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Buy flowers from a local high school vocational technology center. You save on all labor costs since the students make up the flower arrangements with supervision from their instructor. The cost ends up being 1/2 to 1/3 the cost of a regular florist, and the arrangements are just as beautiful!
Amy T.
Find some in season flowering plants and pot them yourself for table centerpieces instead of using a florist.
Katie L.
Try a DIY project such as designing your own invitations and having them printed online for about half the cost as professional invites.
Carla G
We've priced out photography and were blown away by the expense. So we're turning to our guests to take turns playing photographer for the pre-wedding candids and reception candids. This way, we get the shots we want, our guests are involved in our wedding day, and we can save money. This is saving us roughly $1,000. !
Tarah R.
Ditch the florist and be creative with center pieces. My centerpieces and crystal trees that I am doing myself and having my venue set up. Each table is going to end up costing only about $40.00. My cousin also did centerpieces that were flagstones on top of each other with one of their pictures framed on top. They came out great.
Danielle V.
Two gown brides are becoming very popular. I myself am a two gown bride. In order to save money from purchasing two bridal gowns, I looked into bridesmaid gowns as my second gown. I have selected a few choices and am planning to order them in ivory and adding extra beading to make it stand out.
kim n.
Use Curly Willow Branches and arrange yourself for centerpieces and ceremony decorations. Spray paint them white, silver, or whatever color you like. This opposed to flower arrangements saves a bundle but still looks elegant and high-end.
Leah G.
My best save on my wedding is when I decided to have our ceremony and reception outside in a big,open field next to my fiance's house where we first met.
Get a friend who is good with makeup to do yours on your special day! Make sure she sticks with colors that look natural on your face. Fake eyelashes can really make your eyes pop in pictures too. (Buy good eyelash glue. Duo is the best.) Make sure to practice beforehand! You can even take pictures and see how it's going to look :)
Kasia S.
Always search for coupon codes if you are ordering something online. Others post the coupon codes and sometimes it can save you big bucks!
Beth S.
Book all inclusive sites in the off seasons December - March. The prices are about $2000 less and you dont have to take care of anything but the extras!
Michele C.
To cut down on the florist costs, I purchased the centerpiece candle holders and vases from a outlet store in Chicago. They cost a fraction of the price from the leading retailers. I was then able to take a picture and bring it to the florist. She was able to design my arrangements around these pieces and have her crew come in a few hours to set eveything up before the reception.
Roseanne G.
The most creative, time- and money-saving idea I've come across so far is cupcake bouquets. If you find the right cake decorator they can be made completely edible and suprisingly elegant! I'm considering them as my centerpieces for the reception. This means I don't have to spend hundreds of dollars on a huge wedding cake or have to worry about another unnecessary serving line. The cakes are there at each table. Oh, and imagine the savings on the florist! I no longer have to worry about the overwhelming cost of out of season flowers! I can have any flower I choose made in gum paste.
Alexandria N.
My fiancee and I wanted to have personalized gifts for everyone at our wedding. We wanted more than just a box of overpriced chocolates with our names on it. We decided on making a personalized CD with songs that are special to us. Songs that represent us as individuals and as a new couple. We even recorded on our voice on the CD to make it that much more personal! With a picture of us on the cover, we know this will be a hit. The best tip of all his how simple and inexpensive it is to make 200 personalized gifts yourself!
Jaclyn M.
Try buying wedding decorations at a dollar store. Not only will you save money, but they always have different items in stock!
Amanda B
Your wedding may be the one time in your life you get to wear a veil. Consider classic styles in shoulder or cathedral length. If you’re leaning toward something more modern, bejeweled hair clips and combs are a perfect complement.
Alfred Angelo
I have several cost cutting tips! Order your flowers from a membership warehouse store instead of a big flower shop. Take the flowers you used for ceremony decorations and then bring them to your reception hall and use them as decorations too! Your bridesmaids could also carry a long stem rose instead of a bouquet. They will look so elegant! Try to have the ceremony and reception in the same place. It will save you from needed a limo, additional delivery services, additional rental services, gas, and TIME!
noelle s.
I have found that one of the best ways to cut wedding costs is to call in whatever favors you can from friends. I have friends who are doing my photography, videography, my cake(s), graphic design for my invites/programs, floral arrangements and for my veil. Also, another great way is to not buy into the mentality that you have to have a $20,000 wedding. My husband-to-be and myself are aiming to keep it under $5,000. So far, so good!
Sarah H.
Save money by booking early with vendors for the following year. That way you get the vendor you want before their prices increase.
Kari S.
You could cut costs by asking a photography major from a local college or university to take the photos at a lesser cost.
Catherine O.