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Pick a DIY reception venue that you can bring in outside caterers or your own food. The venue that I chose even has it's own kitchen. This way we can make some of our own food and have the rest catered. Doing all of this helps us to save loads of money because we do not have to worry about service fees or tip. Also, I've noticed that my family members and friends are really excited to help set up the reception area. Everyone likes to feel involved and this is a great way to do it!
Nicolette D.
A "fake" bottom tier of the wedding cake is a less expensive way that will still give you the WOW factor of a larger cake that every bride wants. (The bottom tier is still decorated the same on the outside but the inside is foam.)
Bonnie T.
lauren s.
To save on flowers, grow your own or buy them wholesale and ask a crafty friend to arrange them the day before the wedding. For music, photography, cake, set up and many other things ask friends or family with special talents to help you out and offer their services as a gift to you. Hold an h'orderve reception instead of a full blown dinner reception in order to cut costs and to avoid eating the buffet dinner that doesn't even taste that great anyway.
Lydia W.
The best way to save on your wedding is do your own stationary. I did my own programs, invitations, and escort cards and they came out fabulous.
Elika E.
If you have people (family, friends, etc.) who can help you out by making things such as your wedding cake, take them up on it!
Heather H.
Look around at various websites to get ideas for decorations. See what you can make yourself because you can usually make it for cheaper than what they sell it for. This is also a great way to personalize your wedding and reception. Don't just copy ideas on websites, make the decorations your own and change them to your own personal style.
Carrie G.
Buy a beautifully decorated small cake for the traditional cake cutting, but serve your guests from a sheet cake hidden in the kitchen. They will never know the difference and you can save up to $4 per slice!!!
Sara D.
Since most weddings are centered around a season, those who live rurally can enlist friends to go outside and find decorations that are found in nature AND they would be fresh! Things like flowers, branches, leaves, ivy, moss, pretty rocks, birds nests with or without hatched eggs (just turn them around and no one will know they have already hatched out). Add some clear Christmas lights and TaDa! You know everyone wants to be involved one way or another in your wedding and this is a great way to incorporate friends in the wedding celebration so they have a "part" too! Plus you would be surprised to know that LOTS of people would be willing to "share" some of their pretties from their yard for a wedding... just ask ahead of time so you can "pick" the day of the wedding.
Tammy W.
Try having the ceremony and reception at one location. That way you don't have to worry about transportation and it's easier to transport some of the decorations from the ceremony to the reception.
Candice F.
Making jewelry for you and your wedding party is one of the biggest money-savers I've discovered. Not only does it save a ton of money, but you can make it exactly the way you want!
Donna W.
After being a bridesmaid for many friends, I've learned to always have an emergency kit. The kit is filled with things such as: hair pins, white chalk (in case something gets on the brides dress), makeup remover, mints, super glue, extra stockings, flip flops, lip gloss, etc.
Kelly O.
Create your own custom save the dates. For my fall wedding, i went to a craft store, purchased fall leaf scrapbook paper and then cut it into large rectangles (i measured them to fit in the envelopes i bought first). On my computer, I created the save the date info and a miniature calendar (on the date of our wedding I put a heart with our initials inside of it!). I then glued those onto the leaf paper and attached a magnet onto the back. On the envelopes, i put some fall leaf stickers and they turned out beautiful! i have received a ton of compliments and i saved a ton of $!
Tracy H.
If you have a friend (or a friend of a friend) who is into photography, take a look at their work. Often amateur photographers take great pictures and cost much less to hire. Not to mention that if the photographer is someone you already know well, your photo shoot will be a blast!!
Christina W.
Color is still the best way to express style. Stick to one, two or three hues and carry them throughout your whole wedding story.
Alfred Angelo
Get a wedding planner with a fixed cost - saves you the headache of coordinating vendors and you won't get ripped off
Max L.
My fiance and i are getting married out of town, so to save some money and be creative instead of sending normal save the date cards, we sent post cards. We went with my mom to our wedding location town and bought some local postcards, than sent them out since we were having a destination wedding. it was my mom's idea, saved us a chunk of money and our guest thought it was a really special personalized piece to our wedding.
lisa t.
Negotiate a room only package at a reception or banquet hall. Then you can shop around for catering services that will be much less expensive than those places usually charge.
Sonya L.
The best way to save on your wedding is to get the things that matter the most. Why spend money on invaluable things. For favors try your favorite candy instead of expensive trinkets. It's your day, personalize it and make it a day you and your guests will never forget!
Teasha M.
Have your wedding on a Friday! It cuts venue costs by 30-40% and you don't have to worry about competing with every other bride in town for the good vendors!
Leslie R.