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Try a DIY project such as designing your own invitations and having them printed online for about half the cost as professional invites.
Carla G
Wear comfortable shoes.
keith h.
Using your networks can save you a lot of money. Think back on who you know with special talents. I have an aunt makng my cake and a friend of my sister as the DJ. If you ask around friends and family may be able to help, or know some one who can. Even look for people who are just starting to come into the wedding business. They are usually looking to make a portfolio and will give a better price to you since they are also benefiting from the deal. The wedding of your dreams is always in reach as long as you begin to look for it!
Paula R.
Set your budget and stick to it. Decide what is most important so you know the areas you might splurge. Then, cut something that is not that important to keep your cost down.
Christen T.
Remember that it is both you and your fiance's day. Make decisions that you both want even if some family members are not thrilled about it. If they love you enough, they will honor your wishes and go with the flow!
Daphney J
Make sure you include your fiance in the planning process so the wedding is a reflection of you both. Also remember that most guys don't care about every little detail. Narrow down your selections, show him a few photos and then ask for his help. If you put him on overload, he won't want to be involved at all!
Megan Q.
Cut down the number of people attending your reception. All you need is your close friends and family to have a good time.
Koren R.
If you want to save money and your fiance is a member of your local fire company - have your wedding reception there. You can pretty much have the run of the place an decorate it the way you like
Elisa E.
Reuse it! Your friends and family have had weddings before - reuse as much of the decorations, containers and accessories as you can. Combine these items in new in creative ways to personalize your day. Add a ribbon, or change the flowers to freshen the look. The impact on your wallet AND the environment could be significant!
Renden M.
Keep it simple but elegant. Look on clearance aisles for wedding stuff that goes on sale and start buying a little along the way. If you start early, you can keep an eye out for good deals!
Anna D
You can save money on flowers by making your arrangements with you florist, most brides like the free labor, and you can make it a flower party!
Gwendolyn P
EBAY! It's the perfect spot to buy gifts, thank you's & even wedding rings! Try on rings at the local jeweler, then go online & find the same ring or similar for MUCH cheaper!!
Jodi A.
I'm doing my own planning. I have cut out a coordinator completely from all the preliminary work and will just be using one for the day of to help with set up and organization. This saves anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars and allows my wedding to reflect the things that i like and are truly important to me and my fiance.
Enid A.
If you are on a tight budget, cut costs by not mailing invitations. It may not be proper wedding etiquette, but a phone call to all of your potential guests will save a good amount of money. It's also much more personal to ask someone to attend your wedding by phone or in person. Many guests will appreciate it.
Ebony W.
1st: Go to as many bridal shows as possible and start going early! The more you shows you go to, the more chances you have at winning stuff. I have won my DJ AND our honeymoon and I've gone to 3 so far! 2nd: Do small things that you can do yourself. I'm designing my own invites and having them printed online (the cost of online printing is cheap) I'm probably going to get my invitations for half the price this way!
Carla G.
To save on a DJ, create your own playlist of songs on your IPod or computer and rent a sound system. If you want music suggestions, put a place on your RSVP cards for guests to list songs. This way you can be certain everyone will enjoy the song selection.
Amanda P.
If you are having a formal big wedding and want to save money try to get a banquet hall during the off season time Nov-March. Most reception facilities offer deals during that time. You could make the open bar to cash bar and save money off per person sometimes as much as 28 dollars per person. Your guests are not going to drink that much alcohol if they are driving. Remember you also have a champagne toast included in your package. Go through the whole package and see what other charges you could take off that you don't need. Then go back with your list and talk to the person in charge and make a package deal.
Janine S.
Have a morning wedding. While your day will start very early, you'll have the rest of the day to celebrate with your new spouse! Plus, morning weddings don't call for the financial pressures of an open bar or sit-down dinner!
Amanda H.
Keep an open mind. I found my bridemaids flowers in a furniture store while picking up candles for the reception
Loranda L.
Have family members play a key role in your wedding. Every member of your family has some unique talent or has a friend who does. i'm using all family for everything and have saved thousands of dollars.
Monique` C.