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A dusting of baby powder on your finger before the ceremony will ensure that your ring slides on smoothly.
Holly S.
Flowers take up a lot of the funds for a wedding. Try using an inexpensive centerpiece (ex: pebbles in a short vase) and accent with a single flower over water. Cutting cost yet maintaining atmosphere is key to an inexpensive wedding.
Brooke T.
Have two photographers taking pictures, so you can be sure to catch all the activities during the wedding and reception.
Sarah W.
I will say the best way to save is to cut your guest list because the less people you have, the less money you will spend on food.
lashala d.
Discuss your wedding plans with friends and family. You never know who might be able to volunteer their time and/or services to help cut back on costs. I learned a coworker of mine does photography as a hobby and part-time career. A friend of mine will be doing the music at the ceremony and our cheesecake wedding cake. My grandmother is doing my flower arrangements! This has cut back on costs tremendously!
Stefanie C.
Have your wedding later in the evening and just have dessert/hor dourves instead of a big fancy meal
Leisa M.
You can find really nice custom invitations at Party City for 30% off.
Sabrina M.
Research is the key to keep your wedding on budget. Do not buy anything the first time around, look, and use internet. Since our wedding is during the holiday season, last Christmas we waited for after Christmas sales to buy a lot of our decorations at 75% to 90% off!!!!
Alma P.
Check with venue for the least expensive day and then work with your other vendors to see if they offer discounts for that day. We saved over $2000 this way.
Mona J.
Many places may include some type of centerpiece in the cost. If they do, but you want to spice them up a little, there are many websites where you can buy items in bulk. The more you buy, the more you save. We are going to purchase snowflake votive candles and holders along with bulk glass beads to put around the centerpeices.
Sara L.
Network with your friends who already had their wedding to save money. You can save yourself alot of time and phone calls by tapping into the research they already did!
Jennie G
Consider having your wedding on a day other than Saturday. We are having a Friday wedding and saving tons on reception costs. Our friends in the wedding are also excited to take a day off of work and still have the whole weekend when the wedding is over!
Alicia A.
When my fiance and I started planning we made a wedding list: most important items at the top and least at the bottom of the list. We started putting in estimates and figuring out how to allocate funds from our total available wedding budget. Since things were already in priority order, it was easy to make decisions about taking money to eliminate things at the bottom of the list, to reallocate the funds to the things at the top. It also helped us figure out where we should DIY items to save money. Doing our budget this way is really helping us stick to it and possibly come in under our initial amount!
Kimberly S.
Contact your local community college for event planning services. Many community colleges train event planners and floral designers and contract out their services. They usually offer variety, creativity, and flexibility at the fraction of the cost of professional vendors and they are supervised by professional event planners.
Erica W.
Since most weddings are centered around a season, those who live rurally can enlist friends to go outside and find decorations that are found in nature AND they would be fresh! Things like flowers, branches, leaves, ivy, moss, pretty rocks, birds nests with or without hatched eggs (just turn them around and no one will know they have already hatched out). Add some clear Christmas lights and TaDa! You know everyone wants to be involved one way or another in your wedding and this is a great way to incorporate friends in the wedding celebration so they have a "part" too! Plus you would be surprised to know that LOTS of people would be willing to "share" some of their pretties from their yard for a wedding... just ask ahead of time so you can "pick" the day of the wedding.
Tammy W.
To cut down on your catering costs, request one of your favorite meals. Most caterers will make a menu that you select rather than the expensive choices they offer like filet mingion or costly seafood. For our wedding, we are having all of our Thanksgiving favorites right down to the cranberry sauce and we are paying less for more food because our choices are easier to purchase and since there are less ingredients, the meal costs less to prepare. Don't be afraid to ask for alternatives to the menu they offer.
Amy-Lynn M.
Get a seperate checking account for all wedding related funds. This way when it comes time to pay it will be seperate from your personal money. It's a much better way than paying with cash.
Mallory V
Have someone who scrapbooks make you a book with pictures of you and your fiancee and have your guests sign around the pictures. It will be a special keepsake reminder of your guests.
Jennifer T
The best way to save on your wedding is to get the things that matter the most. Why spend money on invaluable things. For favors try your favorite candy instead of expensive trinkets. It's your day, personalize it and make it a day you and your guests will never forget!
Teasha M.
Starting as early as you can decide what you want and how much it will cost. Then find what you can do on your own... centerpeices, flowers, etc. Go to the craft store and see what they have. Dont forget to check for supplies online!! Then you have more to spend elsewhere or just cutting back all together!
Sarah M