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90-95% of the vendors I have spoken to have agreed to give us a discount because we are booking over a year in advance. So BOOK EARLY, the largest discount we recieved was from the reception hall/caterer who was willing to take $2 off per person.
julie P.
My cost cutting ideas for my wedding are to use as many organic and natural things or lets say being as green as possible. Being green by using bright colored fruits for name card holders and trying recycled paper for names and table numbers is one idea. Most earth friendly choices are just as cheap so why not try going green!
Alicia L.
It's YOUR wedding so incorporate traditions and customs you like, not how everyone else does them!
Erika W
Instead of having your wedding on a Saturday like usual, have your wedding on a Friday night or Sunday morning. Most of the time, the cost of renting a venue on one of these days is just about half the price or even cheaper than renting it for a Saturday night. Also, breakfast food for a Sunday brunch is much cheaper than a full dinner so you can really treat your guests to a huge assortment! If you do it on a Friday night, it gives you the option to be with your out of town guests for the weekend and set up something fun for everyone to do together on Saturday or Sunday.
Jessica L.
Bundle services. Try to find a church that is able to provide most services at a discounted price.
Corinna J.
FInd people that you know who can use their talents on your Big Day. After some thought, a lot of my friends and family can help out with the big stuff. For example, my aunt makes and decorates cakes for a hobby, a friend went to school for photography, a friend of the family does flower arrangements, a friend's grandmother does alterations. The list continues. It pays to have connections!
Kristina D.
Providing your own tableware can save a bunch! The caterer came in at over $800 for this part alone! We went to our local rental place and fine china is only .30 each to rent. You can also get a deal if you rent more that one item, i.e. linnens, plates, silverware, water and wine glasses. Keep the class and the cash!
Bryanna T.
Make sure the person you pick as your maid of honor will be there for you during the planning of your wedding and is going to support you through all of it.
Emily B.
Instead of sending out the traditional paper invitations, send out an evite to all of your family and friends. This saves SO much money on printing costs, postage, return postage, etc. On, family and friends can rsvp and leave comments for the engaged couple as well!
Jenna U.
Start planning as early as possible. so you are not overwhelmed. Do research to see what you like, then shop around for the bargains. Do whatever you can yourself. like your invitations, create your own centerpieces, etc. You will find that a lot of vendors or venues will work with you.
Gina G.
Make sure you write down all details. Don't try to remember everything-you will leave something out.
Carolyn R.
When looking for your perfect wedding dress it is best to at least choose 4 different styles before heading off to try on that one, because different styles may not look the way you thought they would on you.
Getine Q.
If you want to save $$$ on your wedding look into getting married at a garden! This will cut down on the cost of decor. Plus, give a good place to get your pic's done!!!
Miranda D.
If you want an evening wedding, consider having it after the dinner hour so you can have a dessert reception, which would cost less.
Molly B
Your wedding is a celebration! Don't get caught up in the little things of the day; enjoy every moment!
Courtney H.
To save on a DJ, create your own playlist of songs on your IPod or computer and rent a sound system. If you want music suggestions, put a place on your RSVP cards for guests to list songs. This way you can be certain everyone will enjoy the song selection.
Amanda P.
When you plan a wedding make sure you are open to different ideas that people have. Sometimes you might agree with the idea that they give you and sometimes you will totally agree with what they say! Now go plan your dream wedding!
Amanda N.
You could cut costs by asking a photography major from a local college or university to take the photos at a lesser cost.
Catherine O.
Your bridesmaids are called "maids" for a reason! Delegate some jobs and tasks to them, it will clear up your schedule and your head. Especially if they have unique talents like being crafty or like to cook.
Molly W.
To save money on decorations and in order to create an amibiance at the wedding, we bought wedding scented candles on Ebay, in bulk, and it saved us sooo much money, and will set the romantic tone for the wedding! We also bought little candle holders for all the candles for less than 60 cents on Ebay, so instead of buying unnecessary and expensive seat covers or ice sculptures, our wedding will be more intimate, even if there are about 200 people coming!
Maria T.