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Utilize your friends' talents. Think about what they love to do, even if it isn't their day job. Many people have creative talents that they enjoy as hobbies but are too afraid to quit their jobs to pursue. This is a perfect way to save money and also give your friends an opportunity to show off their skills. I've found that people are usually very flattered and honored by your requests. I asked my friend who loves baking to make our cupcakes and I asked another friend who knows a lot about beauty products and make-up to do my wedding make-up. A third friend who has excellent photography skills is going to be our photographer. So utilize your friends skills and make your wedding a way for them to shine too!
Esther J.
Friday or Sunday weddings are less expensive than a Saturday wedding. Also, try to book your wedding during months, such as April and the cost is significantly less than if you schedule your wedding during the summer.
Sarah W.
If you want your bridesmaids to match, but they are very different body types let them pick out their own dress in your colors. They know what fits their body the best and you still retain veto power.
Kellye B.
Be open to many suggestions before making a decision. Dont have your heart set too fast on something because it may be too pricey and you dont want to blow your budget too early. It may help cut costs down in the long run.
Melissa V.
Starting as early as you can decide what you want and how much it will cost. Then find what you can do on your own... centerpeices, flowers, etc. Go to the craft store and see what they have. Dont forget to check for supplies online!! Then you have more to spend elsewhere or just cutting back all together!
Sarah M
So far, the biggest cost I have seen has been in renting a location for the reception. Many places have a food and drink minimum on top of high rental rates. Many also only allow you to use their linens and tables which can be pricey. Try finding a non-traditional location for your wedding reception. Use your parents' or a friend's house or backyard, a public park, or a local YMCA or YWCA. Keep in mind, many times local organizations like the YWCA will use a portion of your rental cost to fund their programs for women and children, so you can help those in need while saving money at the same time! These locations will also allow you more freedom in planning your catering and rental items and won't have costly minimum requirements.
Kathleen P.
Learn which things you can spend less on and the things that you need to spend more on! A photographer is something not to skimp on. Those pictures will be the only tihng left after everything is all said and done. The cake is something you can skimp on. Going to a cullinary school for cakes, or even reception food will save you at leat a third of what you would have originally spent going to a caterer.
Lauren J.
Remember when you are planning the meal, favors, flowers, colors or anything at all that pertains to your and your husband are the only ones who need to like what you have. This is your day! You should consider all your friends that are crafty to help with making decorations. You could save a bundle! Enjoy your day, it is over before you know it!
Kristina B.
The fabric of your gown needs to be one of the factors in making it ‘the one’. Lightweight fabrics like chiffon are the best choice for warm-weather weddings. If your nuptials will be in wintery-weather consider heavier fabrics.
Alfred Angelo
Design your own flower arrangements and use flowers that are from your region and in season. It's a nice way to put your own artistic touch to your wedding and it's the 'green' way to go!
Marwa B.
Start planning early!!!! I started planning my wedding a year and a half before we were actually getting married. Because I did this, I knew where I wanted my wedding and I quickly booked the location. We just recently went back to go over everything again; and the cost of the location has almost tripled. I saved $2,000 on the ceremony by planning early. I always figure inflation is a given; so the sooner you get started, the cheaper it will be. Also getting everything done early helps so much, especially when you get really close to the date; if you have everything and have everything done, you don't have to stress out and run around like a chicken with your head cut off. You can sit back and enjoy the fun things like your dress fittings!!
Jacqueline T.
Keep things seasonal! By using flowers and foods that are in season you can keep costs down. Not only is it budget friendly it also offers a great theme for you to build from.
Jaclyn H.
Get a very beautiful fake wedding cake with only the top tier as a real cake. Have an incredibly delicious cake in the back and serve that instead! It will cut costs greatly and no one will know!
mehruba a.
Don't forget who you are as a couple, and allow your man to be himself on his wedding day. For me this meant having a Romantic Country wedding at my sister's ranch. So my laid back man gets to wear jeans, and a nice blazer. That way he can feel like himself and it will save us money on tux rental!
carolyn h.
Instead of renting a venue for our reception and having it catered, since we are having a small wedding with our family and closest friends we are having a cookout style reception. That way the kids can play and we can just be ourselves. Weddings don't have to be super fancy, they should reflect the couple.
Summer S.
Only incorporate traditions and customs you like, don't do things a certain way just because that's how everyone else does them. This is YOUR wedding!
Erika W.
If your wedding is 6 months or less away and you have your heart set on a particular photographer, videographer, or band that your budget doesn't allow for, negotiate prices with them. In this economy, and with only 6 months or less left to go, they are probably not going to get booked if they havn't already. Rather than have the day go with no business, they are sure to give you a great price. You can get iit down even lower if you offer a cash deal; that benefits both them and you. Good Luck!
Jenny R.
If you have a friend (or a friend of a friend) who is into photography, take a look at their work. Often amateur photographers take great pictures and cost much less to hire. Not to mention that if the photographer is someone you already know well, your photo shoot will be a blast!!
Christina W.
Bridesmaids can carry beautiful artificial flowers. They look real and just as nice, but they are so much less expensive and can be fun to make at the bridesmaid's luncheon!
Emily J.
Ask as many questions as you want, no matter what! You won't be the first person to ask and you definitely won't be the last. Depend on your experts!
Alfred Angelo