for really cheap. Then add your own flowers or whatever you want.
Hannah K.
Carry a stick of white chalk with you on the day of the ceremony to cover any spots that may get on your gown.
Alfred Angelo
The best way to save is to hire a wedding coordinator! You might have to shell out extra cash for one - but they know the very best, tried and true ways to make your wedding stunning without getting you into debt!
Kara S.
To help with the troubled economy - have family and friends join in the wedding fun. Have a "Get Together" to help make bouquets for bridesmaids, pew decorations, flower arrangements for centerpieces for receptions or birdseed/rose petal bags. This "party" is not only cost saving but loads of fun to have everyone you love to be together, laughing and sharing with you as they play a part of the Wedding of your Dreams.
Shannon R.
Only incorporate traditions and customs you like, don't do things a certain way just because that's how everyone else does them. This is YOUR wedding!
Erika W.
Make lists for all your attendants so they know exactly what you need them to do to get ready for the wedding. It's much easier to make sure things are done when they can check it off as its accomplished! DO NOT expect your maid of honor to do all of it! Print the lists on bright paper so its easily found in their purse. have a master list at home and know who's doing what, so when they update you, you'll know what's not getting done and you can take care of it yourself or redistribute. Makes for a much saner day!
DArcy W.
When planning an outdoor wedding, don't rent a big expensive tent, instead buy a couple of small white tents when they are on summer clearance. That way you can set up tents for the food or a photo opportunity on a budget. I just found them at a local store for $20! The tent rental company wanted $2000, so I'm getting tents at a tenth of the price!
Bobbie J.
Have your wedding on a Friday! It cuts venue costs by 30-40% and you don't have to worry about competing with every other bride in town for the good vendors!
Leslie R.