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Have a small wedding and make every detail significant. We are writing our own vows, planning a back yard wedding and every detal is going to be home made instead of store bought. My flowers will be dried flowers from our garden, and each part of the day will have more meaning since we are planning it in a simplistic way.
Kristina H.
Dollar Stores may not be the most glamorous place to shop for your wedding but they sell bubbles, tulle, floating candles, vases, and tons of other things that can help you save money when it comes to decorating your wedding ceremony and reception.
Samantha D.
Select your gown first. Your gown will set the tone for the rest of your wedding. If your gown is satin, you can then decide your bridesmaids dresses should be satin.
Danielle D
Buy flowers in bulk and make your own bouquets.
Lisa W.
One of my tips that is really helping my wedding is since flowers are so expensive, I am having the local vocational school do my bouquets for my wedding party. They are coming out beautiful and they are less expensive than going to a flower shop.
Rachel B.
Add photos to your invitations at a minimal cost by using a strip of photos from a photo booth and making duplicates. This can be a fun and cost effective way to get a great picture that reflects your personalities.
Evette R
Instead of having a real DJ at your reception, have an outgoing friend do it instead. You can rent speakers or borrow them. Compile your music beforehand on a playlist so it's ready to go!
Cheryl K.
Make sure to have a bustle added to your gown for the reception and dance
Emily N.
I am cutting down on the open bar. Instead of 2-4hours, I am having just a 1 hour open bar. After that it will be a cash bar. Also, I will not be having an extra course of desserts.
Paula S.
Make sure you include the groom. Even though it is your day you are not the only one getting married. It should be for both of you, your special day.
Jeanette C.
I'm doing all of the floral arrangements, centerpieces, and bouquets saving over $1300. I went to a craft store and bought Eifle tower vases for centerpieces. I'll be ordering my calla lillies through costco because the are really reasonable 75 stems for $114 .
Lisa R.
Rent a VFW Hall or any hall & have family help cater your food with your favorite family recipes. Buy bulk napkins and get rubber stamps/ink of a design(or your initials) & color you love. Buy silk flowers and clear vases in bulk from your local craft stores and do your own bouquet and centerpieces, along with some sand, rocks, marbles, etc!!! Also, Disposable chair covers and table linens will save you $$$!
Find out what unique talents your friends and family have. I am using family for everything and saving thousands of dollars.
Monique C
The best way to save is to be very realistic with your budget and to do your best to not go over what you really can afford. Planning in advance is very helpful to set specific goals along the way. Set aside a certain funds per month/week that will go directly into the cost of your wedding. Realize that a wedding is made to last, so that means not just preparing for the moment, but for all of your days in this life. * Most important tip, you can never have enough prayer because HE will always make a way.
Yvonne O.
Be sure to have some emergency baby powder at your reception! If someone spills red wine or any kind of drink on your gown just toss some powder on the stain and it will camouflage the stain on your gorgeous gown!
Kelvia C.
My best save on my wedding is when I decided to have our ceremony and reception outside in a big,open field next to my fiance's house where we first met.
Create simple and inexpensive wedding decorations and favors. Get rock candy colored to match your scheme; and organza flowers for tables. It only takes a few yards of organza, and you can have tables-worth of decorations. Last, do the work yourself. Make your own favors, ask family members to help cater the food, decorate the venue yourself.
Amber M
Remember that it is you and your fiance's day. Make decisions that you two want even if some family members are not thrilled about it. If they love you enough, they will honor your wishes and go with the flow!
Daphney J.
Do-it-yourself projects. Like invitations, keepsakes, programs, etc.
Keata M.
Instead of hiring a DJ or band, opt for a free option: your i-Pod. When sending out invitations, have a line for invitees to list their favorite love and dance songs and compile the ultimate playlist. At the reception, you can either keep the i-Pod on shuffle or have an energetic friend/family member act as an impromptu DJ.
Christine C.