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When you start planning your wedding, list wedding expenses starting with the one that is MOST important to you. If you know you want a great band, list that as a splurge. Then, if you really don't care about centerpieces, maybe you can cut that out.
Sara M.
Be open to many suggestions before making a decision. Dont have your heart set too fast on something because it may be too pricey and you dont want to blow your budget too early. It may help cut costs down in the long run.
Melissa V.
Cut down the number of people attending your reception. All you need is your close friends and family to have a good time.
Koren R.
Make lists for all your attendants so they know exactly what you need them to do to get ready for the wedding. It's much easier to make sure things are done when they can check it off as its accomplished! DO NOT expect your maid of honor to do all of it! Print the lists on bright paper so its easily found in their purse. have a master list at home and know who's doing what, so when they update you, you'll know what's not getting done and you can take care of it yourself or redistribute. Makes for a much saner day!
DArcy W.
make a wedding cake from cupcakes stacked in a pyramid instead of paying for a per slice wedding cake.
betty r.
To help cut the cost of flowers, use your bridal party bouquets as centerpieces.
Gwennea G.
Let your fiance be in charge of securing a wedding and reception places, and other things you know he can do. This will take some of the stress off of you, and makes him feel like it is his wedding too!
Krys P.
My favorite cost-cutting tip would definitely have to be to do your own invites. If you really think about it- in the past how many wedding invitations have you actually kept? I have asked many people regarding this and 99% of them just tossed them out after the wedding. The 1% that did keep them was because it was for an immediate family member and it was as a momento from the wedding. So I say DIY your own invites! You would be surprised all the information, templates and tons of fonts to customize your own invitations.
Nicole I.
Have the wedding in a public area to cut down on cost of private facilities.
Kimberly S.
Be sure to utilize everyone that is able and willing to help; this will reduce your stress level.
Veronica J.
Ask as many questions as you want, no matter what! You won't be the first person to ask and you definitely won't be the last. Depend on your experts!
Alfred Angelo
Look online! You can find tons of great giveaways and contests and maybe win stuff for your wedding. Talk to your family members on both sides, who knows? You might find someone who knows how to make flower arrangements or someone who knows a cheap but great cake vendor. Hand-make your own invatiations by going to your local craftstore and getting the supplies yourself. It will be more personal to you and your guests knowing that you made them yourself.
Brittany D.
Use a different centerpiece for each table. A lot of brides feel that all of their centerpieces have to be the same, which can become costly. But if you are willing to be unique and use different centerpieces for each table, you can be creative and save money at the same time!
Schedule your wedding for Friday instead of Saturday. Everything from the caterer to the DJ to the venue will be cheaper.
Rayah M.
Instead of spending big money on a spa day for you or your bridesmaids, go online and get facial recipes and a bunch of other spa tricks for free. Have a spa night at home - it's a lot cheaper and more fun since its in the comfort of your own home.
Ashley B.
First things first, set your budget and stick to it! Be sure to take the time to sit down and estimate all your expected expenses and figure out what's more important to the both of you and try to cut back on those things that are less important. Good Luck!
Susan B.
Save BIG BUCKS by having a 50-guest wedding at a beautiful restaurant. Perks: the decor and theme is set. You can get personalized menus (since many print their own,). Many order fresh flowers weekly for the tables, and will let you choose the flower type for that particular week! Free centerpieces!!!
Robin J.
Buy flowers in bulk and make your own bouquets.
Lisa W.
Have a tapas style reception. The cost per person is much lower over a plated dinner and your guests will get to experience a variety of dishes.
Carla S.
Having a morning or early afternoon wedding, even on a Saturday, will help save on the cost of food, alcohol and possibly even reception hall rental rates. And that way the guests can still make plans for that evening and the rest of the weekend.
Mary Susan G.