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Put a boutonniere on ALL VIP, and tell your photographer how many there are. This will help ensure photos throughout the whole wedding of these people.
Jennifer L.
Guests generally don't remember what they ate that night, besides the cake. They just remember that they did eat. So don't feel like you have to do a formal gourmet food spread! Go more economical and fun with your food selections, and cut out a HUGE portion of your expenses!
Jennifer L.
One way that we are saving money on our wedding is we posted on craigslist that we were looking for a photographer. We got a ton of emails and realized that a lot of them were from new graduates from a well known university who had just finished an extensive program in photography. After interviewing and talking with a few of these students and seeing their work, we found one who was just what we wanted and for an amazing price! Our agreement in that we pay less than 1/2 of what most photographers cost in exchange for her use of our photos in her portfolio and on her website to help her start her business. It has saved us over $2000!
Kate W.
Do a Destination wedding! It will save you lots of money!!
Patricia C.
For beautiful flower centerpieces, go to your local nursery and buy potted flowers overflowing with blooms. The centerpiece will cost $25 or less and guests can take them home afterwards!
Myfanwy C.
Use your resources!! I have found a number of people that have things I need to make my day special and they are willing to help me build or make whatever I need. My best find is the Cricut, I will be able to make all my favors with this machine, during a weekend scrapbook retreat.
Stacie L.
For our wedding and reception we are having ours in my folks backyard. We have borowed decor from friends, and they've all decided to pitch in with our picnic style lunch. And to top it all, a friends voluntered to do the photos and put them on DVD for free. Think close to home and see how much money you can save.
Andrea D.
When planning your events and theme for your wedding, always remember to incorporate what you like. That will help you be creative in making your day unique.
Renee H.
Ask! You never know if a fiend of your aunt's bakes wedding cakes or if a college friend does photography. Be creative with your contacts as well . Many art, culinary, and cosmetology students will provide services for a fraction of the cost.
Jessica L
I got all of my wedding decorations online from craigslist. People who bought to much are looking to give it away, and when I am done with it I am going to pass it onto the next person who needs it. It is my version of paying it forward. This saved me time and LOTS of money.
Heather M.
Add a unique touch to your bridal party by giving your bridesmaids the style and color you want while letting them pick out their own individual dresses that complement their body type and budget.
Brittany D
You can save money on flowers by making your arrangements with you florist. Most like the free labor, make it a flower party!
Gwendolyn P.
The Bahamas
Juli M.
Don't forget who you are as a couple, and allow your man to be himself on his wedding day. For me this meant having a Romantic Country wedding at my sister's ranch. So my laid back man gets to wear jeans, and a nice blazer. That way he can feel like himself and it will save us money on tux rental!
carolyn h.
A great way to save money is by doing your own flower arrangements. You can order bulk flowers online or at any Sam' s or Costco. I am doing my own flowers and bridesmaid bouquets and it is saving me a fortune!
Always start with good foundation garments - the right bra can make all the difference in your pictures and how you feel through out the day.
Alfred Angelo
The best way to go is going classic, such as using mother's dress for tradition, even though its so last century, but maybe with some taste of my own. Yard sales, you never know what you can find plus they have alot of stuff for such a great price and stuff that hasnt even been used sometimes.
Jessica G.
Negotiate a room only package at a reception or banquet hall. Then you can shop around for catering services that will be much less expensive than those places usually charge.
Sonya L.
Borrow!! To save some money and add sentimentality, reuse your mother's veil, jewelry, or garter. You can also borrow various vases from friends and family to make table centerpieces.
Rebecca H.
Take pictures of the bustle at the final dress fitting. Arranging the bustle is indeed a not-so-easy task. Take a member of your bridal party with you to the the bridal salon when you go for your last fitting. They can see exactly what needs to be done for the wedding.
Sony J.