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Create your own custom save the dates. For my fall wedding, i went to a craft store, purchased fall leaf scrapbook paper and then cut it into large rectangles (i measured them to fit in the envelopes i bought first). On my computer, I created the save the date info and a miniature calendar (on the date of our wedding I put a heart with our initials inside of it!). I then glued those onto the leaf paper and attached a magnet onto the back. On the envelopes, i put some fall leaf stickers and they turned out beautiful! i have received a ton of compliments and i saved a ton of $!
Tracy H.
Color is still the best way to express style. Stick to one, two or three hues and carry them throughout your whole wedding story.
Alfred Angelo
Your big day is all about you and your fiance. Keep it that way by incorporating something you two do together as your reception 'theme'. This can be a DIY that can save you money and be fun at the same time! Ex: My fiance and I love curling up on the couch with a glass of wine, so we are having a 'wine' theme. By saving all of our wine bottles (and asking family & friends to do the same), we are creating centerpieces that reflect us as a couple without the cost of renting or buying! We are saving the corks to use as escort card holders as well! Good luck! :0)
Heather M.
Bundle services. Try to find a church that is able to provide most services at a discounted price.
Corinna J.
Always try to do it your self!!! Favors and decorations are the your best bets for DIY.
Alyssa L.
Don't forget who you are as a couple, and allow your man to be himself on his wedding day. For me this meant having a Romantic Country wedding at my sister's ranch. So my laid back man gets to wear jeans, and a nice blazer. That way he can feel like himself and it will save us money on tux rental!
carolyn h.
Instead of ordering Save the Date Cards, create a letter about you and your fiance's journey to how you got to where you are and some future plans, print it out on decorative paper. Even with envelopes, printing and paper you still save couple hundred dollars and it's fun and unique!
Lexie G.
The fabric of your gown needs to be one of the factors in making it ‘the one’. Lightweight fabrics like chiffon are the best choice for warm-weather weddings. If your nuptials will be in wintery-weather consider heavier fabrics.
Alfred Angelo
After being a bridesmaid for many friends, I've learned to always have an emergency kit. The kit is filled with things such as: hair pins, white chalk (in case something gets on the brides dress), makeup remover, mints, super glue, extra stockings, flip flops, lip gloss, etc.
Kelly O.
I have started over a year of planning before the wedding and am getting things here and there. Its much better than cramming it in to a few months. I have also been doing alot of Ebay shopping for certain things. I have been making my own invitations as well. It takes time but I have gathered the MOH and MOG together and the 3 of us have flown through them.
Kayleigh M.
If you have the patience, I would recommend putting together your own favors. Store bought ones are nice, but it's so much more special if you make them yourself. Like a CD of your wedding song personalized with your and your fiance (husband's) name on the front or just your initials. Little gifts like that are the kind that your family will treasure. You don't want to give them gifts that they will just toss away.
Jessica O.
If you want an evening wedding, consider having it after the dinner hour so you can have a dessert reception, which would cost less.
Molly B
My bridesmaids are spread out through the USA right now, so to take full advantage of that I have them constantly looking for bridal gowns and bridesmaids dresses that not only look great but are cost friendly. The more research I seem to be doing, the more price cutting I find. Another big tip is to buy in bulk. Nobody will know if it came from Walgreens or a high end gallery!!
Brittany K.
Wedding favors may look cheap when you see that they are only $2 but when you have 250 guests that is another $500! Instead you can donate any amount of money to your favorite charity, and no one will ever know how much you determine to make that amount to be. Then donate it in honor of your wedding guests. Let the guests know that instead of favors you have made a donation in their name to ___ charity. It will save you hundreds of dollars!
Allie E.
Start planning early!!!! I started planning my wedding a year and a half before we were actually getting married. Because I did this, I knew where I wanted my wedding and I quickly booked the location. We just recently went back to go over everything again; and the cost of the location has almost tripled. I saved $2,000 on the ceremony by planning early. I always figure inflation is a given; so the sooner you get started, the cheaper it will be. Also getting everything done early helps so much, especially when you get really close to the date; if you have everything and have everything done, you don't have to stress out and run around like a chicken with your head cut off. You can sit back and enjoy the fun things like your dress fittings!!
Jacqueline T.
Its your day, however, it is a union between you and your groom, so enjoy it together and don't let the complications of the planning and decision making cause a change in your relationship. Love is support and support is showing love.
Devon E.
Have an evening wedding around 6:30 with a reception featuring heavy appetizers and a lavish dessert buffet. Save the money on the sit down dinner and don't worry about seating arrangements! Plus everyone enjoys the best parts of a wedding, the appetizers and desserts and dancing... and you enjoy it all on a lower price tag.
Paula T.
Most everyone knows someone with a flower garden, ask about using their flowers for your arrangements. Most people would think it a honor for you to ask them.
Angela B
Making DIY invitations can be easy and save you a lot of money. Try purchasing some plain ivory ones from Walmart or Target and printing your own colorful message and design. Add ribbon and enjoy the compliments for your personalized invites!
Rachael W.
To save money on invitations, buy your own paper (do-it-yourself kit) from your local craft store and find a custom printing company in your hometown. Many local printers are willing to help and offer tips and this will save you $300 or $400. If you like ribbons, buy a roll of your choice from an arts store, and use a heated metal scissor to cut them. This will help you avoid the fraying ends.
Michelle M.