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Armenian banquet halls offer the best value per person for food and drinks. Our community has several places that can offer food + open bar for 5 hours for under $50 per person! Some places even include a ravishing fruit table display as well as special lighting, dry ice for the first dance, cake for under $2 per person (cutting fee waived), and choice of linen/napkin colors. The banquet halls are lavishly decorated already and feel very royal and luxurious, which can help minimize the flower budget. They even have a list of associated vendors from photographers, DJ, flower, cake, limo service, and churches to make it easier for the couple to plan their dream wedding. I highly recommend Armenian banquet halls for any couple wanting a platinum wedding for a sterling silver budget.
susie y.
Any element you want can be achieved if you research, research, research!!! Be sure to keep track of all websites you find amazing deals on.
Nakesha C.
Try finding a non traditional location for your wedding reception like a public park, backyard, or local YMCA to allow yourself more freedom in planning while you cut back on your costs.
Kathleen P
I kind of think flowers are over-rated and they're sooo expensive! Unless you really like flowers there's no need to buy a bouquet for yourself.... I had a friend that got married last year and she FORGOT to take her $200 bouquet with her. NOBODY noticed until she told them.
Rachel R.
Wedding cakes can be pricey. The best way to cut down on cost for that is to have a display wedding cake that is a fraction of the size of a normal wedding cake. This would be for cutting and taking pictures. When serving guests your wedding cake, get sheet cakes in the same flavor. Bulk warehouse stores have them for as little as $17 per sheet and it serves about 48 people. Also, have a talented, artsy friend decorate the display cake. Much of the cost in any wedding cake is the decorating of it. Mine is going to cost around $120 for my 150 guests(display cake included!).Flowers can also be pricey. There are beautiful fake arrangements and singular flowers for making your own bouquet. Arts and crafts stores have these periodically on sale for next to nothing because it's the end of the season. Check the clearance bins. We're spending $65 on all of our flower needs!
Brianne B.
Ask your employer for help. And with that, ask any friends or family for help if they work in applicable fields. For example, I work for a printing company. I asked if they would be willing to help me out by printing my invitations - and they are happily doing it. On top of that, one of my bridesmaids is a graphic designer, so she is designing them! Talk about custom invites!
Kim G.
Wedding favors may look cheap when you see that they are only $2 but when you have 250 guests that is another $500! Instead you can donate any amount of money to your favorite charity, and no one will ever know how much you determine to make that amount to be. Then donate it in honor of your wedding guests. Let the guests know that instead of favors you have made a donation in their name to ___ charity. It will save you hundreds of dollars!
Allie E.
Color code different files for your wedding: for example pink for the bride, bridesmaids, and flower girl, and green for the groom, groomsman, and ring bearer.
Nikki C.
Don't send out save the date cards.
Jana J.
Showcase your favorite spots! My fiance and I moved to the West Coast after graduation, leaving most of our family in PA and CT. We plan to have postcards at each table with our favorite locations and attractions from our new home in Portland, OR.
Megan G.
Don't have the cash but want Save-the-Dates? Design them yourself in Publisher or Quark. Want magnets, buy DIY ones at office supply stores and stick'em on.
Ashley N.
Look online! You can find tons of great giveaways and contests and maybe win stuff for your wedding. Talk to your family members on both sides, who knows? You might find someone who knows how to make flower arrangements or someone who knows a cheap but great cake vendor. Hand-make your own invatiations by going to your local craftstore and getting the supplies yourself. It will be more personal to you and your guests knowing that you made them yourself.
Brittany D.
If you want your bridesmaids to match, but they are very different body types let them pick out their own dress in your colors. They know what fits their body the best and you still retain veto power.
Kellye B.
For your reception choose a time of day when appetizers and wedding cake only are appropriate. By making it a designated after dinner time you can cut the cost of 35+ dollars a guest and your guest list does not need to be downsized cut and sliced to fit a crazy budget.
amanda p.
Be open minded! Sometimes dresses you would have never considered trying on end up looking the best on you. Venues you would have never thought to visit could end up being the perfect fit. Don't rule out anything until you've really considered it.
Krystal M.
Find a place that allows you to bring your own catering and/or alcohol!!!
Rebecca C.
In today's economy, throwing any kind of party can be difficult, and the thought of catering an entire wedding reception can be a major headache. One solution is to turn the wedding reception into a potluck. Guests can be sent ideas about what types of foods they should bring so that the menu is cohesive. This is a fun and cost-effective way to make sure that no one will leave the reception hungry.
Chad V.
Instead of having your wedding on a Saturday like usual, have your wedding on a Friday night or Sunday morning. Most of the time, the cost of renting a venue on one of these days is just about half the price or even cheaper than renting it for a Saturday night. Also, breakfast food for a Sunday brunch is much cheaper than a full dinner so you can really treat your guests to a huge assortment! If you do it on a Friday night, it gives you the option to be with your out of town guests for the weekend and set up something fun for everyone to do together on Saturday or Sunday.
Jessica L.
If you are purchasing shoes for your wedding day, especially if they are heels, plan to break them in by wearing them around the house for a few hours at a time on several different days. If they are fitting a little tight, put a pair of thick socks on with them. This will help to stretch them out that extra little bit. Your feet will thank you on your special day.
Kathy C.
Involve your fiance throughout the planning process-- he will respect your ideas of your dream wedding while keeping a watchful eye on your budget.
Jennifer F.