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Hirer a wedding planner for the day of the event so that you can enjoy your day.
Think about venues outside the box. We're getting married at our chapel at our college and we ended up saving a lot of money doing that. It's beautiful and It's special to be married at the place we met.
Kody P.
If you have a friend (or a friend of a friend) who is into photography, take a look at their work. Often amateur photographers take great pictures and cost much less to hire. Not to mention that if the photographer is someone you already know well, your photo shoot will be a blast!!
Christina W.
Gown shopping should be a priority on your ‘to do’ list. It takes months to make your dress, so give yourself plenty of time.
Alfred Angelo
With my wedding I have decided to do my own flowers. It is less expensive and it also allows me to give my own personal touch to my wedding. I have cut the cost down tremendously by looking for sales on bridal flowers and accessories.
Kristi G.
For wedding flowers.... 1. Find out what other brides are having weddings/receptions in the same space as your on the same day. Work with these brides to choose flower arrangements that suit everyone's event, and then pool your money to buy flowers that can be used for each event during the day. Saves money for everyone, and is kinder to the environment (fewer flowers cut). 2. For bridal bouquets.... If you have enough time, you can grow your own flowers for bridal bouquets. Find out what flowers will be in bloom (in your growing area) at the time your wedding is planned, and plant your flower garden accordingly. If you don't have enough space to grow all these flowers, recruit family members and bridesmaids to help.
Jennifer W.
Don't buy a gown that is too heavy for you to walk in. This way you can move comfortably and still have a good time.
Roxana F
Consider having just one flower for your bridal bouquet--it could be a simple, romantic statement (a red rose, or your favorite flower). If you want an evening wedding, consider having it after the dinner hour so you can have a dessert reception, which would cost less. Rent a PA and speakers (or borrow from a friend), and connect a laptop that has playlists for your wedding. Then, all you need is a friend willing to MC and you've got a low-cost DJ. If you want professional photos but need to save money, think of having a talented friend or family member do either the reception or ceremony, and hire a professional photographer for only a few hours.
Molly B.
Ask your employer for help. And with that, ask any friends or family for help if they work in applicable fields. For example, I work for a printing company. I asked if they would be willing to help me out by printing my invitations - and they are happily doing it. On top of that, one of my bridesmaids is a graphic designer, so she is designing them! Talk about custom invites!
Kim G.
Keep it simple and don't worry about what everyone else thinks.
Amy K.
Take a moment or two several times during your very special day to take a few "mental pictures" so that you can remember some of the special moments of the day. So many people say that their wedding was just a big blur of activity. This simple "Here's Me Now" conscience mental photo lets you keep that memory alive for many years to come.
Shirley I.
I plan on saving big $$ for my wedding by making my own bouquets! I'm taking a $50 class on how to make wedding bouquets. I'm going to attend this, buy flowers in bulk, and invite my mom, my fiance's mom, our grandmothers, aunts, and my bridesmaids to have a floral-making party the day before our wedding. What better way to save money AND get all the most important women in my life involved!
Stacey C.
1st: Go to as many bridal shows as possible and start going early! The more you shows you go to, the more chances you have at winning stuff. I have won my DJ AND our honeymoon and I've gone to 3 so far! 2nd: Do small things that you can do yourself. I'm designing my own invites and having them printed online (the cost of online printing is cheap) I'm probably going to get my invitations for half the price this way!
Carla G.
Spice up your tables at the reception by using a chair cover sash as a table runner. Top runner and table with different sized candles (you can get loads from the dollar store) and confetti cut out of contrasting colored cardstock (I used a flower stamp for mine!!) A simple yet elegant table for under $15 a piece!
Brooke M.
Do not be afraid to negotiate! The sticker price is never the price. I got my fiance's $1200 band for $400; I got our per head count (venue/catering/drinks) from $130 to $85 per head; photobooth from $1700 to $1400...especially if you are off season (which March counts ladies). Ask your recently married pals for recommendations and then drop their names for a discount, and/or drop the names of people that are engaged like you, and/or show the vendor who's boss by knowing the competitors' prices and asking them to match it. It will never hurt to ask!
Kristin G.
I think making your wedding invitations will help you save money and also making your own party favors. You can also save by registering at different websites and getting discounts or coupons. Every little bit counts!
Martha R.
Remember while this is your big day, it's supposed to be fun for everyone. Accept help when people offer it, it allows them to feel involved and special. Don't sweat the small things, people aren't going to remember what design was on the hand towels in the bathroom.
Ashley S.
Using your networks can save you a lot of money. Think back on who you know with special talents. I have an aunt makng my cake and a friend of my sister as the DJ. If you ask around friends and family may be able to help, or know some one who can. Even look for people who are just starting to come into the wedding business. They are usually looking to make a portfolio and will give a better price to you since they are also benefiting from the deal. The wedding of your dreams is always in reach as long as you begin to look for it!
Paula R.
When choosing your bridesmaid style, keep in mind all the different body types you have in your party.
Alfred Angelo
I found out that another wedding was going on the previous weekend. I contacted the bride and she is leaving her whole set up-chairs, dance floor, flowers alcohol etc-I just asked her to tell me how much to give her-So we both make out!
Spring H.