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To cut down on the florist costs, I purchased the centerpiece candle holders and vases from a outlet store in Chicago. They cost a fraction of the price from the leading retailers. I was then able to take a picture and bring it to the florist. She was able to design my arrangements around these pieces and have her crew come in a few hours to set eveything up before the reception.
Roseanne G.
If you have a friend (or a friend of a friend) who is into photography, take a look at their work. Often amateur photographers take great pictures and cost much less to hire. Not to mention that if the photographer is someone you already know well, your photo shoot will be a blast!!
Christina W.
To save money on Save the Dates I am being creative. I am getting married at a vineyard and I am using some of their leftover wine labels for my save the dates. I will just print the info on the back of the labels and mail them out saving me lots of money! They were given to me for free.
Sandra L.
I am having a beach wedding next summer and want to send out save the dates. Instead of ordering expensive cards from a store/website, we have decided to create our own "beach pass" as a save the date card. We are going to use Microsoft Publisher to create the template for a beach pass and then take silly photos of us from those photo booths you see on the boardwalk. In the photographs, we will hold up a sign that says "Save the Date" "Jen and John's Wedding" "July 9th, 2010." We think it's a cute, cheap, and creative idea to save us hundreds of dollars!!
Jennifer B.
When trying on dresses, make sure that all your Bridesmaids go together. This way you can get the full visual effect of how things will look on your wedding day.It brings a great introduction as a group and breaks the ice for future planning. Takes pictures with a digital camera so that you have something to refer back to when making a decision.
Lee M
Almost everyone knows someone with a flower garden. Check out using their flowers for your arrangements. Most people would consider it a honor for you to ask if you could use them.
Angela B.
Get a friend who is good with makeup to do yours on your special day! Make sure she sticks with colors that look natural on your face. Fake eyelashes can really make your eyes pop in pictures too. (Buy good eyelash glue. Duo is the best.) Make sure to practice beforehand! You can even take pictures and see how it's going to look :)
Kasia S.
I have started over a year of planning before the wedding and am getting things here and there. Its much better than cramming it in to a few months. I have also been doing alot of Ebay shopping for certain things. I have been making my own invitations as well. It takes time but I have gathered the MOH and MOG together and the 3 of us have flown through them.
Kayleigh M.
Instead of buying save the date cards, send save the date e-vites! Saves time, money, paper and postage!
Lisa T.
With my wedding we decided on sticking to a budget. Instead of having a wedding and then going to a reception we are having the ceremony and reception in the same building. This saves on the cost of renting two buildings. As far as a gown, tux and decorations go, I picked what meant the most to me. I really wanted the decorations to be what I want. Everything else will fall into place. For food, we aren't going real fancy. We are going to have Pit BBQ Beef with sides. The food doesn't have to be catered. I am going to spend a little more on my cake because it will be sitting out for display as people wait to have a bite. My decorations will be simple yet elegant. We are using fake flowers for decorations, which will cut costs, and real flowers for my bouquet. It's not about how much money you spend it, is about having fun and celebrating the begining of your marriage. In the end the more money you save can be used for a great honeymoon.
Christina O.
Be sure to have some emergency baby powder at your reception! If someone spills red wine or any kind of drink on your gown just toss some powder on the stain and it will camouflage the stain on your gorgeous gown!
Kelvia C.
1st: Go to as many bridal shows as possible and start going early! The more you shows you go to, the more chances you have at winning stuff. I have won my DJ AND our honeymoon and I've gone to 3 so far! 2nd: Do small things that you can do yourself. I'm designing my own invites and having them printed online (the cost of online printing is cheap) I'm probably going to get my invitations for half the price this way!
Carla G.
Prioritize your spending! For us, photography was really important and we didn't care as much about videography. So, we're splurging on a great photographer and hiring a film student from a local university to film our ceremony. I think it's best to pick the three things that are really important to you and make those your "splurge" items. For everything else, get creative! Hiring students is a great way to cut costs, like an ensemble from the music program at a local college for your ceremony musicians. Also, consider using a local restaurant for your food instead of a high-priced catering company. Finally, don't be afraid to negotiate with your vendors! They've been hard-hit by this recession as well and most are hungry for business. You'll be surprised at how accommodating many of them will be if you try to negotiate on price.
Mary R.
Wedding favors are a great gesture, but they aren't as useful as you may think. Take the money you would spend on favors and donate to a charity of you and your groom's choosing. Place cards for each guest telling them you donated in their honor. My fiancee and I are having a military style wedding so we will be donating to a military charity.
Kelsey S.
The best tip I've learned from all of my friends and family who've recently gotten married is to practice your kiss! You and your future husband/wife spend so much time obsessing over vows that you forget to practice or even talk about the kiss. Just a peck? a full on french kiss.. or the "get a room" kiss. It's a very important thing to discuss before the ceremony. It's the moment you've become husband and wife and you're displaying your affection/passion whatever you want to call it to everyone there! Practice practice practice! :0)
Laci T.
Try buying wedding decorations at a dollar store. Not only will you save money, but they always have different items in stock!
Amanda B
Designate a person or persons on your wedding day to take all the questions whether it be from family or guest. On this day especially both the bride and the groom need to stay happy and worry free.
Sreya P
Try to use handmade items in exchange for paying top dollar for the small things in your wedding.
Madelaine E.
If you have the patience, I would recommend putting together your own favors. Store bought ones are nice, but it's so much more special if you make them yourself. Like a CD of your wedding song personalized with your and your fiance (husband's) name on the front or just your initials. Little gifts like that are the kind that your family will treasure. You don't want to give them gifts that they will just toss away.
Jessica O.
Use a different centerpiece for each table. If you are willing to be unique and use different centerpieces for each table you can be creative while cutting costs.
Michelle M