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I will say the best way to save is to cut your guest list because the less people you have, the less money you will spend on food.
lashala d.
Find a venue that is willing to take on some of your extra cost, such as: your cake purchase, hotel room for the honeymoon night, decorations, catering, all for a set price instead of individual prices. We have spoken with the Embassy Suites who has a wonderful package that includes all of these things and will also host the wedding for a flat fee per guest!!! It cut a lot of small cost like the cake cutting fee, renting linens, the cake and they even gave us an awesome deal on rooms for out of town guest.
LouKisha M.
To save money on Save the Dates I am being creative. I am getting married at a vineyard and I am using some of their leftover wine labels for my save the dates. I will just print the info on the back of the labels and mail them out saving me lots of money! They were given to me for free.
Sandra L.
In this day and age, many of us already have household goods. Instead of doing registries everywhere, let family and friends know what you need for the wedding and ask them to group together to pitch in for things like the cake, flowers, DJ, photography, hair & makeup artist.
Liza M.
Spice up your tables at the reception by using a chair cover sash as a table runner. Top runner and table with different sized candles (you can get loads from the dollar store) and confetti cut out of contrasting colored cardstock (I used a flower stamp for mine!!) A simple yet elegant table for under $15 a piece!
Brooke M.
Look for wholesale flowers. They can be found much cheaper. Another fun thing is to get your bridesmaids together and help put the bouquets together as a party!!
Julia R.
Having a morning or early afternoon wedding, even on a Saturday, will help save on the cost of food, alcohol and possibly even reception hall rental rates. And that way the guests can still make plans for that evening and the rest of the weekend.
Mary Susan G.
One thing I have learned from cutting back cost in today's economy for a wedding is that free is better. Go to bridal shows and try to win many of the things that vendors are giving away for free (i.e. Photography, cake, dj, etc.) these things can really help you when pricing items. Another thing is to get your fiance to go with you so that you have double chances for winning the prize. One other thing that I have figured out is that venues for weddings are cheaper on Sundays, so if you are not set on a date it would be the cheaper cost.
Brittany P.
If you are like me and have your heart set on one type of flower that is more expensive, see and recognize the beauty of one single stemmed flower to match your bouquet of that flower for your bridesmaids. Not only cutting costs and allowing you to have the flower arrangement of your dreams but it also is very elegant to have a single rose or orchid in the hands of your bridesmaids with a flowing ribbon.
Mariel W.
Choose flowers that are in bloom close to your wedding date. These flowers will be easier to find and cheaper.
Kady M.
Guests generally don't remember what they ate that night, besides the cake. They just remember that they did eat. So don't feel like you have to do a formal gourmet food spread! Go more economical and fun with your food selections, and cut out a HUGE portion of your expenses!
Jennifer L.
Have a morning wedding. While your day will start very early, you'll have the rest of the day to celebrate with your new spouse! Plus, morning weddings don't call for the financial pressures of an open bar or sit-down dinner!
Amanda H.
The best way to save is to be very realistic with your budget and to do your best to not go over what you really can afford. Planning in advance is very helpful to set specific goals along the way. Set aside a certain funds per month/week that will go directly into the cost of your wedding. Realize that a wedding is made to last, so that means not just preparing for the moment, but for all of your days in this life. * Most important tip, you can never have enough prayer because HE will always make a way.
Yvonne O.
Allow your bridesmaids to choose their own hairstyles instead of forcing them to match. They will feel more comfortable throughout the day, and thank you for it later!
Robyn H.
Use a different centerpiece for each table. A lot of brides feel that all of their centerpieces have to be the same, which can become costly. But if you are willing to be unique and use different centerpieces for each table, you can be creative and save money at the same time!
One BIG tip I can offer anyone is take the time to do research. There are so many smaller vendors that would love a chance to showcase their talents that could probably do just as good of a job for a lot cheaper.
For our wedding and reception we are having ours in my folks backyard. We have borowed decor from friends, and they've all decided to pitch in with our picnic style lunch. And to top it all, a friends voluntered to do the photos and put them on DVD for free. Think close to home and see how much money you can save.
Andrea D.
Your bridesmaids don't all have to have the same exact color. You could have a rainbow wedding!
Denise D.
Take a moment or two several times during your very special day to take a few "mental pictures" so that you can remember some of the special moments of the day. So many people say that their wedding was just a big blur of activity. This simple "Here's Me Now" conscience mental photo lets you keep that memory alive for many years to come.
Shirley I.
We are on a very small budget and I couldn't afford to pay all of these high prices so I posted ads on craigslist and let people contact me..On my ad I put how much I could afford but it was ridiculously low and I still found vendors for everything!!!!
Kim W.