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FInd people that you know who can use their talents on your Big Day. After some thought, a lot of my friends and family can help out with the big stuff. For example, my aunt makes and decorates cakes for a hobby, a friend went to school for photography, a friend of the family does flower arrangements, a friend's grandmother does alterations. The list continues. It pays to have connections!
Kristina D.
Have your wedding on a Friday! It cuts venue costs by 30-40% and you don't have to worry about competing with every other bride in town for the good vendors!
Leslie R.
When it comes to your cake & a large guest count. Purchase a small cake (3 tier) for display & photos, then purchase a sheet for the caterer to cut in the back. It's definitely cheaper than purchasing an extravagant 5-6 tier cake.
Jennifer V.
I think one of the best places to cut out wedding costs is in the paper goods. I am making my own wedding menus, favor wrappers, and programs. One ream of card-stock is only about $15 and it goes a long way! Professional printing is awfully expensive for something that will likely end up tossed by the wayside when the wedding is over.
Tina D.
My fiance and i are getting married out of town, so to save some money and be creative instead of sending normal save the date cards, we sent post cards. We went with my mom to our wedding location town and bought some local postcards, than sent them out since we were having a destination wedding. it was my mom's idea, saved us a chunk of money and our guest thought it was a really special personalized piece to our wedding.
lisa t.
My fiancee and I wanted to have personalized gifts for everyone at our wedding. We wanted more than just a box of overpriced chocolates with our names on it. We decided on making a personalized CD with songs that are special to us. Songs that represent us as individuals and as a new couple. We even recorded on our voice on the CD to make it that much more personal! With a picture of us on the cover, we know this will be a hit. The best tip of all his how simple and inexpensive it is to make 200 personalized gifts yourself!
Jaclyn M.
Do what you can do yourself like flower arrangements which can be made simple. The most important adviice is don"t stress out. Enjoy this time, be happy. It is supposed to be fun and exciting, not nerve racking. Things will go wrong, just go with the flow and all will end well on your special day. You will be a glowing bride with family and friends helping you along the way.
mary j.
If you and your spouse already live together and/or don't really need any home goods, then create a wedding registry website that friends and family have the choice to donate money to either your wedding or honeymoon. The account can be linked to Paypal. Every little bit counts. A monetary gift can always come in handy especially when unforseen costs arise.
Natasha B.
Cupcakes! I saved a bundle, not just on the cake itself, but on cake-cutting fees by chosing cupcakes over a traditional cake. Gone are the days when the bridesmaids "feel honored" to serve cake, and the catering crew will likely charge you $1 or more per guest to cut and plate your cake! So I decided to go with cupcakes. There are so many benefits! Your guests get a more generous serving of cake, you can order several flavors of cupcakes, no one is stuck cutting and plating cakes, and the cost of the cake is actually a little less (depending on your bakery.) Give it a try Cupcake, you won't regret it!
Shannon M.
Make your wish list in order of priority. Every bride is different and looking to see what's at the top of your list may give you a better idea of where to spend money and where to let things go.
Jessica L.
Don't let others make your decisions for you. Make sure your day is everything you envisioned it to be and more.
Tracey R.
Showcase your favorite spots! My fiance and I moved to the West Coast after graduation, leaving most of our family in PA and CT. We plan to have postcards at each table with our favorite locations and attractions from our new home in Portland, OR.
Megan G.
When you get an idea about something that you would like for your wedding, do your research. Find out how much it would be to rent the item, make it yourself, or to buy it. Also research how much time it will take you to make it yourself, because that in itself could make it less beneficial than saving the money. Do this with everything and you are guaranteed to save some money.
Tiffany R.
My tip is to go with the flow and if something doesn't go to plan just work with it everything will turn out in the end.
Kami W.
My bridesmaids are spread out through the USA right now, so to take full advantage of that I have them constantly looking for bridal gowns and bridesmaids dresses that not only look great but are cost friendly. The more research I seem to be doing, the more price cutting I find. Another big tip is to buy in bulk. Nobody will know if it came from Walgreens or a high end gallery!!
Brittany K.
In today's economy, throwing any kind of party can be difficult, and the thought of catering an entire wedding reception can be a major headache. One solution is to turn the wedding reception into a potluck. Guests can be sent ideas about what types of foods they should bring so that the menu is cohesive. This is a fun and cost-effective way to make sure that no one will leave the reception hungry.
Chad V.
Weddings are definitely expensive these days and being on a budget can be difficult. My tip is to go elegant but cheap. I have decided to have friends and family help me by making the cake, making my own flowers and decorations. I have also come up with an idea of having my soon to be mother-in-law and other family members help make the food and have the reception at the church instead of the hall to save on the cost of catering the food.
Kathy J.
Don't be afraid to barter for services. I'm a professional writer, and after attending a local bridal show, I realized that many vendors could use some editing and/or writing services. I approached them with the idea of trading services -- my writing, messaging, and marketing expertise for their wedding services. I've saved thousands, and expanded my portfolio! I have another friend--a graphic artist--who has taken a similar approach. The trick is to think outside the box. Your vendors may be running lean in this economy--what can you provide them that would be of value? It's a great way to expand your network, help your vendors, and save some cash in the process.
Jennifer W.
Search the internet to compare prices when buying invitations and wedding favors...You will probably find the same or similar item online for a cheaper price.
deshambra p.
Always try to do it your self!!! Favors and decorations are the your best bets for DIY.
Alyssa L.