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I found someone that could do the flowers I wanted in silks for a lot less money than real. They look the same and you don't have to have someone preserve them for you.
Karie R.
The best way to save on my wedding, more than I am already trying, is to WIN something! The best cost-cutting tip that I have taken advantage of is having a daytime wedding. I tried to cut costs by purchasing my dress online but that did not work out because I do not like it at all! I keep submitting these prize entry forms... something's gotta give!!
Amanda G.
Create your own stationary and save BIG. I was able to design my own invitations in PhotoShop and took them to my local "mom and pop shop" printer. For $200 I was able to print my invitations, directions, response cards, programs as well as envelopes, table cards and Thank you cards!
Sarah W.
Find friends and family who are in the wedding industry to make your cake and do your photography. Get friends together to make favors and decorate your reception and ceremony venues. Get as much help from family and friends as possible.
Jacquelyn P.
As a mother of 4 children and planning a wedding on little money, i shop thrift stores for great deals of wedding items. i spent a total of $75 for all my centerpieces and only $1 for all my table placecards!! It pays to look for the bargains!
ocean l.
Tip #1: If you are having round tables at the reception, write each guest's name on a post-it note and place them around paper plates. This is a simple way to design your seating chart, allowing you to make as many changes as necessary. Tip #2: Find out if there is a wedding scheduled the day/night before yours, and what the bride's color scheme is. If the colors are similar, ask her if she would be willing to share centerpieces and split the cost.
Meghan H.
Set your budget and stick to it. Decide what is most important so you know the areas you might splurge. Then, cut something that is not that important to keep your cost down.
Christen T.
For beautiful flower centerpieces, go to your local nursery and buy potted flowers overflowing with blooms. The centerpiece will cost $25 or less and guests can take them home afterwards!
Myfanwy C.
Book all inclusive sites in the off seasons December - March. The prices are about $2000 less and you dont have to take care of anything but the extras!
Michele C.
We gave our family 2 full years to prepare financially for our destination wedding in the Carribean. This gives them time to save, get passports, etc., while I keep an eye on all travel deals. With this much planning time, we will be able to find great travel discounts and good group rates.
Sasha H.
My fiancee and I wanted to have personalized gifts for everyone at our wedding. We wanted more than just a box of overpriced chocolates with our names on it. We decided on making a personalized CD with songs that are special to us. Songs that represent us as individuals and as a new couple. We even recorded on our voice on the CD to make it that much more personal! With a picture of us on the cover, we know this will be a hit. The best tip of all his how simple and inexpensive it is to make 200 personalized gifts yourself!
Jaclyn M.
Having a morning or early afternoon wedding, even on a Saturday, will help save on the cost of food, alcohol and possibly even reception hall rental rates. And that way the guests can still make plans for that evening and the rest of the weekend.
Mary Susan G.
Use freecycle to find free items for your wedding. Freecycle is kind of like recycling. People join a local freecycle group and post things they are giving away. I have found vases, mason jars and candles for our wedding and it cost me $0!!!
Carla S.
I found all my reception decorations and flowers online at Craigslist. I saved 75% of the cost buying previously used.
Terri W.
Try finding a non traditional location for your wedding reception like a public park, backyard, or local YMCA to allow yourself more freedom in planning while you cut back on your costs.
Kathleen P
Use Curly Willow Branches and arrange yourself for centerpieces and ceremony decorations. Spray paint them white, silver, or whatever color you like. This opposed to flower arrangements saves a bundle but still looks elegant and high-end.
Leah G.
Instead of having a huge wedding cake to pay for, just have the first level of cake to cut and the rest of the tiers be made out of cardboard and decorated like the rest of the cake. When they take the cake back to cut, they'll use regular and less expensive sheet cake!
Kristin B.
Shop on Ebay for package deals of plates knives, forks, spoons and favors.
Jaylee K.
As a young, poor bride I want a cheap, fun reception. For decorations in the hall I'm using balloons that go with my color scheme and serving pink lemonade and iced tea instead of liquior.
Hannah M.
Save money on your cake! If it has to be grand, have the bases made of cardboard vs batter. With frosting on it no one can tell which slice they'll be eating. It will be beautiful!
Lauren S.