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Shop around and try to hand make many of your favors, invitations, etc on your own.
Angela V.
Coming from a small community our caterer options are limited. My husband eats at the school for lunch and has hired the school cook for our reception. She is used to a large crowd and seems to please everyones palate with her good cooking.
Sharon S.
We are ordering vintage vases, stemmed dessert cups, and stemmed bowls to create our own wedding reception centerpieces. We plan to make our own candles with the wedding colors in the stemmed dessert cups and use the vases and stemmed bowls for floating candles, in colored water and also filling them with colored wedding "jewels".
Barbara M.
Start purchasing your favors, programs, invitations, centerpieces, etc early to tackle these tasks on your own. Then have a girls night in to complete your projects. Michaels is a great place to shop and they always have 40% and 50% off coupons.
Valencia F.
Ask the advice and use your resources from friends, family and loved ones. Everyone has talents, contacts, and information that can help you get the best deals with vendors who do great work, or they can help you do it themselves! Also, this is the best way to help others who are in tight financial situations to have their assistance and advice be their wedding gift to you!
Erin M.
If your wedding venue is already beautiful, you don't have to spend money on decorations just flowers to accent.
Samantha S.
We planned our wedding for the weekend after a big event that was being held at the church. We're going to save a lot of money on flowers because the entire church is already going to be decorated. We also considered planning the wedding for the weekend after Easter or around Christmas when the church would be decorated.
Victoria S.
Start planning early!!!! I started planning my wedding a year and a half before we were actually getting married. Because I did this, I knew where I wanted my wedding and I quickly booked the location. We just recently went back to go over everything again; and the cost of the location has almost tripled. I saved $2,000 on the ceremony by planning early. I always figure inflation is a given; so the sooner you get started, the cheaper it will be. Also getting everything done early helps so much, especially when you get really close to the date; if you have everything and have everything done, you don't have to stress out and run around like a chicken with your head cut off. You can sit back and enjoy the fun things like your dress fittings!!
Jacqueline T.
Choosing to use flowers that are in season, and even buying them in bulk, is one great way to insure cutting the cost!
Jennifer R.
The best way to save money is to plan a year or two in advance. Then you can buy ceremony/reception decorations, flowers and gifts on clearance or on sale! I used half the money I normally would have!
Candice G.
Ask your mother and her friends for their input, they are wise and have experience at no cost to the bride. Believe me, it's worth it.
Add photos to your invitation at a minimal cost by using a strip of black & white photos from a photo booth (and make duplicates). This can be a fun and cost effective way to get a great picture that reflects your personalities.
eVette R.
Instead of buying a guest book, have someone who scrapbooks make a book with pictures of you and your fiance and have your guests sign around the pictures. It will be a keepsake reminder of your guests.
Jennifer T.
I am planning to bring a member of my bridal party to take pictures of my bustle at my final dress fitting. I have helped friends "bustle up" their dresses before the reception, and we couldn't quite figure out how to get it right. Because I was not with them at the bridal salon, I didn't know how to do it. By bringing a member of my bridal party to the fitting, she can learn how to help me on my big day.
Valerie C.
Start planning as early as possible. so you are not overwhelmed. Do research to see what you like, then shop around for the bargains. Do whatever you can yourself. like your invitations, create your own centerpieces, you will find that a lot of vendors or venues will work with you. Have your mom help she has great ideas too. especially since you are her little girl and they dream of your wedding day just as much as you. Mom's know how to shop for the bargains.
Gina G.
Instead of hiring a florist to do bouquets, purchase your flowers at Costco. A simple bouquet can be created by wrapping a ribbon around the stems and securing it with three straight pins. Then, instead of purchasing centerpieces for the head table, place the bridesmaids flowers/bouquets in vases.
Eileen G.
If you must have a photographer and videographer, purchase the smallest package that the photographer has to offer since there will be a video of your special day along with pictures. Also, provide a list of the photos you desire to have taken because on the wedding day things move quickly.
Shakebra B.
Remember that the day should reflect the style of TWO people, you and your wonderful man. Having his suggestions and ideas integrated into my own have made this an event that really is about the joining of two into one.
Teresa W.
The best tip I can give is to post an ad (for example: and ask for free wedding services. So far I have a free wedding planner, phototgraphers, place to hold the event, DJ and someone to make my flowers... ALL FOR FREE! A lot of them are just trying to put a portfolio together and ask that I let them have copies of some pictures and write a "blog" about them on their website or in the newspaper. A lot cheaper than having to pay for all of the services. This really does work and I was suprised to see how many people responded. I have 2-3 photographers that are going to be at my wedding! It's so much easier too, to have the worry of budget out of the way. GOOD LUCK!
Natasha C.
Reuse flowers from the ceremony for the reception and centerpieces. In addition, reuse the bridesmaid's bouquet for reception/check-in tables and the bride's bouquet for the tossing bouquet to pass on the "good luck!"
Chau N.