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Whatever you enjoy the most, do it yourself (DIY). If you enjoy baking, bake your own wedding cake. If you enjoy flowers or crafts, make your own bouquets. Not only will DIYing help with your budget, you will get to invest more in your wedding.
Jenna G.
Since most weddings are centered around a season, those who live rurally can enlist friends to go outside and find decorations that are found in nature AND they would be fresh! Things like flowers, branches, leaves, ivy, moss, pretty rocks, birds nests with or without hatched eggs (just turn them around and no one will know they have already hatched out). Add some clear Christmas lights and TaDa! You know everyone wants to be involved one way or another in your wedding and this is a great way to incorporate friends in the wedding celebration so they have a "part" too! Plus you would be surprised to know that LOTS of people would be willing to "share" some of their pretties from their yard for a wedding... just ask ahead of time so you can "pick" the day of the wedding.
Tammy W.
My bridesmaids are spread out through the USA right now, so to take full advantage of that I have them constantly looking for bridal gowns and bridesmaids dresses that not only look great but are cost friendly. The more research I seem to be doing, the more price cutting I find. Another big tip is to buy in bulk. Nobody will know if it came from Walgreens or a high end gallery!!
Brittany K.
Make sure you write down all details. Don't try to remember everything-you will leave something out.
Carolyn R.
Always remember that no matter how expensive your wedding is; it is the one day that was supposed to be.
Alicia B.
My best tip is to keep it simple. We are renting a beautiful little chapel and garden for one hour! We are hoping to get married outdoors but if it should rain a pretty chapel is there. Then we will have a professional photographer for one hour. We are going next door to the restaurant for an afternoon reception with our families, children, and closest friends. We have found a local florist who is very reasonable. I am only getting one bouquet which I will be happy to toss.
Elizabeth B.
Have your wedding on a day other than Saturday and save on your venue, photography, and many other services by 30-50%.
Amber P.
Try and buy things on sale. Spend more on what's important to you and cut expenses on things that are less important.
Elizabeth D.
My cost cutting ideas for my wedding are to use as many organic and natural things or lets say being as green as possible. Being green by using bright colored fruits for name card holders and trying recycled paper for names and table numbers is one idea. Most earth friendly choices are just as cheap so why not try going green!
Alicia L.
Purchase a book about (DIY) making your own wedding florals. Then find a florist willing to sell you just the flowers, not the bouquets, or purchase flowers from a grocery store. You can easily make all the boutonnieres for the wedding; the bridal bouquets are a bit more difficult but still very doable. I figure I can save well over $500 by making my own florals: boutonnieres, bridal party bouquets, and mothers' corsages. I'll leave the really big flower arrangements to the professionals, but I am also making the individual table centerpieces as well, saving another $500.
Asynith P.
Your bridesmaids don't all have to have the same exact color. You could have a rainbow wedding!
Denise D.
To save HUGE on wedding flowers and still have gorgeous flowers that look very professional, call around to your local floral arrangment classes or schools. The majority of them will do your entire wedding, recption, center pieces and bouquets for a very small fee. And the bonus? The student have someone watching over them, and may even get graded on their work, so they HAVE to do a great job!
Amber M.
Check your city recreation department for reception sites! I found my city offered the local golf clubhouse after hours for only $100.00 rental fee for up to 6 hours! The location is beautiful, convienent, and private. Also, the city is contracted for the catering and liquor. Expenses were greatly reduced as compared to other venues. The cost of the reception per person averages about $30.00 per person with food, alcohol, and gratuity. What a bargin!
Virginia A.
I'm doing my own planning. I have cut out a coordinator completely from all the preliminary work and will just be using one for the day of to help with set up and organization. This saves anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars and allows my wedding to reflect the things that i like and are truly important to me and my fiance.
Enid A.
This is YOUR wedding. Throughout my planning process, I keep comparing my wedding to my future sister-in-law's wedding. Which is a HUGE mistake, not only was her budget more then twice what mine is, her style is completely different. I don't even like tiaras and princess castles! Whenever I have a decision to make, I pick what I would get with money as no object and tone it down to the price range I can afford. You can find a beautiful wedding cake, dress, or flowers without the designer label and the price tag that goes with it. It is easy to get caught up in the materialistic route and let the green-eyed monster lead the way. I know I wouldn't be happy on my day if I did things only to please or out-do others. As important as this day is, it is only a day. And it's your day, so make it about you!
Suzie D.
Have a small battery powered fan available for a quick cool down.
Diana S
If you really want real flowers go to the florist and ask for half real and half fake. It is much cheaper than having all real flowers. Also, florists can keep what they made and reuse it for another wedding.
Krisha L.
I go on the Michaels website to find ways to save on my wedding. They have great ideas about do-it-yourself projects. I'm definitely going to do the aisle bouquets with fake flowers to cut costs in my wedding (especially because we are only using them for the ceremony).
Christina M.
I believe that the best tip is organization. Everything should be organized in a binder with a check list of everything that needs to be done in the appropriate amount of time. I also think that it's important to clip everything that you see in magazines as inspiration and put that in your binder too. Also, make notes of everything that comes to mind and add it to the binder so you don't forget.
Jennifer S.
If you want to save money on your wedding look into getting married at a garden! This will cut down on the cost of décor, and give a good place to get your pictures done!!!
Miranda D