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Instead of ordering Save the Date Cards, create a letter about you and your fiance's journey to how you got to where you are and some future plans, print it out on decorative paper. Even with envelopes, printing and paper you still save couple hundred dollars and it's fun and unique!
Lexie G.
I have found that one of the best ways to cut wedding costs is to call in whatever favors you can from friends. I have friends who are doing my photography, videography, my cake(s), graphic design for my invites/programs, floral arrangements and for my veil. Also, another great way is to not buy into the mentality that you have to have a $20,000 wedding. My husband-to-be and myself are aiming to keep it under $5,000. So far, so good!
Sarah H.
Instead of favors, make a donation to a favorite charity. Charitable organizations are in the economy too, so why not donate in honor of your wedding guests!
Deanna T.
Invite only those family and friends that you love, not the people that you just hope will send expensive gifts. Your big day will be even more full of love, and because your guest list has been cut down, you will spend less money on invitations and at the reception.
Katie L.
I'm doing all of the floral arrangements, centerpieces, and bouquets saving over $1300. I went to a craft store and bought Eifle tower vases for centerpieces. I'll be ordering my calla lillies through costco because the are really reasonable 75 stems for $114 .
Lisa R.
Have a small battery powered fan available for a quick cool down.
Diana S.
We are going to borrow some of the components of the centerpieces (candle holders, etc.) from people who have already purchased these items for their own wedding. We are also planning a brunch instead of a dinner reception. It will cut food and beverage costs and also be more representative of our relationship. I recently was laid off from my job, so we are also having a longer engagement than we originally planned to give us additional time to save money for our wedding.
Dabney R.
Use your friend's connections for inexpensive vendors. For example, my mother is friends with a professional photographer, my fiance is friends with a dj, my fiance's cousin is a pianist, my mother-in-law-to-be is friends with a florist. My Maid of honor is a seamstress and is helping with the linens. Her best friend and another close friend are both in school to become event planners/coordinators and want the experience. My fiance is also really close to his pastor who is letting us use him, the church and the counseling all for free. I did tux rentals all through the same location and got a rental for free. I'm constantly on the lookout for sales and contests. My wedding is low key and inexpensive!
Brittany W.
By doing my wedding on a Thursday night rather than on a Saturday night, I saved $9000 on the reception hall, and approximately another $1000 on the DJ + Photographer!
Floryn G.
A great and inexpensive idea for wedding favors...make your own soap. Buy some melt & pour soap, pick a mold and add whatever dye and coloring you want. So simple, about $40 can make soap favors for up to 100 people! (depending on the size)
Toran M.
If you are like me and have your heart set on one type of flower that is more expensive, see and recognize the beauty of one single stemmed flower to match your bouquet of that flower for your bridesmaids. Not only cutting costs and allowing you to have the flower arrangement of your dreams but it also is very elegant to have a single rose or orchid in the hands of your bridesmaids with a flowing ribbon.
Mariel W.
Keep things seasonal! By using flowers and foods that are in season you can keep costs down. Not only is it budget friendly it also offers a great theme for you to build from.
Jaclyn H.
Make a list, make it nice, Check it three times, not just twice. Do some research, call around, So when you're done, green can be found. Compare the cost of this and that, Good job; now give your shoulder a pat. Make reservations in advance, So on your wedding you may prance, Up the isle and down again, With your new husband, hand in hand.
Amanda L.
Always start with good foundation garments - the right bra can make all the difference in your pictures and how you feel through out the day.
Alfred Angelo
Find some in season flowering plants and pot them yourself for table centerpieces instead of using a florist.
Katie L.
#1 Money Saving Tip: Organization and Planning. There are many ways to save $$$. Costco now sells beautiful flowers for bridal parties, buy a gown on sale, Always ask for a discount (this one works very well). Use a consultant who is familiar with all of the vendors - this can be a huge savings! And, prioritize which means you can spend your money on what's most important and save in areas like, location (backyard vs hotel), menu (quality vs quantity), and of course, number of guests.
Susan W.
Double-up the favors as the seating assignments. Tie a pretty bow on a candle or bag of candy that tells the guest where they will be sitting.
Ashley N.
Keep your bridesmaid dresses simple and complementary; it will help your dress be the center of attention!
Alfred Angelo
Don't buy a gown that is too heavy for you to walk in. This way you can move comfortably and still have a good time.
Roxana F
When planning with your florist, ask if they have the 'Convertible" floral stands. They can use the 5' stands for the aisle arrangements at church, and convert to the 1' or 2' stands for the centerpieces at the reception, using the same arrangements atop each stand. This cuts your flower cost by a huge amount.
Maureen S.