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Buy flowers from a local high school vocational technology center. You save on all labor costs since the students make up the flower arrangements with supervision from their instructor. The cost ends up being 1/2 to 1/3 the cost of a regular florist, and the arrangements are just as beautiful!
Amy T.
Throw all your loose change in a jar. Wrap it and add it to your account for the wedding or the honeymoon. It adds up fast $50 a month extra is great money. Or make a bet with your partner whoever collects the most change gets to pick one thing to do on the honeymoon. Spa anyone?
mandee m.
Get a friend who is good with makeup to do yours on your special day! Make sure she sticks with colors that look natural on your face. Fake eyelashes can really make your eyes pop in pictures too. (Buy good eyelash glue. Duo is the best.) Make sure to practice beforehand! You can even take pictures and see how it's going to look :)
Kasia S.
D.I.Y Do It Yourself is always the name of the game when thinking about cutting cost. Take putting decorations together for example. If you do it yourself you can buy in bulk from places like B.J.'s or Buying in bulk always saves money. Get out the glue guns, tulle, and candy coated almonds. Fun, Friends, and Favors.
Jasmaine P.
Instead of having your wedding meal catered, have a potluck. Ask a few of your friends and family to make side dishes and salads to serve. The bride and groom (or parents) purchase and cook the meat. It saves you tons on money. Besides, home cooked food always taste better than catered food. You only get a few choices of salads and side dishes and instant potatoes when you have your meal catered. Where I live, family and friends are more than welcome to make something for the wedding. To make it a little fun, have them write down the recipe and give them to you as a gift.
Jill B.
Go to your local college/university, and hire a photography student to take your pictures. They will do the work for far less then professional photographers, you will be helping them build up a portfolio, and you will be cutting costs. You just have to make sure that you do your homework. Contact the heads of the art department on the students that you are thinking about, and find out their picture habits, if they go to class, etc...
Ashley S.
I would have to say that my best advice for saving money would be shopping Ebay! You can find everything from invitations, centerpieces, wedding favors, even dresses for bridesmaids and the bride!
Jessica S.
To save money on buying all the disposible cameras for the tables at the reception, make a photo booth. Have a backdrop of your choice, whether a solid color or something creative. Position a digital camera on a tripod or stand about two feet away from the backdrop. You can buy a remote for the camera and now your guests can have fun taking pictures of themselves! And all the pictures will be at hand on the memory card!
Amanda S.
Check with family members and friends to see what they have. My future sister-in-law had a bunch of friends who got married last summer. They all pooled their centerpieces together and lend them out to others. By using pieces of their centerpieces, I am doing all of mine for free!
Marcia B.
For a very reasonable price for reception location or wedding location, check out the recreation center or local parks. They are a beautiful location and aren't very expensive! Great for pictures!
lisa j.
Keep your bridesmaid dresses all the same color, but allow them to choose their own style. That way each bridesmaid gets to look uniform but maintains their own personal style.
Tanesha D.
My bridesmaids are spread out through the USA right now, so to take full advantage of that I have them constantly looking for bridal gowns and bridesmaids dresses that not only look great but are cost friendly. The more research I seem to be doing, the more price cutting I find. Another big tip is to buy in bulk. Nobody will know if it came from Walgreens or a high end gallery!!
Brittany K.
Create simple and inexpensive wedding decorations and favors. Get rock candy colored to match your scheme; and organza flowers for tables. It only takes a few yards of organza, and you can have tables-worth of decorations. Last, do the work yourself. Make your own favors, ask family members to help cater the food, decorate the venue yourself.
Amber M
Take a moment or two several times during your very special day to take a few "mental pictures" so that you can remember some of the special moments of the day. So many people say that their wedding was just a big blur of activity. This simple "Here's Me Now" conscience mental photo lets you keep that memory alive for many years to come.
Shirley I.
For wedding flowers.... 1. Find out what other brides are having weddings/receptions in the same space as your on the same day. Work with these brides to choose flower arrangements that suit everyone's event, and then pool your money to buy flowers that can be used for each event during the day. Saves money for everyone, and is kinder to the environment (fewer flowers cut). 2. For bridal bouquets.... If you have enough time, you can grow your own flowers for bridal bouquets. Find out what flowers will be in bloom (in your growing area) at the time your wedding is planned, and plant your flower garden accordingly. If you don't have enough space to grow all these flowers, recruit family members and bridesmaids to help.
Jennifer W.
Use silk flowers for aisle runners, flower girl petals, and plants against the wall for decoration. They are cheaper and no one will be able to notice.
Hayley O.
Create simple and inexpensive wedding decorations and favors. Some easy DIY ideas: Rock candy colored to match your scheme - especially if there are going to be lots of children. Organza flowers - It only takes a few yards of organza, and you can have tables-worth of decorations. Also, have your wedding on a weekday in the off-season. This will cut down venue costs significantly, and it might even help weed out some of those guests you invited out of obligation, which means less to spend on food and favors for them. It sounds a little selfish, but we are in a recession and having the wedding of your dreams is not worth the debt. Last, do the work yourself. Make your own favors, ask family members to help cater the food, decorate the venue yourself. Enlist your family and friends. They'll be happy to help you out!
Amber M.
Fatten a bouquet with ribbon and/or tulle to cut down on the number of flowers and give a fuller look to a pretty inexpensive nosegay. Have your bridesmaids or groomsmen carry lifesavers or tictacs under bouquets or in pockets to give to the younger wedding party participants if they start to get fidgety. This is also great for avoiding that cough that just starts to bubble up during the ceremony.
Tonya S.
For beautiful flower centerpieces, go to your local nursery and buy potted flowers overflowing with blooms. The centerpiece will cost $25 or less and guests can take them home afterwards!
Myfanwy C.
We planned our wedding for the weekend after a big event that was being held at the church. We're going to save a lot of money on flowers because the entire church is already going to be decorated. We also considered planning the wedding for the weekend after Easter or around Christmas when the church would be decorated.
Victoria S.