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Ask! You never know if a fiend of your aunt's bakes wedding cakes or if a college friend does photography. Be creative with your contacts as well . Many art, culinary, and cosmetology students will provide services for a fraction of the cost.
Jessica L
Save BIG BUCKS by having a 50-guest wedding at a beautiful restaurant. Perks: the decor and theme is set. You can get personalized menus (since many print their own,). Many order fresh flowers weekly for the tables, and will let you choose the flower type for that particular week! Free centerpieces!!!
Robin J.
Keep it simple and don't worry about what everyone else thinks.
Amy K.
When choosing bridemaids dresses either go with one color or one style of dress, but let your girls pick their hair, make-up and jewelry. It will let them feel beatiful and they will be happy to go out of their way even more to make your big day special. Don't worry you'll still be the center of attention.
Kayla F
If your gown has a train, consider an alteration to create a bustle. This will give your gown a unique style and keep it from dragging on the floor during the reception.
Alfred Angelo
90-95% of the vendors I have spoken to have agreed to give us a discount because we are booking over a year in advance. So BOOK EARLY, the largest discount we recieved was from the reception hall/caterer who was willing to take $2 off per person.
julie P.
Add photos to your invitations at a minimal cost by using a strip of photos from a photo booth and making duplicates. This can be a fun and cost effective way to get a great picture that reflects your personalities.
Evette R
Don't be afraid to get family involved in helping you plan your wedding because believe it or not, they may have some very helpful ideas on cutting costs. For example, have your wedding at a family members house, have a pot-luck dinner, have a friend take your pictures, and make your own invitations!
Traci S.
Centerpieces for reception tables can all be different. Find beautiful antique glass vases or unique decorative pieces to hold candles or flowers at a an antique store or even a yard sale! Each centerpiece can be gifted to your guests and each one is a reflection of the personality of your relationship!
Jessica M.
Do it yourself programs and favors!! I have saved so much this way and it was a lot of fun!
Leslie C.
You can find nice things for thank-you presents during post-holiday sales!
Chrissy G.
Print your own invitations and reply cards using your computer and supplies from a craft store to save on invitation costs.
Ashley G.
Visit different department stores and ask consultants at the cosmetic counters to try out different looks on you. It is a free way to find the perfect way to do your make-up. Plus, they often give away free samples of great products!
Kylie J.
Money Saving Tip for Flowers: Search for a local flower wholesaler, and ask if they would be willing to sell you the flowers for your wedding. You can hand pick your flowers and have a crafty friend put your centerpieces together. You can find instructions for flower arrangements on wedding websites; print them out, with pictures, and provide to your friends, so they can create the arrangements you want.
Whitney L.
Do-it-Yourself (DIY) invitations. There are tons of kits out there that make beautiful invitations (that look really professional) for a fraction of the cost. Spend a little time in the wedding decorations section at your local craft store and you'll find other cost-saving ideas for DIY stuff as well!
Katherine L.
To save tons of money on photography, hire an art student from a local college or art school. You can call the school and speak to the head of the photography department (or other faculty member) and ask them to recommend a trust worthy talented student to hire for your special day. Meet with the student and look at their work plus ask for credentials. You could take this idea in so many different directions. Ask the student to develop and print the pictures also or just ask them for the raw digital files or film and do the printing yourself. Plus, you can hire a film student who can shoot the wedding as well. Do this and you won't get the same old photos that everyone else has in the wedding album!
Jill N.
Ditch the florist and be creative with center pieces. My centerpieces and crystal trees that I am doing myself and having my venue set up. Each table is going to end up costing only about $40.00. My cousin also did centerpieces that were flagstones on top of each other with one of their pictures framed on top. They came out great.
Danielle V.
I have a small budget for the wedding, so I am making my own dress with my mom. I am using the petals from all the flowers my fiance has given me for the petals to be thrown, and we are making the invitations and the favors. We are also getting a simple three tiered cake at a grocery store and decorating it ourselves.
Jillian D.
The best way to save on your wedding is do your own stationary. I did my own programs, invitations, and escort cards and they came out fabulous.
Elika E.
Take a day for yourself from wedding planning. After you accomplish something big (like getting your dress/flowers/bridesmaids dresses etc) find some time for yourself to relax. Weddings should be fun, not super stressful.
Becky A.