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Marry at the church that you have attended, possibly the one your parents or his parents were married. You save on excess fee for the location, because you or he or your parents are memebers of the congregation, and you have a meaningful ceremony in a beautiful location with wonderful music by professional church musicians. You can even have a lovely, tea reception in the fellowship or church hall, saving fees for the location, and saving money on the reception menu by not having a sit down meal or alcohlic beverages. You still have a wedding avoiding many extra expenses.
Ingrid d.
So far, the biggest cost I have seen has been in renting a location for the reception. Many places have a food and drink minimum on top of high rental rates. Many also only allow you to use their linens and tables which can be pricey. Try finding a non-traditional location for your wedding reception. Use your parents' or a friend's house or backyard, a public park, or a local YMCA or YWCA. Keep in mind, many times local organizations like the YWCA will use a portion of your rental cost to fund their programs for women and children, so you can help those in need while saving money at the same time! These locations will also allow you more freedom in planning your catering and rental items and won't have costly minimum requirements.
Kathleen P.
Use craft sites like By using their alchemy function, vendors bid on my requested item and I got the best deal possible! I've used them for invitations, a custom-made stamp, and who knows what my next item will be.
Elisa H.
Rent a VFW Hall or any hall & have family help cater your food with your favorite family recipes. Buy bulk napkins and get rubber stamps/ink of a design(or your initials) & color you love. Buy silk flowers and clear vases in bulk from your local craft stores and do your own bouquet and centerpieces, along with some sand, rocks, marbles, etc!!! Also, Disposable chair covers and table linens will save you $$$!
Try and buy things on sale. Spend more on what's important to you and cut expenses on things that are less important.
Elizabeth D.
If you are like me and have your heart set on one type of flower that is more expensive, see and recognize the beauty of one single stemmed flower to match your bouquet of that flower for your bridesmaids. Not only cutting costs and allowing you to have the flower arrangement of your dreams but it also is very elegant to have a single rose or orchid in the hands of your bridesmaids with a flowing ribbon.
Mariel W.
If you are on a tight budget, cut costs by not mailing invitations. It may not be proper wedding etiquette, but a phone call to all of your potential guests will save a good amount of money. It's also much more personal to ask someone to attend your wedding by phone or in person. Many guests will appreciate it.
Ebony W.
Check with venue for the least expensive day and then work with your other vendors to see if they offer discounts for that day. We saved over $2000 this way.
Mona J.
Save money on a band or DJ by utilizing your venue's existing sound system along with an iPod playlist or burned CDs. If you want to add some class and a personal touch, you can ask friends or family to play/sing the song for your first dance. After that, no one will notice that the music is no longer live.
Morgan G
One of my tips that is really helping my wedding is since flowers are so expensive, I am having the local vocational school do my bouquets for my wedding party. They are coming out beautiful and they are less expensive than going to a flower shop.
Rachel B.
Starting as early as you can decide on a budgett, figure out what you can do on your own... centerpeices, flowers, etc. If you aren't sure if you can do it, grab a craft book or look online and give it a try! Go to the local craft store and see what you can do and what all they have. Don't forget to check for supplies online either, there are tons of bargains out there!
Sarah M.
Send save the date or invitations with instructions to RSVP on your wedding website! There are a ton of free wedding website servers and this will save money but also eco-friendly by saving on paper too!
Melakeh K.
Instead of having a reception hall that caters the wedding, have the family cook instead. Therefore, you will cut cost of servers, tips, and it's a money saver.
Hibo Y.
If you don't think your budget will allow for fresh flowers, you may be wrong. Just limit the fresh flowers to yourself and the wedding party, and use silk for the rest!
Jessica B
Visit different department stores and ask consultants at the cosmetic counters to try out different looks on you. It is a free way to find the perfect way to do your make-up. Plus, they often give away free samples of great products!
Kylie J.
Don't be afraid to do things yourself. My wedding will be in July, so it's going to be 90 degress plus. I wanted to do silk flowers so that I didn't take a chance on live ones wilting. I went on-line and got some tips on how to do floral arrangements and saved over $350.00 on the centerpeices alone. Also, I printed my own invitations and saved $150. They turned out beautiful and no one believed that I did it myself!
Leslie D.
My fiancee and I found that the best way to reduce the cost of our wedding was to have it at a location far from anyone that was invited. We currently live in Michigan, but are moving to Maryland in about a month, where we plan to have the wedding. This leaves us plenty of time to plan, and also reduces the number of expected guests!
Jessica P.
Have your wedding on a day other than Saturday and save on your venue, photography, and many other services by 30-50%.
Amber P.
Visualize yourself at your reception when trying on dresses. This will help you see if it is the right dress.
Jennifer D
First we found a free chapel, plus we found an all you can eat reception with cobblers for free too, so our expensive wedding cake can be small!
Melinda H.