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Don't be afraid of being creative. Who says you need to have huge flower centerpieces on all the guest tables. Find something unusual that either matches your theme or the time of year. For example, fill the bottom of a glass container with white sand and shells with a pillar candle matching the wedding's colors for a summer wedding. Mood lighting and a centerpiece all in one. And much cheaper than the usual.
Jaclyn H.
It's never to early to start shopping for gifts,favors or anything else you may need, espeicaly after the holidays. I saved tons of money this way.
The best way to save money is to plan a year or two in advance. Then you can buy ceremony/reception decorations, flowers and gifts on clearance or on sale! I used half the money I normally would have!
Candice G.
Instead of a guest sign in book I am have two of my friends at a table taking polorads of guest and having them write a note on it with there picture. This way I have a note and a picture of all my guest to remember, and to make a memory book later.
jennifer r.
Fresh flower petals set a romantic stage as they flutter from the hand of your flower girl. Be aware that fresh petals may mark a carpet if crushed during your entrance or exit. To avoid this problem, you may want to consider drying the petals in advance. Another option is to use silk flower petals. These have all the glamour with none of the worry. Mist the petals with your favorite scent for a perfect finishing touch.
Lessly M.
If you are a member of your church, you can probably have your wedding ceremony and reception there for free (saves lots of money!). Look at your local craft store for pre-made silk bouquets/ideas. And if you are willing, cut the high price of candles by making your own to help create the ambience you want at your reception.
Sigred S.
when shopping for wedding stuff, try the second hand shops first because you may find something unique that you'll never find in a regular store. Always try to barter with them on the price. You never know, you may get it cheaper if you barter.
amber s.
Add photos to your invitations at a minimal cost by using a strip of photos from a photo booth and making duplicates. This can be a fun and cost effective way to get a great picture that reflects your personalities.
Evette R
Ask, Ask, Ask - You never know if a fiend of your aunt's bakes wedding cakes or if a college friend does photography. Be creative with the groups you contact as well - many art, culinary, and cosmetology students will provide services for a fraction of the cost.
Jessica L.
My fiancé and I decided from the get-go that we wanted a memorable wedding, but we didn’t want to spend a ton. In the end, quality won out over quantity and we agreed to a smaller wedding at an outstanding location. To help cut the costs even lower, we made certain the date was on a Sunday (one of the cheapest days to get married here in CO) as well as arranged with the hotel to have a brunch rather than a dinner (giving us a full ‘food’ station with salads and breakfast foods as well as the guests choice between two dinner entrees or one breakfast meal). These two things alone cut our costs by more than half, and everyone there will have a wonderful afternoon/evening.
Armarna R.
One BIG tip I can offer anyone is take the time to do research. There are so many smaller vendors that would love a chance to showcase their talents that could probably do just as good of a job for a lot cheaper.
To help cut the cost of flowers, use your bridal party bouquets as centerpieces.
Gwennea G.
For wedding flowers.... 1. Find out what other brides are having weddings/receptions in the same space as your on the same day. Work with these brides to choose flower arrangements that suit everyone's event, and then pool your money to buy flowers that can be used for each event during the day. Saves money for everyone, and is kinder to the environment (fewer flowers cut). 2. For bridal bouquets.... If you have enough time, you can grow your own flowers for bridal bouquets. Find out what flowers will be in bloom (in your growing area) at the time your wedding is planned, and plant your flower garden accordingly. If you don't have enough space to grow all these flowers, recruit family members and bridesmaids to help.
Jennifer W.
Don't let others make your decisions for you. Make sure your day is everything you envisioned it to be and more.
Tracey R.
To save money on my wedding ceremony I am planning on getting married in an indoor garden. This way I don't have to buy flowers or decorate the space for the ceremony. Also since it is an indoor garden I won't have to worry about stormy weather.
Cassandra P.
Do not sweat the small stuff. Enjoy your beautiful and special day. Cherish it forever... If things do not go "perfectly," who cares. This is the happiest day of your life!
Samantha B.
Don't forget to spend time with your mom during the planning of your wedding. After all she has been dreaming of her little girls big day.
Kacee S
Always try to do it your self!!! Favors and decorations are the your best bets for DIY.
Alyssa L.
For my wedding flowers, we are buying red silk roses for less than $1/each. My colors are red, black and white... in order for me to have black roses, I am spray painting them with a flat black spray paint (less than $2/can). Great way to save money on flowers and still have beautiful bouquets!
Jeanna D.
Bridesmaids can carry beautiful artificial flowers. They look real and just as nice, but are much less expensive and can be fun to make at the bridesmaid's luncheon!
Emily J