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Flowers take up a lot of the funds for a wedding. Try using an inexpensive centerpiece (ex: pebbles in a short vase) and accent with a single flower over water. Cutting cost yet maintaining atmosphere is key to an inexpensive wedding.
Brooke T.
Don't be scared of trying something unique. Some brides choose to highlight their Maid of Honor in a special complementary color while other brides will do a color run of the same gown. Whatever you do, make sure the colors you have chosen work together.
Alfred Angelo
Always try on your dream dress, but also try on styles you normally would not. You never know what will strike you and fully enhance the beauty that you are.
Alfred Angelo
DIY, DIY,DIY... Why pay for menu cards, petal cones, pomander balls, monograms, labels, etc?, when you can do it yourself. There are many templates and blogs with templates that are very easy (even I can do them) to achieve. THis way you can save money and add the personal touch yourself. You can even call your girls to help, pop some popcorn and have a Girls DIY Bash!
brandy b.
Making your own favors with baby food jars can be easy and they can be turned into candles, water globes and flower pot.
Crystal S.
Pick a DIY reception venue that you can bring in outside caterers or your own food. The venue that I chose even has it's own kitchen. This way we can make some of our own food and have the rest catered. Doing all of this helps us to save loads of money because we do not have to worry about service fees or tip. Also, I've noticed that my family members and friends are really excited to help set up the reception area. Everyone likes to feel involved and this is a great way to do it!
Nicolette D.
Your big day is all about you and your fiance. Keep it that way by incorporating something you two do together as your reception 'theme'. This can be a DIY that can save you money and be fun at the same time! Ex: My fiance and I love curling up on the couch with a glass of wine, so we are having a 'wine' theme. By saving all of our wine bottles (and asking family & friends to do the same), we are creating centerpieces that reflect us as a couple without the cost of renting or buying! We are saving the corks to use as escort card holders as well! Good luck! :0)
Heather M.
Make the wedding simple. Don't stress over having everything perfect. Look around and find what you want at bargain prces. No one will ever know you didn't spend a fortune on your wedding. Have family members help with little parts like decorations for church or reception. Have someone get cake for you. You will be suprised how many family members actually want to help you with your big day. Don't be afraid to ask.
Jessica C.
Instead of a guest sign in book I am have two of my friends at a table taking polorads of guest and having them write a note on it with there picture. This way I have a note and a picture of all my guest to remember, and to make a memory book later.
jennifer r.
Have an outdoor wedding, you will save a ton of money on flowers/decor.
Jessica L.
Shop on Ebay for package deals of plates knives, forks, spoons and favors.
Jaylee K.
Learn which things you can spend less on and the things that you need to spend more on! A photographer is something not to skimp on. Those pictures will be the only tihng left after everything is all said and done. The cake is something you can skimp on. Going to a cullinary school for cakes, or even reception food will save you at leat a third of what you would have originally spent going to a caterer.
Lauren J.
Instead of ordering an expensive bridal bouquet, have your guests each bring a single flower, have a friend collect them and arrange your bouquet then give to you just prior to the wedding. You can have bouquets at no charge, and the guests enjoy it because they helped. Any extras can be used for table/entrance arrangments.
Miko M
Consider having your wedding on a day other than Saturday. We are having a Friday wedding and saving tons on reception costs. Our friends in the wedding are also excited to take a day off of work and still have the whole weekend when the wedding is over!
Alicia A.
Make your own invitations and bridal favors. They are so easy these days with all the craft shops and internet resources. Or ask a crafty friend to make them instead of giving a wedding gift.
Janice L.
The BEST way to cut some wedding costs for the bride on a budget is to search for DIY projects and get the most information you can for free online instead of paying big money for a wedding planner. Make your own invitations, learn how to design your own wedding cake and make it more special with your very own style and details. Not only will you remember every detail of the wedding better, but everyone will see your style shine.
Jesenia R.
If you have people (family, friends, etc.) who can help you out by making things such as your wedding cake, take them up on it!
Heather H.
I have started over a year of planning before the wedding and am getting things here and there. Its much better than cramming it in to a few months. I have also been doing alot of Ebay shopping for certain things. I have been making my own invitations as well. It takes time but I have gathered the MOH and MOG together and the 3 of us have flown through them.
Kayleigh M.
Send save the date or invitations with instructions to RSVP on your wedding website! There are a ton of free wedding website servers and this will save money but also eco-friendly by saving on paper too!
Melakeh K.
Do-it-yourself projects. Like invitations, keepsakes, programs, etc.
Keata M.