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Do your own flowers (unless you want a really manicured/stylized look) - purchase them from a wholesale flower dealer, or local farmer (even in big cities you probably have a farmers' market). Simple looks are "in" (ie. a bouquet of all one type of flower), and I'm personally going for the "wildflowers from a meadow" look, which lends itself to being home-done.
Belinda M.
DIY wedding invites cut cost on assembly.
Marya L.
Instead of having a real DJ at your reception, have an outgoing friend do it instead. You can rent speakers or borrow them. Compile your music beforehand on a playlist so it's ready to go!
Cheryl K.
When considering wedding band and ring options, consider going vintage by either choosing an heirloom piece that has been in your families for decades, if not generations, or buying an antique ring.
Rosalyn K.
Save BIG BUCKS by having a 50-guest wedding at a beautiful restaurant. Perks: the decor and theme is set. You can get personalized menus (since many print their own,). Many order fresh flowers weekly for the tables, and will let you choose the flower type for that particular week! Free centerpieces!!!
Robin J.
It's all about the flowers. I love them but they can be so expensive. I love to shop ebay for great discounts. I found a lot of over 200 colorful wooden roses there for $30.00. I will use them to create my bridesmaids bouquets. As for my bouquet, introduced me to a website named Some website carry bulk roses for the DIY in all of us. They send them straight to your door, at a fraction of the cost.
Amanda L.
Choose flowers that are in bloom close to your wedding date. These flowers will be easier to find and cheaper.
Kady M.
Choose the color and fabric of your bridesmaids dresses, then allow each to choose their own dress within those parameters in order to find a style they feel beautiful and comfortable in while fitting their budget.
Kelly M.
Create your own stationary and save BIG. I was able to design my own invitations in PhotoShop and took them to my local "mom and pop shop" printer. For $200 I was able to print my invitations, directions, response cards, programs as well as envelopes, table cards and Thank you cards!
Sarah W.
Use a different centerpiece for each table. A lot of brides feel that all of their centerpieces have to be the same, which can become costly. But if you are willing to be unique and use different centerpieces for each table, you can be creative and save money at the same time!
Instead of having an open bar, buy the alcohol that you want and what ever you don't open, you can take back to the store. Have your wedding on a Friday - you save thousands on the hall.
Melissa I.
Deisgn your own Bridsmaid gifts
Penelope K.
Get a seperate checking account for all wedding related funds. This way when it comes time to pay it will be seperate from your personal money. It's a much better way than paying with cash.
Mallory V
I am having my wedding ceremony and reception at the same place. Not only are you saving on the ceremony venue itself, you are also cutting out costs for limo service, and decorating! We are saving over three thousand dollars by cutting out the ceremony site, and having it at the reception site. An added bonus is that your out of town guests wont have to find two places in a strange city.
Eva E.
My biggest cost saving tip is a lot of DIY! From the flowers, to the decorations, aisle runner, wedding cake and chuppa, It's all being done by family, friends and myself. Brides do not have to sacrifice quality here, doing it yourself can look just as amazing as being professionally done. DIY items can come out beautiful and unique all the while saving money.
Brittany K.
The best way to save is to hire a wedding coordinator! You might have to shell out extra cash for one - but they know the very best, tried and true ways to make your wedding stunning without getting you into debt!
Kara S.
Here are a couple tips that have saved me a few dollars! 1. Have two receptions. If you have a large guest list and are looking for a cute way to cut the guest list for your reception, consider having a cake & punch reception for friends, and then a formal reception for your family and more important guests. You can enter the cake & punch reception, take a few pictures with your guests, have a toast, and then leave for your formal reception. This way, your guests who are not invited to the formal reception do not feel slighted, and you've saved a TON of money by being able to shorten your formal reception guest list. At the cake & punch reception, opt for cute cupcakes instead of a formal cake and have colorful punch to match your wedding colors, and provide small boxes with thank you tags on them, which do double-duty as take home boxes for the cupcakes and your inexpensive wedding favors! And if you're really on a budget, you and your bridesmaids can make the cupcakes.
Tiffany D.
The BEST way to cut some wedding costs for the bride on a budget is to search for DIY projects and get the most information you can for free online instead of paying big money for a wedding planner. Make your own invitations, learn how to design your own wedding cake and make it more special with your very own style and details. Not only will you remember every detail of the wedding better, but everyone will see your style shine.
Jesenia R.
It's never to early to start shopping for gifts,favors or anything else you may need, espeicaly after the holidays. I saved tons of money this way.
Weddings are definitely expensive these days and being on a budget can be difficult. My tip is to go elegant but cheap. I have decided to have friends and family help me by making the cake, making my own flowers and decorations. I have also come up with an idea of having my soon to be mother-in-law and other family members help make the food and have the reception at the church instead of the hall to save on the cost of catering the food.
Kathy J.