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Rent a VFW Hall or any hall & have family help cater your food with your favorite family recipes. Buy bulk napkins and get rubber stamps/ink of a design(or your initials) & color you love. Buy silk flowers and clear vases in bulk from your local craft stores and do your own bouquet and centerpieces, along with some sand, rocks, marbles, etc!!! Also, Disposable chair covers and table linens will save you $$$!
Get a friend who is good with makeup to do yours on your special day! Make sure she sticks with colors that look natural on your face. Fake eyelashes can really make your eyes pop in pictures too. (Buy good eyelash glue. Duo is the best.) Make sure to practice beforehand! You can even take pictures and see how it's going to look :)
Kasia S.
You could cut costs by asking a photography major from a local college or university to take the photos at a lesser cost.
Catherine O.
The best way to save on my wedding, more than I am already trying, is to WIN something! The best cost-cutting tip that I have taken advantage of is having a daytime wedding. I tried to cut costs by purchasing my dress online but that did not work out because I do not like it at all! I keep submitting these prize entry forms... something's gotta give!!
Amanda G.
For our wedding and reception we are having ours in my folks backyard. We have borowed decor from friends, and they've all decided to pitch in with our picnic style lunch. And to top it all, a friends voluntered to do the photos and put them on DVD for free. Think close to home and see how much money you can save.
Andrea D.
Marry at the church that you have attended, possibly the one your parents or his parents were married. You save on excess fee for the location, because you or he or your parents are memebers of the congregation, and you have a meaningful ceremony in a beautiful location with wonderful music by professional church musicians. You can even have a lovely, tea reception in the fellowship or church hall, saving fees for the location, and saving money on the reception menu by not having a sit down meal or alcohlic beverages. You still have a wedding avoiding many extra expenses.
Ingrid d.
Choose the color and fabric of your bridesmaids dresses, then allow each to choose their own dress within those parameters in order to find a style they feel beautiful and comfortable in while fitting their budget.
Kelly M.
Invite only those family and friends that you love, not the people that you just hope will send expensive gifts. Your big day will be even more full of love, and because your guest list has been cut down, you will spend less money on invitations and at the reception.
Katie L.
If you have the patience, I would recommend putting together your own favors. Store bought ones are nice, but it's so much more special if you make them yourself. Like a CD of your wedding song personalized with your and your fiance (husband's) name on the front or just your initials. Little gifts like that are the kind that your family will treasure. You don't want to give them gifts that they will just toss away.
Jessica O.
Don't do fondant on your cake. Although the look is very attractive, it's also very costly. No one eats it anyways and a good cake decorator can make a buttercream frosting look just as elegant. It will save a few hundred.
Xochitl V.
The BEST way to cut some wedding costs for the bride on a budget is to search for DIY projects and get the most information you can for free online instead of paying big money for a wedding planner. Make your own invitations, learn how to design your own wedding cake and make it more special with your very own style and details. Not only will you remember every detail of the wedding better, but everyone will see your style shine.
Jesenia R.
Tap local talent! Use craigslist or local yellow pages looking for singers, dancers or even dance companies to perform at your wedding and you can completely spice things up! Entertainers will often look at this as a great resume experience for themselves. We are using a singer friend to sing for our first dance as well as our for the bridal wedding march, and friends who are part of a dance company to dance in conjunction with our first dance. We look forward to making this a memorable experience for everyone!
Ayesha R.
Do everything yourself! I am making all of the stationary, cake, flowers, favors, decorations, etc. myself. I have been getting basic supplies at the craft stores in the area, most everything on sale, clearance, or with a coupon. There are tons of DIY websites with tips and ideas that are very helpful. It is both fun and personal, and it is saving me TONS of money!
Stephanie M.
Vintage accessories often complement a new gown tremendously well. Consider tracking down some costume jewelery or a beautiful clutch to add a vintage and thrifty touch of glamor to your outfit.
Sian K.
Instead of hiring a DJ or band, opt for a free option: your i-Pod. When sending out invitations, have a line for invitees to list their favorite love and dance songs and compile the ultimate playlist. At the reception, you can either keep the i-Pod on shuffle or have an energetic friend/family member act as an impromptu DJ.
Christine C.
Take a day for yourself from wedding planning. After you accomplish something big (like getting your dress/flowers/bridesmaids dresses etc) find some time for yourself to relax. Weddings should be fun, not super stressful.
Becky A.
Invite your future mother-in-law with you when looking for a dress, even if she can't make it, she'll appreciate the gesture.
Meghan M.
Buy a beautifully decorated small cake for the traditional cake cutting, but serve your guests from a sheet cake hidden in the kitchen. They will never know the difference and you can save up to $4 per slice!!!
Sara D.
The best tip I've learned from all of my friends and family who've recently gotten married is to practice your kiss! You and your future husband/wife spend so much time obsessing over vows that you forget to practice or even talk about the kiss. Just a peck? a full on french kiss.. or the "get a room" kiss. It's a very important thing to discuss before the ceremony. It's the moment you've become husband and wife and you're displaying your affection/passion whatever you want to call it to everyone there! Practice practice practice! :0)
Laci T.
Instead of hiring a DJ load youiPod with the songs you want at your wedding and let it play all night long.
Cheyenn O.