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The bride should go first by herself to see and try on dresses. Try on all styles even those she does not think she'll like, and once she has picked at least 3-5 styles and dresses she likes then take someone with her. Make sure the person she chooses to go with her is positive, open minded, and not trying to influence the bride but simply give an honest opinion.
Dianna C.
Get a wedding planner with a fixed cost - saves you the headache of coordinating vendors and you won't get ripped off
Max L.
I will say the best way to save is to cut your guest list because the less people you have, the less money you will spend on food.
lashala d.
Save money on a band or DJ by utilizing your venue's existing sound system along with your own music created on an iPod playlist or burned CDs. If you want to add some class and a personal touch to your music selection, you can ask friends & family to play/sing the song for your first dance and/or your father/daughter dance. After that, no one will notice that the music is no longer live.
Morgan G.
The best way to save on your wedding is to get the things that matter the most. Why spend money on invaluable things. For favors try your favorite candy instead of expensive trinkets. It's your day, personalize it and make it a day you and your guests will never forget!
Teasha M.
Save money by seeking out inexpensive fake flowers and mixing them with fresh ones. That way you don't have to spend so much money on fresh flowers and you can prepare ahead of time to fill the gaps in your arrangements! A friend of mine did this and you couldn't tell which were fake or real -- they all looked real!
Cristina C.
My fiancé and I decided from the get-go that we wanted a memorable wedding, but we didn’t want to spend a ton. In the end, quality won out over quantity and we agreed to a smaller wedding at an outstanding location. To help cut the costs even lower, we made certain the date was on a Sunday (one of the cheapest days to get married here in CO) as well as arranged with the hotel to have a brunch rather than a dinner (giving us a full ‘food’ station with salads and breakfast foods as well as the guests choice between two dinner entrees or one breakfast meal). These two things alone cut our costs by more than half, and everyone there will have a wonderful afternoon/evening.
Armarna R.
Create simple and inexpensive wedding decorations and favors. Some easy DIY ideas: Rock candy colored to match your scheme - especially if there are going to be lots of children. Organza flowers - It only takes a few yards of organza, and you can have tables-worth of decorations. Also, have your wedding on a weekday in the off-season. This will cut down venue costs significantly, and it might even help weed out some of those guests you invited out of obligation, which means less to spend on food and favors for them. It sounds a little selfish, but we are in a recession and having the wedding of your dreams is not worth the debt. Last, do the work yourself. Make your own favors, ask family members to help cater the food, decorate the venue yourself. Enlist your family and friends. They'll be happy to help you out!
Amber M.
Cupcakes! I saved a bundle, not just on the cake itself, but on cake-cutting fees by chosing cupcakes over a traditional cake. Gone are the days when the bridesmaids "feel honored" to serve cake, and the catering crew will likely charge you $1 or more per guest to cut and plate your cake! So I decided to go with cupcakes. There are so many benefits! Your guests get a more generous serving of cake, you can order several flavors of cupcakes, no one is stuck cutting and plating cakes, and the cost of the cake is actually a little less (depending on your bakery.) Give it a try Cupcake, you won't regret it!
Shannon M.
The best tip that i can give is to research and never stress. I have been enjoying the planning process so far by researching and relaxing. I take my time and research on what is trendy and what i must have for my wedding. I set a budget and search for ways to get the wine taste on that beer budget. To my surprise just by attending other weddings and inquiring on who they used and what they spent, is going to help me cut the cost on many things. I found myself saying, "they must have spent a fortune on that", but when i asked them about it, to my surprise, whatever "it" was was really inexpensive. I realized that other brides are trying to cut the cost just as much as i am. Another way to research is online. I noticed that where i live, things are a little bit pricier when they are limited and are of high demand. But by surfing the web, you are able to find great deals on things such as isle runners, guest favors, and so on.
Magan J.
As a mother of 4 children and planning a wedding on little money, i shop thrift stores for great deals of wedding items. i spent a total of $75 for all my centerpieces and only $1 for all my table placecards!! It pays to look for the bargains!
ocean l.
Get married on a holiday weekend! Most people already have off of work and you can get a great package for alot cheaper, since most people don't like to book on a holiday weekend.
Delores R.
Instead of having a four layer wedding cake, have a top layer to cut and dummy layers underneath and feed your guests from ahidden sheet cake. They are much more cost effective and your guests will never tell the difference!
Kerri H
Instead of sending out the traditional paper invitations, send out an evite to all of your family and friends. This saves SO much money on printing costs, postage, return postage, etc. On, family and friends can rsvp and leave comments for the engaged couple as well!
Jenna U.
Cut down the number of people attending your reception. All you need is your close friends and family to have a good time.
Koren R.
To save on flowers, grow your own or buy them wholesale and ask a crafty friend to arrange them the day before the wedding. For music, photography, cake, set up and many other things ask friends or family with special talents to help you out and offer their services as a gift to you. Hold an h'orderve reception instead of a full blown dinner reception in order to cut costs and to avoid eating the buffet dinner that doesn't even taste that great anyway.
Lydia W.
Keep the wedding planning simple. Have your ceremony outdoors in a garden and use a local restaurant for your receptiton.
Elizabeth B
To save money on decorations and in order to create an amibiance at the wedding, we bought wedding scented candles on Ebay, in bulk, and it saved us sooo much money, and will set the romantic tone for the wedding! We also bought little candle holders for all the candles for less than 60 cents on Ebay, so instead of buying unnecessary and expensive seat covers or ice sculptures, our wedding will be more intimate, even if there are about 200 people coming!
Maria T.
To save tons of money on photography, hire an art student from a local college or art school. You can call the school and speak to the head of the photography department (or other faculty member) and ask them to recommend a trust worthy talented student to hire for your special day. Meet with the student and look at their work plus ask for credentials. You could take this idea in so many different directions. Ask the student to develop and print the pictures also or just ask them for the raw digital files or film and do the printing yourself. Plus, you can hire a film student who can shoot the wedding as well. Do this and you won't get the same old photos that everyone else has in the wedding album!
Jill N.
My fiancee and I found that the best way to reduce the cost of our wedding was to have it at a location far from anyone that was invited. We currently live in Michigan, but are moving to Maryland in about a month, where we plan to have the wedding. This leaves us plenty of time to plan, and also reduces the number of expected guests!
Jessica P.