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D.I.Y Do It Yourself is always the name of the game when thinking about cutting cost. Take putting decorations together for example. If you do it yourself you can buy in bulk from places like B.J.'s or Buying in bulk always saves money. Get out the glue guns, tulle, and candy coated almonds. Fun, Friends, and Favors.
Jasmaine P.
Ask your employer for help. And with that, ask any friends or family for help if they work in applicable fields. For example, I work for a printing company. I asked if they would be willing to help me out by printing my invitations - and they are happily doing it. On top of that, one of my bridesmaids is a graphic designer, so she is designing them! Talk about custom invites!
Kim G.
Research is the key to keep your wedding on budget. Do not buy anything the first time around, look, and use internet. Since our wedding is during the holiday season, last Christmas we waited for after Christmas sales to buy a lot of our decorations at 75% to 90% off!!!!
Alma P.
Always try to do it your self!!! Favors and decorations are the your best bets for DIY.
Alyssa L.
Reuse it! Your friends and family have had weddings before - reuse as much of the decorations, containers and accessories as you can. Combine these items in new in creative ways to personalize your day. Add a ribbon, or change the flowers to freshen the look. The impact on your wallet AND the environment could be significant!
Renden M.
The biggest tip I can give is to ENJOY yourself. Slow down and take a moment to really realize what is really going on. Wedding planning tends to take over and make us crazy and stressed out. Take a moment every once in awhile to reflect on how you got to this point and how fun it truly is. Its your big day and it will be beautiful but enjoy the journey as well!
Noelani G.
Create your own centerpieces for the reception and or ceremony. Plan ahead and stop by craft stores for after holiday sales, like Valentines Day (if your color scheme is red) to scoop up vases or containers for really cheap. Then add your own flowers or whatever you want.
Hannah K.
Take a deep breath and calm down, everything will work out as it should.
Kristel O.
Carry a stick of white chalk with you on the day of the ceremony to cover any spots that may get on your gown.
Alfred Angelo
Enlist friends and family with special talents to help with your wedding. My father did the flowers and my mother did the cake for my brother's wedding and they both came out beautiful!
Jessica S.
When trying on dresses, make sure that all your Bridesmaids go together. Then you can get the full visual effect of how things will look on your wedding day. If all the girls do not know each other, it makes a great introduction as a group and breaks the ice for future planning. Also, make sure someone takes pictures with their digital camera so that you have something to refer back to when making a decision. After all, the camera never lies.
Lee M.
Make sure you have some one helping you get ready for the wedding that is not in the bridal party, just in case they need to run out real quick to get something.
Jennifer T.
Instead of favors, make a donation to a favorite charity. Charitable organizations are in the economy too, so why not donate in honor of your wedding guests!
Deanna T.
Instead of having an open bar, buy the alcohol that you want and what ever you don't open, you can take back to the store. Have your wedding on a Friday - you save thousands on the hall.
Melissa I.
Be sure to check out the local message boards on wedding planning websites such as, because brides in your town/city usually post vendor reviews, diy tips, and tons of other advice on the boards to help other brides successfully plan and orchestrate their wedding day. It is an invaluable resource to have the opportunity to message other brides, even meet up with them to do planning sessions, bounce ideas off of each other, or just hang out and enjoy the company of other radiant women excited about their wedding day!
Rebekah F.
There are so many cost saving tips that I am using for my wedding it is hard to pick just one! I would have to say that my biggest cost saving tip is in two parts. One, I chose to have an appetizer reception starting at 7:30pm to allow guests to have the option to get dinner or something light before the reception started. Appetizer receptions can still be expensinve if you are hiring a caterer, look on the internet and ask around friends. During these economic times, there are some fine dining chefs who will do catering work on the side to supplement their income, and at a significant discount. On a popular online classified site I was able to find a chef available for our wedding date, explained to him that my budget for the wedding was only $3,500 and how much I wanted my day to be special. He then was able to offer to buy the food at his restaurant cost (including large sheet cakes to cut in the back at 4 of them for $25!) My contract total is currently $800 for 8 differe
KaCee B.
When choosing bridesmaid dress either go with one color or one style of dress, but let your girls pick their hair, make-up ir jewelry. It will let them feel beatiful and they will be happy to go out of their way even more to make your big day special. Don't worry you'll still be the center of attention.
Kayla F.
Always make sure there is a towel around when taking the bride and bridesmaids flowers out of the water. Also, If you don't want to throw your own bouquet, have your florist make a throw bouquet out of carnations. They are cheaper and stay together well when thrown.
Jennifer L.
I am doing all the invitations and paper products myself. IIt can save you money by not having them made by a printing company!
Elizabeth B.
Consider having just one flower for your bridal bouquet--it could be a simple, romantic statement (a red rose, or your favorite flower). If you want an evening wedding, consider having it after the dinner hour so you can have a dessert reception, which would cost less. Rent a PA and speakers (or borrow from a friend), and connect a laptop that has playlists for your wedding. Then, all you need is a friend willing to MC and you've got a low-cost DJ. If you want professional photos but need to save money, think of having a talented friend or family member do either the reception or ceremony, and hire a professional photographer for only a few hours.
Molly B.