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Do your own flowers (unless you want a really manicured/stylized look) - purchase them from a wholesale flower dealer, or local farmer (even in big cities you probably have a farmers' market). Simple looks are "in" (ie. a bouquet of all one type of flower), and I'm personally going for the "wildflowers from a meadow" look, which lends itself to being home-done.
Belinda M.
I'm doing my own planning. I have cut out a coordinator completely from all the preliminary work and will just be using one for the day of to help with set up and organization. This saves anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars and allows my wedding to reflect the things that i like and are truly important to me and my fiance.
Enid A.
Many places may include some type of centerpiece in the cost. If they do, but you want to spice them up a little, there are many websites where you can buy items in bulk. The more you buy, the more you save. We are going to purchase snowflake votive candles and holders along with bulk glass beads to put around the centerpeices.
Sara L.
My best tip is to keep it simple. We are renting a beautiful little chapel and garden for one hour! We are hoping to get married outdoors but if it should rain a pretty chapel is there. Then we will have a professional photographer for one hour. We are going next door to the restaurant for an afternoon reception with our families, children, and closest friends. We have found a local florist who is very reasonable. I am only getting one bouquet which I will be happy to toss.
Elizabeth B.
Instead of having a lavish reception, we will be having a luncheon in the banquet room of the church. Not only will the venue be less expensive, but so will the food. We also like that this allows us to smoothly transition from ceremony to reception. All that's left to do is creatively imprint our style through the decor!
Elizabeth V.
Instead of having 15 bridesmaids and groomsmen, have a few maids-of-honor and a few best men, and have honorary bridesmaids and groomsmen that sit in reserved seating in the row behind the families. This way, you can tell them your color scheme and they will be responsible for their attire and you can have as many as you'd like! There are no hard feelings and you'll still have everyone that is significant able to be involved!
Krystal S.
If at all possible get married on a Friday! My reception site and all of my vendors have offered huge discounts because it is a less popular day for weddings!
Kendra J.
As a mother of 4 children and planning a wedding on little money, i shop thrift stores for great deals of wedding items. i spent a total of $75 for all my centerpieces and only $1 for all my table placecards!! It pays to look for the bargains!
ocean l.
when shopping for wedding stuff, try the second hand shops first because you may find something unique that you'll never find in a regular store. Always try to barter with them on the price. You never know, you may get it cheaper if you barter.
amber s.
Your wedding may be the one time in your life you get to wear a veil. Consider classic styles in shoulder or cathedral length. If you’re leaning toward something more modern, bejeweled hair clips and combs are a perfect complement.
Alfred Angelo
A "fake" bottom tier of the wedding cake is a less expensive way that will still give you the WOW factor of a larger cake that every bride wants. (The bottom tier is still decorated the same on the outside but the inside is foam.)
Bonnie T.
Everyone is willing to cut their costs if asked. For example, save the date magnets. I called the company and asked if they had any specials and they were willing to give me a substantial discount if I purchased from them. This goes for church rentals, hall rentals and even flowers.
Danyelle H.
Instead of having a reception hall that caters the wedding, have the family cook instead. Therefore, you will cut cost of servers, tips, and it's a money saver.
Hibo Y.
Looking for a dress is like looking for a man. Once you find the dress of your can stop looking.
Jackelyn W.
Instead of booking hotels, resorts, or even reception halls, try looking in your local city websites for their rental facilities. I found an awesome Cultural Arts Center that is GORGEOUS for $50 an hour and $50 deposit! Also, research centerpieces online and shop at wholesale decor stores to create the same expensive things seen on TV shows or in magazines. has great guest favors and even invitations on the cheap. Order their wedding catalog and they send you a whole catalog with invitations and other goodies to let guests know of your big day.
Jeannie A.
The best way to save on a wedding is to make your own bouquets and to get married at a wedding chapel. Also, you could have a small ceremony with your immediate family, and have your family bring a dish for the meal.
Barbara P.
Never go with the first venue you view, there is most likely a better deal out there.
Shelley L.
Schedule your wedding for Friday instead of Saturday. Everything from the caterer to the DJ to the venue will be cheaper.
Rayah M.
Do some brainstorming with family and friends for a non-mainstream venue for the reception. More than likely you will save a good chuck of money.
Carla S.
For decorations we have gone very simple and pretty with hurricane lamps and candles. We have bulk ordered at, from vases to candles, organza circles for wedding favors and pew bows. They offer free shipping to the store so we save on that. I also was able to secure a cheaper payment on the venue because we are having our wedding on a Thursday, since most of out friends and family are intown. We are also doing a "buffet style" Reception so that we save on a sit down dinner as well. I wanted soft lighting so I waited for an after Christmas clearance sale and bought stringed lights that we are hanging up. I love a good bargin and saving is my thing.
Melissa J.