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A dusting of baby powder on your finger before the ceremony will ensure that your ring slides on smoothly.
Holly S.
Think outside the box on your rehearsal dinner. We chartered a yacht for a sunset cruise and are bringing a few bottles of wine and some hoagies aboard. The cost was much cheaper than having dinner at a restaurant.
Shauna A.
We are saving money by visiting family and friends during our honeymoon. There are many places in the United States we have not seen and are fortunate enough to have friends close to these spots. So by staying with friends we are able to save the money we should have spent on hotels.
Ashley W.
Always try on your dream dress, but also try on styles you normally would not. You never know what will strike you and fully enhance the beauty that you are.
Alfred Angelo
In order to cut your cake costs - ask the baker if they are able to do fake layers, except for the top layer that you will cut in front of everyone. Then order a sheet cake to serve your guests from.
Jean S.
Get as much done as soon as you can. That way, you can relax and just enjoy being engaged. Then, all you have to do along the way is just make payments and pay all of your balances. No one wants to remember their engagement as being a stressful time!
Laura L.
Do everything yourself! I am making all of the stationary, cake, flowers, favors, decorations, etc. myself. I have been getting basic supplies at the craft stores in the area, most everything on sale, clearance, or with a coupon. There are tons of DIY websites with tips and ideas that are very helpful. It is both fun and personal, and it is saving me TONS of money!
Stephanie M.
Pick up a few events working for a catering company. Not only will you be making extra money for the wedding, but you will often find great ideas for decorating or food choices. I was given a box of votive candles that the florist was just going to throw out. So, sometimes you can find a steal too!!!
April M.
To cut down on the florist costs, I purchased the centerpiece candle holders and vases from a outlet store in Chicago. They cost a fraction of the price from the leading retailers. I was then able to take a picture and bring it to the florist. She was able to design my arrangements around these pieces and have her crew come in a few hours to set eveything up before the reception.
Roseanne G.
Can't afford calligraphy? Use an home printer and a free calligraphy font (from a site like and print in a very light color on the envelopes. Then use a thick paint/ink pen from a craft store and trace the lettering. Looks just as professional as real calligraphy.
Carla S.
The best way to save is to hire a wedding coordinator! You might have to shell out extra cash for one - but they know the very best, tried and true ways to make your wedding stunning without getting you into debt!
Kara S.
Ask your mother and her friends for input, they can offer experience at no cost to the bride.
Instead of renting a venue for our reception and having it catered, since we are having a small wedding with our family and closest friends we are having a cookout style reception. That way the kids can play and we can just be ourselves. Weddings don't have to be super fancy, they should reflect the couple.
Summer S.
Instead of renting costly limousines rent town cars which are classy and less expensive, or ask a friend with a nice convertible for a dramatic entrance.
Chandra M.
Remember while this is your big day, it's supposed to be fun for everyone. Accept help when people offer it, it allows them to feel involved and special. Don't sweat the small things, people aren't going to remember what design was on the hand towels in the bathroom.
Ashley S.
The most creative, time- and money-saving idea I've come across so far is cupcake bouquets. If you find the right cake decorator they can be made completely edible and suprisingly elegant! I'm considering them as my centerpieces for the reception. This means I don't have to spend hundreds of dollars on a huge wedding cake or have to worry about another unnecessary serving line. The cakes are there at each table. Oh, and imagine the savings on the florist! I no longer have to worry about the overwhelming cost of out of season flowers! I can have any flower I choose made in gum paste.
Alexandria N.
Enlist friends and family with special talents to help with your wedding. My father did the flowers and my mother did the cake for my brother's wedding and they both came out beautiful!
Jessica S.
We have done our own save the date cards by using business index cards and printing them out on our own computer. Then we decorated them using two tone paper flowers in our party colors with a jewel in the middle. We then added a little magnet strip piece to the back so family and friends could put them on thier refrigerators. Total cost $1.00 per card.
Teresa B.
Save money on a band or DJ by utilizing your venue's existing sound system along with an iPod playlist or burned CDs. If you want to add some class and a personal touch, you can ask friends or family to play/sing the song for your first dance. After that, no one will notice that the music is no longer live.
Morgan G
Have family members play a key role in your wedding. Every member of your family has some unique talent or has a friend who does. i'm using all family for everything and have saved thousands of dollars.
Monique` C.