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Ditch the florist and be creative with center pieces. My centerpieces and crystal trees that I am doing myself and having my venue set up. Each table is going to end up costing only about $40.00. My cousin also did centerpieces that were flagstones on top of each other with one of their pictures framed on top. They came out great.
Danielle V.
It can be stressful planning your wedding, Always remember... It is your big day and it only happens once so dont worry about the small stuff and look at the big picture... Your getting Married!! Yeaaaaaay :-)
Christine I.
The best tip I've learned from all of my friends and family who've recently gotten married is to practice your kiss! You and your future husband/wife spend so much time obsessing over vows that you forget to practice or even talk about the kiss. Just a peck? a full on french kiss.. or the "get a room" kiss. It's a very important thing to discuss before the ceremony. It's the moment you've become husband and wife and you're displaying your affection/passion whatever you want to call it to everyone there! Practice practice practice! :0)
Laci T.
How about having family and friends help pitch in with cooking the food. Having a caterer is expensive. Also, think about cutting off having a open bar. Therefore, no one will get drunk at your wedding and wont mess up your big day.
LaToya S.
Instead of having a huge wedding cake to pay for, just have the first level of cake to cut and the rest of the tiers be made out of cardboard and decorated like the rest of the cake. When they take the cake back to cut, they'll use regular and less expensive sheet cake!
Kristin B.
Send save the date or invitations with instructions to RSVP on your wedding website! There are a ton of free wedding website servers and this will save money but also eco-friendly by saving on paper too!
Melakeh K.
In this day and age, many of us already have household goods. Instead of doing registries everywhere, let family and friends know what you need for the wedding and ask them to group together to pitch in for things like the cake, flowers, DJ, photography, hair & makeup artist.
Liza M.
I am having a beach wedding next summer and want to send out save the dates. Instead of ordering expensive cards from a store/website, we have decided to create our own "beach pass" as a save the date card. We are going to use Microsoft Publisher to create the template for a beach pass and then take silly photos of us from those photo booths you see on the boardwalk. In the photographs, we will hold up a sign that says "Save the Date" "Jen and John's Wedding" "July 9th, 2010." We think it's a cute, cheap, and creative idea to save us hundreds of dollars!!
Jennifer B.
My fiancee and I wanted to have personalized gifts for everyone at our wedding. We wanted more than just a box of overpriced chocolates with our names on it. We decided on making a personalized CD with songs that are special to us. Songs that represent us as individuals and as a new couple. We even recorded on our voice on the CD to make it that much more personal! With a picture of us on the cover, we know this will be a hit. The best tip of all his how simple and inexpensive it is to make 200 personalized gifts yourself!
Jaclyn M.
Set your budget and stick to it. Decide what is most important so you know the areas you might splurge. Then, cut something that is not that important to keep your cost down.
Christen T.
Think about venues outside the box. We're getting married at our chapel at our college and we ended up saving a lot of money doing that. It's beautiful and It's special to be married at the place we met.
Kody P.
Instead of hiring a DJ load youiPod with the songs you want at your wedding and let it play all night long.
Cheyenn O.
In order to save money, almost all of our wedding "extras" are gifts. One of my bridesmaids is doing our calligraphy, my aunt is arranging the flowers I'll purchase wholesale, our friends are playing music and will DJ the reception. Another friend is a semi-professional photographer and is taking our photos. A friend of my mom's is doing our invitations at cost. Thus, all we are paying for is the wholesale price for ALL of those items.... total savings so far - a few thousand.
megan h.
Hire a film student to shoot your wedding video. They'll be much more cost effective & happy to get the experience/exposure and they'll be far more likely to shoot something that can be edited in a more modern style as opposed to a traditional videographer.
Tara D.
First things first, set your budget and stick to it! Be sure to take the time to sit down and estimate all your expected expenses and figure out what's more important to the both of you and try to cut back on those things that are less important. Good Luck!
Susan B.
Purchase a book about (DIY) making your own wedding florals. Then find a florist willing to sell you just the flowers, not the bouquets, or purchase flowers from a grocery store. You can easily make all the boutonnieres for the wedding; the bridal bouquets are a bit more difficult but still very doable. I figure I can save well over $500 by making my own florals: boutonnieres, bridal party bouquets, and mothers' corsages. I'll leave the really big flower arrangements to the professionals, but I am also making the individual table centerpieces as well, saving another $500.
Asynith P.
plan your ceremony and reception and hotel accommidations at the same place or within walking distance to eliminate limo/transportation costs as well as parking costs for your guests
katie c.
It’s nice to have a second opinion. Bring one or two trusted friends or family members to shop with you for added support. Also remember, more is NOT merrier. Bringing too many people with you can get confusing. Everyone has an opinion!
Alfred Angelo
Find out what unique talents your friends and family have. I am using family for everything and saving thousands of dollars.
Monique C
For wedding flowers.... 1. Find out what other brides are having weddings/receptions in the same space as your on the same day. Work with these brides to choose flower arrangements that suit everyone's event, and then pool your money to buy flowers that can be used for each event during the day. Saves money for everyone, and is kinder to the environment (fewer flowers cut). 2. For bridal bouquets.... If you have enough time, you can grow your own flowers for bridal bouquets. Find out what flowers will be in bloom (in your growing area) at the time your wedding is planned, and plant your flower garden accordingly. If you don't have enough space to grow all these flowers, recruit family members and bridesmaids to help.
Jennifer W.