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Consider getting married during the week. Many churches and especially reception sites have a much cheaper renting price when it is not on the weekend or holiday. If you pick any day between Monday-Thursday most times sites are a good $1000 dollars cheaper because most people don't think about having their wedding during the week. Also consider having it at a church that you are a member of because you can usually have both the wedding and reception for free. And that saves a lot of money for other important aspects that usually get skimped on due to lack of funds.
Katherine W.
Find out what unique talents your friends and family have. I am using family for everything and saving thousands of dollars.
Monique C.
Any element you want can be achieved if you research, research, research!!! Be sure to keep track of all websites you find amazing deals on.
Nakesha C.
Your wedding is a celebration! Don't get caught up in the little things of the day; enjoy every moment!
Courtney H.
Don't let others make your decisions for you. Make sure your day is everything you envisioned it to be and more.
Tracey R.
One BIG tip I can offer anyone is take the time to do research. There are so many smaller vendors that would love a chance to showcase their talents that could probably do just as good of a job for a lot cheaper.
Ask your family for help with as much as possible - the decorating, cooking, making your cake, bartending, etc....
Jessica B.
Have your wedding in a park. It's so beautiful in the summer and with all the flowers, there is not much to decorate for the ceremony!
Jessica E.
There are so many cost saving tips that I am using for my wedding it is hard to pick just one! I would have to say that my biggest cost saving tip is in two parts. One, I chose to have an appetizer reception starting at 7:30pm to allow guests to have the option to get dinner or something light before the reception started. Appetizer receptions can still be expensinve if you are hiring a caterer, look on the internet and ask around friends. During these economic times, there are some fine dining chefs who will do catering work on the side to supplement their income, and at a significant discount. On a popular online classified site I was able to find a chef available for our wedding date, explained to him that my budget for the wedding was only $3,500 and how much I wanted my day to be special. He then was able to offer to buy the food at his restaurant cost (including large sheet cakes to cut in the back at 4 of them for $25!) My contract total is currently $800 for 8 differe
KaCee B.
We are going to borrow some of the components of the centerpieces (candle holders, etc.) from people who have already purchased these items for their own wedding. We are also planning a brunch instead of a dinner reception. It will cut food and beverage costs and also be more representative of our relationship. I recently was laid off from my job, so we are also having a longer engagement than we originally planned to give us additional time to save money for our wedding.
Dabney R.
Pick out the two or three things that you'll remember most about your wedding to focus spending on. Cut costs as much as possible on everything else. For me: location, cake, & photos.
Kate M.
Use freecycle to find free items for your wedding. Freecycle is kind of like recycling. People join a local freecycle group and post things they are giving away. I have found vases, mason jars and candles for our wedding and it cost me $0!!!
Carla S.
Invite only those family and friends that you love, not the people that you just hope will send expensive gifts. Your big day will be even more full of love, and because your guest list has been cut down, you will spend less money on invitations and at the reception.
Katie L.
Enlist friends and family with special talents to help with your wedding. My father did the flowers and my mother did the cake for my brother's wedding and they both came out beautiful!
Jessica S.
Instead of hiring a DJ or band, opt for a free option: your i-Pod. When sending out invitations, have a line for invitees to list their favorite love and dance songs and compile the ultimate playlist. At the reception, you can either keep the i-Pod on shuffle or have an energetic friend/family member act as an impromptu DJ.
Christine C.
Don't have the cash but want Save-the-Dates? Design them yourself in Publisher or Quark. Want magnets, buy DIY ones at office supply stores and stick'em on.
Ashley N.
Cut down on the cost of décor by having your wedding in a garden. It will also make a great place to have your photographs done.
Miranda D
Only incorporate traditions and customs you like, don't do things a certain way just because that's how everyone else does them. This is YOUR wedding!
Erika W.
I pre printed thank you cards to hand out at the wedding to all guests, with the price of stamps going up this will save some money. And saved extra cards to mail to people that could not attend, but sent something.
Theresa M.
Check out websites such as Craig's List for vendors. Oftentimes, you will find companies just starting out who will offer amazing deals.
Sara T.