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If you're having a cocktail reception, try to take bridal party pictures before the ceremony instead of after. Reason: maximize quality time with guests. Cocktail receptions are usually shorter than the traditional sit-down dinner. If you wait until after the ceremony to take your bridal party pictures, you cut down on one of the best parts of your wedding day: celebrating with loved ones.
Patricia F.
Make sure you make plenty of appointments with different places before you decide on your wedding location because you never know if you'll end up loving the place that has the best deal. Same goes for the photographer and videographer; try to bundle services in a package to save you some money.
Frances M.
The biggest tip I can give is to ENJOY yourself. Slow down and take a moment to really realize what is really going on. Wedding planning tends to take over and make us crazy and stressed out. Take a moment every once in awhile to reflect on how you got to this point and how fun it truly is. Its your big day and it will be beautiful but enjoy the journey as well!
Noelani G.
Use silk flowers for aisle runners, flower girl petals, and plants against the wall for decoration. They are cheaper and no one will be able to notice.
Hayley O.
My fiance and I have budgeted for a 150 guest wedding that will come out to less than $20,000. Budgeted within this is a beautiful church overlooking a marsh at high-tide, amazing food, a well stocked bar, entertainment, and an awesome photographer who we grabbed for a steal off of Craigslist. Not to mention my wedding dress which is probably one of the most single expensive items in the budget. But I was promised the wedding of my dreams, and we're making it just that. My number one tip for brides, as memorable as you want to make this day, no one is going to remember it as vividly and as fondly as you will (even your husband five years from now will be a little hazy on the details). So make it about the memories and not the small details that will be gone by the end of your special day. Meaning: you toss your bridal bouquet away; every flower you purchase will be dead the next day; what do you do with the centerpieces when it's all said and done?
Katite G.
Rather than having one wedding color choose a wedding palate or a variety of shades of one color. This will make it easier and cheaper to find flowers and decorations for the wedding.
Erin B.
To avoid extra unnecessary costs, have your rehearsal dinner at home and ask your culinary-savvy friends to do the cooking while the wedding party is rehearsing!
Emma S.
Get married on a holiday weekend! Most people already have off of work and you can get a great package for alot cheaper, since most people don't like to book on a holiday weekend.
Delores R.
Instead of favors, make a donation to a favorite charity. Charitable organizations are in the economy too, so why not donate in honor of your wedding guests!
Deanna T.
Set your budget and stick to it. Decide what is most important so you know the areas you might splurge. Then, cut something that is not that important to keep your cost down.
Christen T.
Ask your mother and her friends for input, they can offer experience at no cost to the bride.
Have the wedding in a public area to cut down on cost of private facilities.
Kimberly S.
Want to save some money on a DJ? Find a karaoke bar that is willing to let you use their equipment. Then, have your friends each perform songs that remind them of you and your new spouse. It's fun, interactive and different. And it'll save you a lot of money. Best of all, the equipment can play CDs, so you can have someone make the perfect CD to accompany your reception and save a lot of money.
Beth N.
First we found a free chapel, plus we found an all you can eat reception with cobblers for free too, so our expensive wedding cake can be small!
Melinda H.
The best way to save on your wedding is do your own stationarysuch as programs, invitations, and escort cards.
Elika E
Make your own reception dinner with the help of your mom, mom to be and any bridesmaid that want to help. It's a much lower cost and a better way to spend a day with your mom and mom to be! Besides, who couldn't use a few cooking lessons from the pros while saving money?
Janon N
Dress up your reception tables... Make your own table runners. Usually your local craft store has 40% off discount coupons in the local papers. Use these coupons to purchase fabric and have a seamstress or tailor make table runners. I have 20 tables plus a gift table, cake table as well as a head table and purchased the fabric for $79 and my seamstress sewed them for me for $50. This allowed me to make my centerpieces less extravagant which saved me TONS and the table runners added the perfect touch to bring in my wedding color scheme!
Sarah W.
We are on a very small budget and I couldn't afford to pay all of these high prices so I posted ads on craigslist and let people contact me..On my ad I put how much I could afford but it was ridiculously low and I still found vendors for everything!!!!
Kim W.
Network with your friends who already had their wedding to save money. You can save yourself alot of time and phone calls by tapping into the research they already did!
Jennie G
If you are having a formal big wedding and want to save money try to get a banquet hall during the off season time Nov-March. Most reception facilities offer deals during that time. You could make the open bar to cash bar and save money off per person sometimes as much as 28 dollars per person. Your guests are not going to drink that much alcohol if they are driving. Remember you also have a champagne toast included in your package. Go through the whole package and see what other charges you could take off that you don't need. Then go back with your list and talk to the person in charge and make a package deal.
Janine S.