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Pick out the two or three things that you'll remember most about your wedding to focus spending on. Cut costs as much as possible on everything else. For me: location, cake, & photos.
Kate M.
Making jewelry for you and your wedding party is one of the biggest money-savers I've discovered. Not only does it save a ton of money, but you can make it exactly the way you want!
Donna W.
Make your wish list in order of priority. Every bride is different and looking to see what's at the top of your list may give you a better idea of where to spend money and where to let things go.
Jessica L.
Reuse flowers from the ceremony for the reception and centerpieces. In addition, reuse the bridesmaid's bouquet for reception/check-in tables and the bride's bouquet for the tossing bouquet to pass on the "good luck!"
Chau N.
If you really want real flowers go to the florist and ask for half real and half fake. It is much cheaper than having all real flowers. Also, florists can keep what they made and reuse it for another wedding.
Krisha L.
If your gown has a train, consider an alteration to create a bustle. This will give your gown a unique style and keep it from dragging on the floor during the reception.
Alfred Angelo
My fiancee and I wanted to have personalized gifts for everyone at our wedding. We wanted more than just a box of overpriced chocolates with our names on it. We decided on making a personalized CD with songs that are special to us. Songs that represent us as individuals and as a new couple. We even recorded on our voice on the CD to make it that much more personal! With a picture of us on the cover, we know this will be a hit. The best tip of all his how simple and inexpensive it is to make 200 personalized gifts yourself!
Jaclyn M.
Instead of buying a guest book, have someone who scrapbooks make a book with pictures of you and your fiance and have your guests sign around the pictures. It will be a keepsake reminder of your guests.
Jennifer T.
Save money on a band or DJ by utilizing your venue's existing sound system along with an iPod playlist or burned CDs. If you want to add some class and a personal touch, you can ask friends or family to play/sing the song for your first dance. After that, no one will notice that the music is no longer live.
Morgan G
To save on the cost of flowers, use a reception hall or hotel that decorates for each season. This will save you on the cost of flowers. Depending on what you want, the seasonal decorations will usually work.
Bridgette R.
Cut down the number of people attending your reception. All you need is your close friends and family to have a good time.
Koren R.
Invite only those family and friends that you love, not the people that you just hope will send expensive gifts. Your big day will be even more full of love, and because your guest list has been cut down, you will spend less money on invitations and at the reception.
Katie L.
The best way to save money while planning a wedding is to do as much of the planning as you can on your own and think outside the box, You can save money on flowers by having your wedding in a setting that doesn't require a lot of additions (like a garden-- flowers are already included). Also a lot of the money is spent on food and alcohol, think of places that you wouldn't normally think of as a wedding caterer. We have an Irish pub that is going to cater for us - the prices are low because they don't normally gain their entire income from catering and the food is amazing! Also, pick up wine and beers that you enjoy as a couple, but can be found in a "Big Box" kinda store - the prices will be much more reasonable. And the biggest tip of all - make sure you are having fun, regardless of what your budget may be!
Kristen S.
Take a deep breath and calm down, everything will work out as it should.
Kristel O.
Shop around and try to hand make many of your favors, invitations, etc on your own.
Angela V.
First and foremost - Being a bridesmaid is hard work, make sure you thank your maids for everything they have done
Alfred Angelo
Ask close family members to donate different parts of the wedding. Example: 3 bridesmaids bouquets or 5 bottles of wine in lieu of gifts
charles m.
It's YOUR wedding so incorporate traditions and customs you like, not how everyone else does them!
Erika W
One way that we are saving money on our wedding is we posted on craigslist that we were looking for a photographer. We got a ton of emails and realized that a lot of them were from new graduates from a well known university who had just finished an extensive program in photography. After interviewing and talking with a few of these students and seeing their work, we found one who was just what we wanted and for an amazing price! Our agreement in that we pay less than 1/2 of what most photographers cost in exchange for her use of our photos in her portfolio and on her website to help her start her business. It has saved us over $2000!
Kate W.
Everything doesn't have to be traditional. Use feathers instead of flowers for centerpieces and bouquets. They're much cheaper and they last forever!
Colleen A.