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To save on the cost of flowers, use a reception hall or hotel that decorates for each season. This will save you on the cost of flowers. Depending on what you want, the seasonal decorations will usually work.
Bridgette R.
Once you pick a local vendor (e.g. a decorator), you'll find that most of the vendors know each other and will offer special deals if you choose other local vendors that they are used to working with (e.g.- the decorator suggests a caterer). You'll be saving money in no time!
Jaime G.
People tend to spend a lot of money on extras like decorations and flowers. Couples need to realize that they along with family and friends are the beauty of the wedding and a few key simple additions like a few simple flowers in an elegant vase and candlelight is all you need to bring sparkle to a venue.
gretchen g.
Almost everyone knows someone with a flower garden. Check out using their flowers for your arrangements. Most people would consider it a honor for you to ask if you could use them.
Angela B.
Order your Wedding gown at the closest length (factoring in the height of your shoes) possible. Some styles will require an extra fee and some don't. But in any case, it's worth it, as it'll save money in alterations as well as look as best as it should being done by the manufacturer!
Virginia N.
To offset the cost of a wedding, ask your family and friends who have their own business to sponsor a portion of the wedding, and in return, you can advertise their business on the the back of your wedding program. (For example: I asked a friend who is a wedding coordinator to allow me to use her services and vendors in exchange for advertisement, she agreed and so far, we've saved over $2500. We have another friend who is a professional photographer who gave us our engagement photos as a gift. My brother--a professional DJ--is doing the reception as a gift, and my friend is making all the jewelry for my bridesmaids at no cost to me. What's great about all of this is that in the long run everyone wins. The bride and groom save money and your friends and family get more business.
Christina S.
Let your fiance be in charge of securing a wedding and reception places, and other things you know he can do. This will take some of the stress off of you, and makes him feel like it is his wedding too!
Krys P.
Color is still the best way to express style. Stick to one, two or three hues and carry them throughout your whole wedding story.
Alfred Angelo
Remember that it is you and your fiance's day. Make decisions that you two want even if some family members are not thrilled about it. If they love you enough, they will honor your wishes and go with the flow!
Daphney J.
Make your own scrapbook of photos rather than buy the full photo album the photographer offers. Most will allow you to purchase the CD to have access to the photos and include some of your own.
Nancy S.
Instead of renting costly limousines rent town cars which are classy and less expensive, or ask a friend with a nice convertible for a dramatic entrance.
Chandra M.
Don't just save money, go green & re-use items. The cost of decorations can be shared if you use things from your bridal shower over again..think the same color scheme! Also things like cake toppers, knife sets, or toasting glasses can be passed down or shared from a special friend or family member. Not only do you cut costs, you make someone feel special!
Amy J.
If you are planning an outdoor wedding, instead of candles use lanterns. These can be used in almost any area whether hanging or on tables and provide more light than a typical candle. They are unique decorative features and can be used again.
Kristen H.
Involve your bridesmaids early and let them be a part of the planning; however, you must be understanding of their individual availability and time commitment. Involving them makes them feel a big part of the wedding.
Peti J.
Remember that it is both you and your fiance's day. Make decisions that you both want even if some family members are not thrilled about it. If they love you enough, they will honor your wishes and go with the flow!
Daphney J
My favorite cost-cutting tip would definitely have to be to do your own invites. If you really think about it- in the past how many wedding invitations have you actually kept? I have asked many people regarding this and 99% of them just tossed them out after the wedding. The 1% that did keep them was because it was for an immediate family member and it was as a momento from the wedding. So I say DIY your own invites! You would be surprised all the information, templates and tons of fonts to customize your own invitations.
Nicole I.
Skip the cake. Few people will notice. Go for the ultra-trendy cupcake with the couple's initials on top. That's plenty for a single serving, and you will have cash left over instead of frozen cake leftovers.
Jennifer S.
Think outside the box on your rehearsal dinner. We chartered a yacht for a sunset cruise and are bringing a few bottles of wine and some hoagies aboard. The cost was much cheaper than having dinner at a restaurant.
Shauna A.
A great and inexpensive idea for wedding favors...make your own soap. Buy some melt & pour soap, pick a mold and add whatever dye and coloring you want. So simple, about $40 can make soap favors for up to 100 people! (depending on the size)
Toran M.
Research is the key to keep your wedding on budget. Do not buy anything the first time around, look, and use internet. Since our wedding is during the holiday season, last Christmas we waited for after Christmas sales to buy a lot of our decorations at 75% to 90% off!!!!
Alma P.