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Try a DIY project such as designing your own invitations and having them printed online for about half the cost as professional invites.
Carla G
My tip is: Network with your friends who already had their wedding to save money. You can save yourself a lot of time and phone calls by tapping into the research they already did!
Jennie G.
Designate a person or persons on your wedding day to take all the questions whether it be from family or guest. On this day especially both the bride and the groom need to stay happy and worry free.
Sreya P
Make sure you include your fiance in the planning process so the wedding is a reflection of you both. Also remember that most guys don't care about every little detail. Narrow down your selections, show him a few photos and then ask for his help. If you put him on overload, he won't want to be involved at all!
Megan Q.
The best way to save is to think local. If each vendor has a charge to travel then that will really add up! So book vendors that are in the area or at least do not have a travel charge! Best of luck!
Kara D.
Check with venue for the least expensive day and then work with your other vendors to see if they offer discounts for that day. We saved over $2000 this way.
Mona J.
Do not sweat the small stuff. Enjoy your beautiful and special day. Cherish it forever... If things do not go "perfectly," who cares. This is the happiest day of your life!
Samantha B.
There are so many cost saving tips that I am using for my wedding it is hard to pick just one! I would have to say that my biggest cost saving tip is in two parts. One, I chose to have an appetizer reception starting at 7:30pm to allow guests to have the option to get dinner or something light before the reception started. Appetizer receptions can still be expensinve if you are hiring a caterer, look on the internet and ask around friends. During these economic times, there are some fine dining chefs who will do catering work on the side to supplement their income, and at a significant discount. On a popular online classified site I was able to find a chef available for our wedding date, explained to him that my budget for the wedding was only $3,500 and how much I wanted my day to be special. He then was able to offer to buy the food at his restaurant cost (including large sheet cakes to cut in the back at 4 of them for $25!) My contract total is currently $800 for 8 differe
KaCee B.
To make sweet, personalized party favors for your guests, make a CD of you and your groom's favorite songs and some that will be played at the wedding and burn copies for your guests! They will love listening to them and it's something that can be used again and again!
Victoria B.
Networking is key. Look into classmates (if in college) that work for caterers, photography majors, etc. Getting your information and contacts from someone who has just recently had a wedding and still has fresh info is probably the best and less stressful . Start bargining - exchange goods for things you can do, you scratch my back I scratch yours!
Jahzeel S.
Do It Yourself! Don't be afraid to try new things. Not only does it make your wedding more unique and meaningful, but it definitely cuts costs in multiple categories. Flowers, invitations, decorations, favors etc. It can serve as a stress relief as well to take your mind off the big picture and concentrate on one little one.
Jessica R.
When planning, remember that budgeting in the initial stages will save you from paying for your wedding years later. Then, if you decide that there are certain aspects of your big day that you simply can't live without, you can allocate the funds needed to exhaust your "must haves" and go simple for the things that mean little to you.
Tessa C.
Learn which things you can spend less on and the things that you need to spend more on! A photographer is something not to skimp on. Those pictures will be the only tihng left after everything is all said and done. The cake is something you can skimp on. Going to a cullinary school for cakes, or even reception food will save you at leat a third of what you would have originally spent going to a caterer.
Lauren J.
First things first, set your budget and stick to it! Be sure to take the time to sit down and estimate all your expected expenses and figure out what's more important to the both of you and try to cut back on those things that are less important. Good Luck!
Susan B.
When it comes to your cake & a large guest count. Purchase a small cake (3 tier) for display & photos, then purchase a sheet for the caterer to cut in the back. It's definitely cheaper than purchasing an extravagant 5-6 tier cake.
Jennifer V.
Here are a couple tips that have saved me a few dollars! 1. Have two receptions. If you have a large guest list and are looking for a cute way to cut the guest list for your reception, consider having a cake & punch reception for friends, and then a formal reception for your family and more important guests. You can enter the cake & punch reception, take a few pictures with your guests, have a toast, and then leave for your formal reception. This way, your guests who are not invited to the formal reception do not feel slighted, and you've saved a TON of money by being able to shorten your formal reception guest list. At the cake & punch reception, opt for cute cupcakes instead of a formal cake and have colorful punch to match your wedding colors, and provide small boxes with thank you tags on them, which do double-duty as take home boxes for the cupcakes and your inexpensive wedding favors! And if you're really on a budget, you and your bridesmaids can make the cupcakes.
Tiffany D.
When it comes to invitations, they can get very costly. For my wedding, I am making my own at a fraction of the price. I am inviting over 300 people and if I ordered my invitations, it would cost over $300. However, making mine will cost me just shy of $150! What a deal! Making your own invitations can seem overwhelming and at times it can be, however you definitely get the satisfaction of knowing this is something beautiful you created! It's wonderful!
Leah J.
Have your wedding on another day aside from Friday and Saturday...this will save you big. If you send out the "save a dates" with anticipation, your guest should not have difficulties making arrangements to attend your wedding regardless of the day you have it on.
Jessica T.
Make sure to have a bustle added to your gown for the reception and dance
Emily N.
Going to bridal expos saved lots of money. By entering in sweepstakes & prizes I was able to receive $100 off DJ, $1000 off photography, and $350 off flowers. Expos are overwhelming but worth it!
Wendy F.