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The best way to save money while planning a wedding is to do as much of the planning as you can on your own and think outside the box, You can save money on flowers by having your wedding in a setting that doesn't require a lot of additions (like a garden-- flowers are already included). Also a lot of the money is spent on food and alcohol, think of places that you wouldn't normally think of as a wedding caterer. We have an Irish pub that is going to cater for us - the prices are low because they don't normally gain their entire income from catering and the food is amazing! Also, pick up wine and beers that you enjoy as a couple, but can be found in a "Big Box" kinda store - the prices will be much more reasonable. And the biggest tip of all - make sure you are having fun, regardless of what your budget may be!
Kristen S.
Keep it simple and don't worry about what everyone else thinks.
Amy K.
As a young, poor bride I want a cheap, fun reception. For decorations in the hall I'm using balloons that go with my color scheme and serving pink lemonade and iced tea instead of liquior.
Hannah M.
When planning your events and theme for your wedding, always remember to incorporate what you like. That will help you be creative in making your day unique.
Renee H.
Ask for the list of vendors that the reception site uses. You may be able to get discounts from the supplying vendors that the catering site uses.
Raffaelina G.
Create unique floral arrangements that utilize vibrant colors and non-standard vases (like fishbowls!)...the unique design and powerful colors don't have to involve a lot of flowers and makes for a great, cost-effective conversation piece.
Porsche K.
Don't buy anything! Let people help you! They are always willing to help and it saves you a ton of money!
Erin D.
I am cutting down on the open bar. Instead of 2-4hours, I am having just a 1 hour open bar. After that it will be a cash bar. Also, I will not be having an extra course of desserts.
Paula S.
DIY wedding invites cut cost on assembly.
Marya L.
I decided to have my wedding in december so I wouldn't have to spend extra money on decorations. Every venue we have looked at already has holiday decorations on hand and we are able to use what ever we want at no extra charge.
colleen l.
When choosing your bridesmaid dresses, try to pick different shades of the color you want. That's another way to be unique and fun.
Mayra D
Create your own centerpieces for the reception and or ceremony. Plan ahead and stop by craft stores for after holiday sales, like Valentines Day (if your color scheme is red) to scoop up vases or containers for really cheap. Then add your own flowers or whatever you want.
Hannah K.
Have your bridesmaids or groomsmen carry lifesavers or tictacs under bouquets or in pockets to give to the youner wedding party participants if they start to get fidgety. This is also great for avoiding that cough that just starts to bubble up during the ceremony.
Tonya S
Skip the cake. Few people will notice. Go for the ultra-trendy cupcake with the couple's initials on top. That's plenty for a single serving, and you will have cash left over instead of frozen cake leftovers.
Jennifer S.
To save money, instead of having an open bar (alcohol) during cocktail hour and the reception. Opt out and have drinks during rehearsal dinner at a restaurant or choose a candy station instead. Believe me, this will save you hundreds.
Terri C.
My tip is to relax, not panic, and have fun planning. Oh, and if it sounds too good to be true, it is!
Elaine S.
Shorten the guest list...if you or your fiance haven't seen whomever in more than 2 years, cross them off the list.
Patricia R.
Instead of buying a guest book, have someone who scrapbooks make a book with pictures of you and your fiance and have your guests sign around the pictures. It will be a keepsake reminder of your guests.
Jennifer T.
I am having a beach wedding next summer and want to send out save the dates. Instead of ordering expensive cards from a store/website, we have decided to create our own "beach pass" as a save the date card. We are going to use Microsoft Publisher to create the template for a beach pass and then take silly photos of us from those photo booths you see on the boardwalk. In the photographs, we will hold up a sign that says "Save the Date" "Jen and John's Wedding" "July 9th, 2010." We think it's a cute, cheap, and creative idea to save us hundreds of dollars!!
Jennifer B.
Do everything yourself! I am making all of the stationary, cake, flowers, favors, decorations, etc. myself. I have been getting basic supplies at the craft stores in the area, most everything on sale, clearance, or with a coupon. There are tons of DIY websites with tips and ideas that are very helpful. It is both fun and personal, and it is saving me TONS of money!
Stephanie M.