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To save on a DJ, create your own playlist of songs on your IPod or computer and rent a sound system. If you want music suggestions, put a place on your RSVP cards for guests to list songs. This way you can be certain everyone will enjoy the song selection.
Amanda P.
Enlist friends and family with special talents to help with your wedding. My father did the flowers and my mother did the cake for my brother's wedding and they both came out beautiful!
Jessica S.
Don't forget to spend time with your mom during the planning of your wedding. After all she has been dreaming of her little girls big day.
Kacee S
To save money on expensive flowers, have an edible center piece that doubles as your favors. Purchase candy coated chocolate in your wedding colors and place in a glass bowl with empty favor containers around it. Scoop the candies with a small scoop.
Michele G.
D.I.Y Do It Yourself is always the name of the game when thinking about cutting cost. Take putting decorations together for example. If you do it yourself you can buy in bulk from places like B.J.'s or Buying in bulk always saves money. Get out the glue guns, tulle, and candy coated almonds. Fun, Friends, and Favors.
Jasmaine P.
My best advice: Do It Yourself! DIY where you can, invitations, arranging your own flowers, make your cake! There are so many things you can do yourself with a little instruction and practice! There a video demonstrations available online for almost anything related to your wedding. Not only will it save you hundreds (if not more), it will also make your wedding more personal, and give you more control over how things look!
Brit M.
Watch your eye makeup. You may want to arm one of your bridesmaids with an emergency makeup bag complete with travel mirror. This will be perfect for quick touch ups.
Alfred Angelo
Have a small battery powered fan available for a quick cool down.
Diana S
If you are purchasing shoes for your wedding day, especially if they are heels, plan to break them in by wearing them around the house for a few hours at a time on several different days. If they are fitting a little tight, put a pair of thick socks on with them. This will help to stretch them out that extra little bit. Your feet will thank you on your special day.
Kathy C.
Design your own flower arrangements and use flowers that are from your region and in season. It's a nice way to put your own artistic touch to your wedding and it's the 'green' way to go!
Marwa B.
To help with the troubled economy - have family and friends join in the wedding fun. Have a "Get Together" to help make bouquets for bridesmaids, pew decorations, flower arrangements for centerpieces for receptions or birdseed/rose petal bags. This "party" is not only cost saving but loads of fun to have everyone you love to be together, laughing and sharing with you as they play a part of the Wedding of your Dreams.
Shannon R.
My tip to save money at the wedding is use unique centerpieces that go with your personality or things that you grew up with that meant something to you. You can also do a photo centerpiece of baby photos hanging from a branches and guests will for sure be walking around to look at all the different photos you may have up.
Kami W.
Choose flowers that are in bloom close to your wedding date. These flowers will be easier to find and cheaper.
Kady M.
If you want professional photos but need to save money, think of having a talented friend or family member do either the reception or ceremony, and hire a professional photographer for only a few hours.
Molly B
Ask the advice and use your resources from friends, family and loved ones. Everyone has talents, contacts, and information that can help you get the best deals with vendors who do great work, or they can help you do it themselves! Also, this is the best way to help others who are in tight financial situations to have their assistance and advice be their wedding gift to you!
Erin M.
Do your own flowers (unless you want a really manicured/stylized look) - purchase them from a wholesale flower dealer, or local farmer (even in big cities you probably have a farmers' market). Simple looks are "in" (ie. a bouquet of all one type of flower), and I'm personally going for the "wildflowers from a meadow" look, which lends itself to being home-done.
Belinda M.
Have a relative cater your reception.
Christine D.
Have the wedding in a public area to cut down on cost of private facilities.
Kimberly S.
Hirer a wedding planner for the day of the event so that you can enjoy your day.
Have your ceremony in between cocktail hour & your reception to save money. Our hall was going to charge us $500 to have our ceremony before cocktail hour, but by having it after cocktail hour and not having them set up special seating - it is free instead!
Michele A.